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Chapter 57 – Introducing Memoria

“So… This is Memoria Lostmemory of the twelve sages.”

“…Nice to meet you.”

It’s the morning after Memoria’s attack, and I’m introducing her to everyone in the lounge of the Scarlet mansion.


They’re all stunned.

Everyone’s eyes are on Memoria, who is sitting quietly on a chair without moving.

If she didn’t blink, she could very well pass for a doll.

She’s not a threat without her invocation item, but…

“…What is the meaning of this What…”

Even Lord Scarlet, who I told beforehand I captured Memoria, doesn’t seem able to keep up.

After a bit, El composes herself, and approaches Memoria while smiling and without anything resembling caution.

“So you’re Memoria! I’m Elluna! Nice to meet you!”


It is nice El something.”

“No no no! El, why are you accepting this like it’s normal!”


Labrys immediately presses El.

“But Chrom said it’s all right, so it’s fine, right It’s always been like that.

If Chrom trusts Memoria, I trust her too.”

“W-well… It’s not like I don’t not distrust Chrom.”

“Which one is it”

“But twelve sages… That dangerous group that’s the strongest in the world Are you sure about this She might blow up if you touch her or something…”

“…You’re spreading awful rumors about the twelve sages.”

“Hn… But is she really one of the twelve sages, big brother Chrom I don’t see how a kid like her can use the greatest memory magic in the world.”

Asks Lizbell in her nice girl mode.

It’s a fair question.

But then again, it’s not like I can have Memoria use magic to prove she really is one of the twelve sages.

“Memoria, is there anything you can do to prove you’re one of the twelve sages”


Says Memoria while looking directly at Lizbell.

“Liz something.”

“Yes What is it Miss Memoria”

Lizbell responds with her nice girl smile, and Memoria pokes her with one finger.

“You wet the bed until last year.”


“You still can’t go to the toilet alone at night.”

“Eh, wai…”

“‘Mille-feuille of sadness, this is my…’”

“Aaah! Aaaaah!”

Lizbell is jumping at Memoria like she snapped.

“C-calm down Lizbell.!”

“…Out of my way big brother.

I’ll kill that.”

She looks serious.

I don’t really understand what’s going on, but it sounds like Lizbell’s dark history is being exposed.

That’s right, she manipulated Lizbell’s memories, so she must have seen them.

“Hm, I see.

So she really is the memory sage.”

“W-what a terrifying power.”

There was a bit of trouble, but thanks to Lizbell’s valiant sacrifice, everyone now believes Memoria is one of the twelve sages.

And we manage to calm Lizbell down somehow.

“But why is one of the twelve sages in our home”

Asks Labrys, who doesn’t know the whole story, and Memoria answers.

“…Memoria came here to attack the mansion.”


“…The purpose of this attack was to remove memories that are inconvenient to the Sorcerer Association, and take Chrom Chronogate’s memories.

‘Father’ wants to eliminate Chrom, since he is in the way of the project to create demon kings.

By taking his memories, Chrom Chronogate would become powerless and we would acquire knowledge and techniques related to his magic… Is it all right to talk about these things”

“Probably not…”

“…Yes, noted.”

“I think it’s too late for that.”

“Well, I think I more or less understand what’s going on…”

“Little Memoria told us everything.”

“Eh… So Liz’s memories were manipulated by her”

Lizbell glares at Memoria with mixed feelings in her expression.


If it was your doing, hurry up and fix Liz’s memories.

It’s awful how big brother’s face has been stuck inside Liz’s head since yesterday.

It even showed up in Liz’s dreams…! Of course, Liz won’t force you…”

“… The magic in Liz something is already gone.”


“…Memoria made it so the memories would go back to normal after a while, so as not to leave any evidence.”



Why doesn’t Chrom Chronogate’s face leave your mind”

“Wha… Aa….”

Lizbell’s face is visibly turning red.

“Ah, aaaaaaaah…!K-kill! Liz really does need to kill this thing!”

“C-calm down Lizbell.”

We manage to hold down the enraged Lizbell.

It appears Memoria is horribly incompatible with Lizbell, who has a lot of secrets.

But after a while…

“Memoria! Don’t eat that ice cream too fast or…”

El tries to warn Memoria.


“Your head will hurt… I guess I was too late.”

“…Other people’s memories weren’t like this.

Their heads didn’t hurt.

But it tastes better than in the memories.”

Memoria exhales with satisfaction, as she holds a cup of ice cream in her hand.

Despite everything, she’s getting along with everyone.

With Memoria in the corner of my eye, I peek over at Lord Scarlet.

“…But Mister Chrom.

Was there any purpose in saving one of the twelve sages”

He asks quietly.

“Surely you know that girl is not safe.

Even if she does not see us as enemies, she cannot go against the orders of that ‘father’, Cradle Destar.

Not to mention that she can manipulate memories… It would be too dangerous to simply leave her be.

I… Cannot turn a blind eye to something that is a looming threat to my daughters in this house.”

“…That concern is valid.”

It’s true, as things stand, Memoria is nothing more than Cradle’s doll.

The safer and more logical option would be to kill her.

“But still… My victory condition is to save everything.”

I say while looking directly into Lord Scarlet’s eyes.

In my previous life, I couldn’t save anything, so this time I won’t give up on anything I want to save.

Even if it’s illogical…

(Save everything.)

I don’t want to go against that feeling.

“…You are very kind.

You remind me of my late wife.”

Lord Scarlet squints for a second, looking nostalgic.

“But that kindness can become a fatal flaw.

And it becomes worse the more evil your opponent is.”

The light in his eyes turns into flames of anger.

I’m sure he has his own battles and tales.

“…I understand.

People become weaker the more they have to protect.

That has brought me pain too.”

But it’s fine if it’s just me.

This time, I took a risk and involved other people, and I have to take the appropriate responsibility.


“I’m going to beat the life sage Cradle Destar.

If I do that, Memoria won’t be dangerous anymore.”


I proposed something to Memoria last night.

That she didn’t have to take my memories, she just had to take me to the Sorcerer Association instead.

That way, my knowledge and techniques will become Cradle’s.

…Of course, that’s a lie.

It’s all a lie to get me closer to Cradle, but all our problems will be solved if I defeat him.

Memoria will be released from his control, and the Scarlet mansion won’t be threatened anymore.

“…Are you sure about this You defeated one of the twelve sages, but Cradle is the fourth seat.

He is on a whole other level.”

“Don’t worry.

I intended to defeat Cradle the moment I arrived here in the capital.”

Apparently my attitude shows I’m very serious about this.

“How much… Did you plan ahead”

Lord scarlet is dumbfounded, and then…

“…Chrom Chronogate.”

Memoria walks my way with a crown of blue flowers on her head.

“…El something gave Memoria this.

It’s pretty.

It smells good.

Memoria is happy.”

“You like it uh…”

Her face is still emotionless, but she’s clearly excited, as she hops around.

I pat her pale face.

“…More more.”

She hops and stretches her back, asking for more.

How do I put this… She’s kind of charming to watch.

“…Everyone is so nice.

There are a lot of happy memories here.


She looks somewhat sad.

“…It will all be forgotten after a while.

Memoria doesn’t want to forget.”

This is probably a first for her, because her memory is periodically reset by order of ‘father’.

“Do you like ‘father’”

“…Don’t know.

Memoria is ‘father’s’ doll.

Memoria lives for ‘father’, and will die for ‘father’.

That’s the only way… Memoria knows how to live.”

So it really isn’t affection, it’s dependence.

That’s part of the reason why Cradle resets her memories, so she forgets how to live and depends on him.

And part of the reason why I introduced Memoria to everyone was to cut that dependence to Cradle.

“It’s all right, Memoria.”

I smile at her to reassure her.

She gets happy at the slightest bit of kindness towards her.

I’m sure she doesn’t know kindness, happiness, or warmth.

It’s all forgotten.

But if she doesn’t want to forget those happy memories…

“I’ll talk to ‘father’ and make sure you don’t have to forget anymore.”



Just leave it to me.”

My mind is made up, and now all that’s left is to go where Cradle is.



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