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Chapter 71: In a Mess

Lu Zheng also gradually understood his own feelings.

He wasn’t a fool who doesn’t know anything.

He was an adult now.

He knew what he wanted and what he did not want.

But thinking is one thing, and doing is another.

He can’t control himself not to think, but he can make sure he doesn’t do it.

In fact, just thinking about it was enough to make Lu Zheng feel annoyed and to blame himself.

This is a scandalous thing to put on anyone.

If others know about it, they will treat it as a conversation piece that can be talked about for a long time.

However, what Lu Zheng cares about wasn’t about being known and what others think of him, but about Chang Qing’s identity, which was his elder brother’s wife.

Intellectually, Lu Zheng shouldn’t have even thought about it, but emotionally, he couldn’t control it.

The more depressed, the more intense, the more hidden, the more he tried to hide it.

It was normal for Chang Qing to know.

If you think about it carefully, he must have shown that meaning on his face or somewhere else.

When Lu Zheng thought of this, he felt hot and ashamed.

What would Chang Qing think of him

He still remembered what Chang Qing said to him that day.

He missed his elder brother, not only him, but even Lu Zheng himself was also missing him.

It was because of this that Lu Zheng refused to face up to this feeling at the beginning and had tried to hide and bury it.

However, the result of doing so was that he cared more about the existence of Chang Qing.

When he was near Chang Qing Lu Zheng’s hair stood on end.

It was as if he could feel Chang Qing’s breath in the air, and he felt tense and trembling because of it.

This kind of feeling wasn’t good, Lu Zheng felt annoyed by it.

He even felt that it was difficult to look at Chang Qing, let alone being with Chang Qing.

Although they would avoid suspicion in the past, it could be seen that Chang Qing himself didn’t notice that much, and he didn’t deliberately keep a distance from him…

Lu Zheng’s mood wasn’t very stable at this time.

He even started to stir up nonsense and started to feel  that it was also the other party’s fault.

Chang Qing should consciously keep his distance, instead of waiting for him to have a mind to mend his ways and supporting Li Xinyue to chase him.

Lu Zheng was very upset.

He felt a dull pain in his heart, which made his breathing a little bit difficult.

What is this

Lu Zheng was in a daze.

He was absent-minded about his work that day.

Li Xinyue has several jobs and comes to Lu Hua’s classes on a very loose schedule, two hours a day, and eight hours on weekends.

She had a beautiful resume and was very good at bluffing.

Therefore, Lu Zheng liked her at first glance.

Although she has a good resume, she has a high vision also.

If she is not in the top 500 in the world, she will not go.

She dragged on finding a job and found this job as a tutor only after the school recruitment had already passed.

Originally, she was also a little dissatisfied, but when she came to the magnificent Lu family villa area, ripples immediately appeared in her heart.

When she saw the master of the Lu family, the ripples in her heart immediately turned into raging waves.

Lu Hua’s eyes were indeed sharp, and there may also be the addition of same-sex repulsion.

Anyway, she immediately found out that this big sister’s mind was impure.

No matter how sophisticated Li Xinyue was, she was just a fresh graduate.

She lacked social experience and was unskilled when speaking to Lu Hua, so it was easy for Lu Hua to confirm her intentions.

It’s true that Li Xinyue wants to do this job well.

She has no social experience.

She’s already so old, but she knows what her job is.

If her mind wasn’t on her work then, the girl’s brother will be disgusted.

Therefore, she devoted herself to teaching Lu Hua.

After a long time, of listening to Lu Hua’s mouth blathering on like she had no seam she also learned a lot about the Lu family.

Including the identity of the girl’s brother.

Li Xinyue hid in the toilet and used Baidu to search for the brother.

She nearly screamed when she found the brother’s picture and entry.

At first, she thought that she was just lucky, but now she realized that it was simply destiny!

She has been excellent in studies since she was a child, and she is beautiful.

She has never lacked suitors behind her, though she’d never liked any of them.

Now that she thought about it, perhaps the right man was waiting for her right here!

Li Xinyue suppressed her joy.

She barely managed to maintain her expression of being a teacher and went out to continue her lesson with Lu Hua.

Next, she will work even harder to improve the girl’s grades to the point where Lu Zheng has to look at her with admiration.

Lu Zheng returned home and gave Lu Hua a small gift box.

Lu Hua opened it and saw that it was a watch.

The style was obviously for girls, very youthful and shiny.

Lu Hua was used to him giving gifts every time he came back, and she became more courageous.

After looking at this watch, she said critically, “I don’t like wearing watches.”

Lu Zheng heard, “You don’t like it Then give it back to me .”

Lu Hua frowned and cried, “No! You gave it to me.

How can you take it back”

Lu Zheng raised his eyebrows, and said lightly: “Don’t you like it”

Lu Hua said delicately: “It’s mine.

Don’t take it back.”

Lu Zheng ignored her, Li Xinyue was beside her, and said gently: “Mr.

Lu, I’m going back.”

Lu Zheng stopped her and paused, “Thank you for your hard work.”

Li Xinyue was a little excited.

Her eyes lit up a little.

She pressed the corners of her lips down and said gently, “It’s not hard.

Lu Hua is very smart.

I believe that her grades will improve soon.”

Lu Zheng glanced at Lu Hua.

“Lu Hua, go to the wine cabinet and get a bottle of red wine.”

Lu Hua: “…What are you doing”

Lu Zheng gently kicked her heel.

“if I ask you to go, you go.”

After receiving her gift, Lu Hua was soft handed and had a good temper.

Instead of making Lu Zheng lose face in front of Li Xinyue, she stomped to the side room and brought out a bottle of red wine.

Lu Zheng took it and handed it to Li Xinyue, saying leisurely: “I don’t have anything for you, Miss Li.

This bottle of 1998 Margaux is suitable for a girl your age.

Take it home and try it.”

Li Xinyue wanted to push it away, but Lu Zheng stuffed it into her arms, and said: “Don’t refuse me.”

Li Xinyue’s cheeks reddened slightly and her heart began to beat violently.

After sending Li Xinyue away, Lu Hua looked at him in surprise, “…Second Brother”

Lu Zheng glanced at her, loosened his tie, and began to undress.

The heating in the room was sufficient, and Lu Zheng  was wearing too many clothes.

After staying inside for a while, his back was covered with sweat, and he was getting impatient.

Chang Qing held the kettle cooker1 and leaned against the door frame.

When he heard Lu Hua’s scream of surprise, he knew that Lu Zheng was back, so he had also seen the scene just now.

Like Lu Hua, Chang Qing’s eyes flickered.

He also felt that Lu Zheng’s behavior was a little abnormal.

Lu Zheng didn’t look at him, he didn’t want Chang Qing to see the ugliness on his face anymore.

When was it discovered Lu Zheng wasn’t sure.

He suspected that it was that time when he took the bottle of wine from Chang Qing’s hand and the loss of composure he’d had after his fingertips had gently brushed his hand.

He couldn’t ask Chang Qing either.

He could only guess wildly by himself.

The feeling of guessing like this and not knowing the answer made Lu Zheng very unhappy.

Lu Zheng and Li Xinyue’s expressions weren’t very good when they talked just now, but the girl probably didn’t notice it either.

Chang Qing noticed that Lu Zheng’s complexion wasn’t very good, his brows were furrowed all the time, as if there was something bothering him, but Chang Qing didn’t dare to ask.

From that time on, Lu Zheng didn’t talk to him very much.

Maybe it was because it was winter and he’d become busier and there was a lot of work that was bothering him.

Chang Qing thought that they’d already talked it over last time so they were no longer in a cold war. So he was in a good mood and didn’t think that Lu Zheng was in a bad mood because of him.

Seeing that he casually threw the clothes he took off onto the sofa in a mess, Chang Qing spoke up and asked Lu Hua to hang Lu Zheng’s overcoat up onto the coat rack.

Lu Hua muttered: “I’m not your servant, both of you are bossing me around.”

Chang Qing said, “I’ve wronged you.

Lu Hua was just talking , she didn’t really feeling aggrieved.

She hung up Lu Zheng’s clothes, sat down next to Lu Zheng, and asked him, “Third brother2 has been discharged from the hospital, is he planning to live outside and not come back”

As Lu Zheng said, Lu Hua really didn’t hold a grudge against her brother.

She was angry at that time, but now she wasn’t angry and didn’t care about it.

Lu Zheng also understood, but he still asked: “Do you want him to come back”

Lu Hua muttered: “He’s also my brother, is he really not coming back

Lu Zheng gave a “hmm”, glanced at Lu Hua and said, “If you want to see him, I’ll take you to see him.”

Lu Hua shrunk back.

Lu Shi returning and her going to his place were two different things.

Although she didn’t hate him anymore, she had yet to add him back to her WeChat friends.

They were still in a state of non-reconciliation.

Lu Zheng saw her expression and knew what she was thinking.

Without speaking, he took out his laptop and began to work.

Lu Hua took a look at what he was doing, and asked in surprise, “Second brother, are you so busy”

Lu Zheng gave a perfunctory “Hmm-hm”.

Lu Hua sensed his perfunctory attitude, reached out and pinched him and said, “Stop working, dinner will be ready soon, come keep me company.”

Lu Zheng paused, “You haven’t eaten yet”

Lu Hua nodded, “Have you forgotten the time We all eat dinner at exactly seven o’clock.

Lu Zheng said thoughtfully, “Ms.

Li should stay and have dinner before leaving.”

Lu Hua couldn’t figure out how he suddenly became interested in Li Xinyue.

She felt a little uncomfortable and said in a sharp voice, “She’s already 23 years old this year.

She’s three years older than you!”

Lu Zheng paused, glanced at Lu Hua, and smiled faintly.

“Don’t you know, a wife three years older than the husband ensures a richer life.3”    

Lu Hua: “…”

Chang Qing also forgot to drink water.

He walked over and sat down next to Lu Zheng, and asked him in a low voice, “Are you interested in Li Xinyue”

Lu Zheng lowered his head and continued typing on the keyboard, “No.”

Chang Qing didn’t believe it, “Really”

Lu Zheng turned his head to look at him.

His gaze was quite calm.  He hadn’t looked at Chang Qing since he’d entered the door.

It was too deliberate and unnatural, so he made himself look at him and adjusted his expression as much as possible.

Even if Chang Qing had noticed his feelings before he might be able to have him think it was just his misconception.

“False.” Lu Zheng said to Chang Qing somewhat indifferently.

Chang Qing didn’t notice his cold tone, and his expression was a bit weird, “Do you like Li Xinyue”

He suddenly understood that Li Xinyue also had a non-aggressive and beautiful appearance, exuding the aura of a top student, very similar to Lin Yifeng .

Maybe this was just the type that Lu Zheng liked.

Lu Zheng didn’t reply to his question.

Chang Qing believed that Lu Zheng was really interested in Li Xinyue.

It’s over, Chang Qing thought to himself, how did a bl** with mpreg suddenly become a bg domineering president’s little wife story



1.養生壺: kettle cooker or electric tea maker.

I saw this translated as “health pot” and got very confused.

But it’s a kettle that can make tea, soup, stew etc.


Author put second brother here

3.女大三抱金磚: literally woman older [by] three [years] carries gold bricks- a wife three years older than you brings blessings


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