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The Return of the Disaster Class Hero Chapter 23: 13th Ability (3)

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Chapter 23: 13th Ability (3)

“…” Lee Guns eyes turned round when he heard the unexpected voice.


[You have acquired special data(Saint rank)!]

– Blubber (F rank)


[You have acquired data.]

– Not Much Hair (S rank)

Puhk! Puhk puhk!

[You have acquired data.]

– Unbridled Greed for Wealth (C rank) 

[You have acquired data.]

– Money is the greatest desire (C rank)

Puhk puhk puhk puhk!

[You have acquired the Saints EXP.] 

[You have acquired the Saints EXP.] 

[You have acquired the Saints EXP.] 

[You have acquired the Saints EXP.]

“Jackpot! This is **ing sweet!” The surprising thing was the grin on Lee Guns lips. Of course, the secret password wouldnt come out of this, but… 

Puhk puhk puhk puhk puhk puhk puhk!

In the end, Hugo couldnt stand by and watch what Lee Gun was doing. He shouted, “What the hell are you doing”

Saints were contracted to their gods; they werent normal humans. This meant their bodies didnt decompose at the same rate as normal humans. Of course, that “thing” could no longer be called a corpse.

Puhk puhk puhk!

“Fuck this fatty!”

“Hey. Stop it!” 


[Your Saint EXP has reached the 50,000 mark.] 

[Your level has risen. (Lv. 2)] 

[Itll be automatically converted into points.] 

[You have 3 points.]

[The remaining Saint EXP is 0.]

[You can use points to create a new skill or upgrade an existing skill.]

The next moment, something amazing happened.

The symbol that existed only on Lee Guns left palm appeared on his right one too. This symbol was the one that had appeared on the magic circle when Lee Gun had opened his Creation Workshop. It confirmed that this symbol was the seal of the Serpent Bearer.

When Lee Gun stared at the unique symbol, the symbol moved and projected words above it.

《Upgradable Skills》

[Super Regeneration (F▶E)] (Needs 1 Point)

– Time for regeneration will get reduced. Duration will be increased by 10 seconds. 

– The scale of regeneration will be increased.

[13th Sense(F▶E)] (Needs 1 Point)

– Amongst the senses of the snake, the vision ability will be upgraded. Duration will be increased by 30 seconds.

《Possible new Divine Skills that can be created》

[Act forbidden by the gods] (Needs 5 Points) 

[Hundred Poison Resistance] (Needs 1 Point)

[Get hit instead of me] (Needs 2 Points)

[Generate Holy Ground] (Needs 3 Points. Special requirement needed.)

[Subordination] (Needs 5 Points / Needs activation of Holy Ground)

It seemed Lee Gun would be able to use accumulated EXP to upgrade his skills. All the skills looked interesting, but one stood out to him. ‘Act forbidden by the gods That wasnt all.

[If you create new Divine skills, you will be able to utilize the Sheep Saints corpse.]

Hearing the voice, Lee Gun laughed in amusement. ‘I dont think I have enough EXP yet.

Hugo instinctively flinched when he saw his friends evil smile. 

In the end, Lee Gun threw caution to the wind. ‘Lets level up a variety of skills. He released all the skills that needed only one point. The points were applied as soon as he thought of it.

[Skill allocation has been completed.]

– [Super Regeneration (E)] and [13th Sense(E)] have leveled up! [Hundred Poison Resistance (F)] has been acquired!

After the upgrades were finished, the symbol on his palm and the light disappeared at the same time.

‘Now, now. Lee Gun stomped on Yang Weis body. He had been able to upgrade his abilities in an unexpected manner. However…


[You have acquired data.]

– Sheeps Symbol (A rank)

He still couldnt comprehend what had brought on this development. It was to be expected. ‘EXP and data never come out from the dead.

In the past, Lee Gun had tested this against dead monsters, but he had received the following notification.

[Your target is not fresh, so you cannot gain anything from it.]

[The data has been damaged.]

It meant he couldnt extract data from corpses. So why was he able to extract these things from Yang Weis body

‘Is he not dead No, that isnt the case.

[Yang Wei]

[The level of your is too low to see the corpses special characteristics.]

Yang Wei was really dead. ‘Is it because the corpse is fresh

This sounded preposterous, but it was the most likely explanation. However, the reason for this development couldnt be as simple as a corpse being fresh or spoiled. ‘There must be a different reason… 

At that moment, something happened.


The holy item, which Lee Gun had made earlier, unexpectedly reacted. It was the horse with his name engraved on it. Lee Gun had placed it on the desk earlier.

[It has absorbed the magical energy of the .]

An odd expression appeared on Lee Guns face when he heard those words. Of course, that horse was a holy item that absorbed magical energy. It absorbing magical energy wasnt strange, but…

‘Why did it have to be the Sheep Saints energy Lee Gun finally wised up to what was going on. He laughed. ‘Can it be

“Gun” Hugo was baffled.

Lee Gun laughed in disgust as he activated a skill as a test.

When he activated [13th Sense (E)], his eyes turned into the eyes of a snake. He saw things that he normally didnt. Naturally, he could also see suspicious dark spots, but it was a bit different now.

“G… Gun” Hugo was still puzzled.

Lee Guns entire world had turned black and white like an infrared image. All the color disappeared from the world, but a blue human could be seen moving. It was Hugo. In Lee Guns vision, the people outside and the animals he saw were blue. It seemed the color blue represented living organisms, while inanimate objects were black.

‘Looks like items related to the unknown civilization give off a red color.

One of the prime examples of this was the item within Hugos room. It was an item Lee Gun had created from a monsters needle.

“…!” Suddenly, Lee Gun saw something unique on top of the desk, next to the red horse. “…”

It was a red flame. The flame acted as if it didnt want to get close to Lee Gun, yet it was covetous of the holy item Lee Gun had made. It was exerting a lot of effort to pull the holy item toward it.

Lee Gun approached the flame to see what it was.

“Uh, uh Stop! Dont come here!” 

“…!” Lee Guns lips curled up when he heard the familiar voice. He quickly moved forward and grabbed the flame with one hand. Then, he picked up a stuffed bunny doll lying on top of Hugos desk.

Lee Gun ruthlessly shoved the flame into the doll. Something surprising happened the next second.


[The ability of the Man Who Pounds on All Creations has been activated.]

Accompanying a flashing light, the doll suddenly raised its head. It frantically jumped out of Lee Guns hand.

This development surprised Hugo. “Wait a— What the hell is that”

“What do you think it is” Lee Gun stepped on the flustered doll, which was trying to run away. “Its the bald bastard I killed.” 

“…!” Hugo was appalled by the words. “Thats Yang Wei That”

“Yes. Dont you hear it talking”

The doll, which was being crushed underneath Lee Guns foot, was cussing. It was telling Lee Gun to move his foot. 

However, Hugo couldnt hear the voice at all. “Hear what talking…” 

“Ah! It seems only I can hear him.”

The flame was nothing more than Yang Weis soul. Lee Gun, too, hadnt been able to hear Yang Weis voice until not too long ago. It seemed he could hear the soul only after activating .

‘Since his soul is still here, his body was treated as fresh.

Lee Gun finally realized why he could extract data from Yang Weis corpse. The magical energy was being extracted from the latters soul. ‘Its said Saints make a soul contract with the gods.

Lee Gun just glanced at the soul and felt the Sheep Saints magical energy around it.

Hugo became more flustered when Lee Gun identified the soul as Yang Weis. It was to be expected. ‘There is no way a Saints soul would stay behind! 

When a Saint died, the god took their soul. It was part of the contract. Of course, Hugo had no idea what happened to the soul after that.

“How can his soul still be here” he asked Lee Gun.

“It might be because the Wealth construct ran away.” Lee Gun tried to explain.


“I have no idea why, but the Sheep gods construct ran away when I killed this bastard.” 

“…!” Hugos mouth fell open in disbelief. The idea of a construct running away while leaving behind its Saint was absurd, but…

‘I see. If that were the case, Hugo could accept how a soul was left behind. ‘It meant the construct didnt even have time to collect the soul.

Hugo finally understood why Lee Gun was able to easily kill Yang Wei. Of course, he didnt think Lee Gun was weak, but…

‘Saints arent normal humans.

A gods power differed greatly depending on the number and quality of disciples they possessed. The Sheep God had many disciples under him. It meant the power of his protection was pretty strong at a fundamental level. That was why a knife couldnt penetrate any vital points of a powerful Saint. It was a specialized power that had been developed over time.

In fact, Lee Gun and Hugo had fought a life and death battle with the Sheep Saint in the past due to a problem involving Hugos wife. In the battle, this power had deflected almost all of Hugos arrows.

‘I was wondering how he had pierced the Sheep Saints heart.

It was still a pretty big deal. Even if a construct had run away, Yang Wei was the Sheep Gods human. Although he didnt have the direct protection of his god, it wouldnt have been an easy task to pierce his vital point. This was the reason Hugo hadnt been able to mess with Yang Wei in the past.

‘Could it be

Hugos heart raced as he looked at Lee Gun.

In contrast to Hugo, Lee Gun was nonchalant. He didnt pay attention to his friend and put on a wolfish grin as he looked at the bunny, which was trying to escape. “You should give me the password before I shove you into the body of a fly. I hope you arent thinking of running away.”

Yang Wei, who was crushed underneath Lee Guns foot again, clenched his eyes shut. Escape was not an option. Even if he got lucky enough to be found by the other twelve Saints, they would steal his disciples from him. He knew their personalities. Moreover, the psychotic Lee Gun was too good at tracking, and the Archer wouldnt miss with his arrows.

The Archers holy ground had been broken by other Saints, so Hugo couldnt use the full extent of his abilities. However, it didnt matter since Lee Gun was backing him up.

As expected, Lee Gun laughed. “Just shut up and become my slave.” He laughed as if he were a loan shark.

In the end, Yang Wei cried out in despair. “Shit! Id rather become a rag than be your slave!”

Yang Wei desperately pulled himself out from underneath Lee Guns foot. It resulted in the dolls arm being ripped away, but he didnt care. “Ill kill you even if I have to self-destruct!”

Yang Wei moved toward his corpse and took out something. It was a golden key shaped like a sheep.

‘Thats… Hugo became surprised; he tried to use his power.

This key was a holy item that summoned the construct of a god. Usually, Saints could easily summon constructs of their gods, but this item was created to summon a construct in case of an emergency.

‘There will have to be a different negotiation after the summoning! 

“Get down, Gun!” Hugo quickly called forth his flame. 

Yang Wei laughed in derision. “Youre too late!”

The construct he had called was powerful enough to belong to the god of war. It was very dangerous. There was a chance that it could eat him instead of negotiating with him. However, Yang Wei didnt care about that now. “With this, I can—”



The golden key broke apart, shocking Yang Wei. “What the hell! Why did it break”

Lee Gun laughed as Yang Wei was paralyzed from shock.

[Your opponent dared to summon a construct belonging to the Serpent Bearer.]

[Since it is no longer his construct, he cannot summon it.]

“Are you looking for this” Lee Gun gestured with his hand, and something appeared along with a blinding light. It was a beast. 

    [Piggy Bank is in a critical condition.]

The pixiu whined as it fell over. However, when it met Lee Guns eyes, it jumped up in surprise and tried to run away. In the end, the flustered Yang Wei hurriedly tried to pick up another key. However, a sharp knife appeared in Lee Guns hand.

[The basic attribute of the Serpent Bearer has been activated.] 

[Serpent Bearers attribute ]

[Serpent Bearers attribute ]

[The Serpent Bearers attribute allows any item to inflict a critical blow.]

[Any item will be given a sharpness property.]

The ordinary knife emanated a nightmarish energy wave all of a sudden. In a flash, the knife headed toward the dolls neck.



Lee Gun aimed for the black vessel present at Yang Weis neck. When his knife sliced the vessel, a black flame erupted out of the doll. The doll fell to the ground lifeless.

Hugo mourned the loss of the doll his daughter had given him, but Lee Gun didnt care. With a savage laugh, he grabbed the black flame. “Ill list exactly three conditions right now. I want you to discuss it with this construct.”


“First, I want you to withdraw all your troops from Korea.”


“Second, I want you to give back all the wealth you stole from me.”


“Third, I want you to give me all the fees you charged to see my possessions! You took the liberty of robbing my house and running a museum, you bastard!”

Yang Wei despaired. Despite everything that was going on, the construct didnt give a reply. ‘I probably wouldnt have been able to win against Lee Gun even if I had the construct on my side anyway.


“Lets be real. You arent going to listen to me. Thats why I want you to give me the contract,” Lee Gun said to Yang Wei.

“W-what C-contract”

“You know what. You guys have a holy item called the Life Contract. I want you to give me ten for now.”

Yang Wei became appalled as he processed Lee Guns request. “Do you know how much one page of that is worth—”

“Ah! This makes me want to stop a cockroach.”

“Ok! I understand!” This was why Yang Wei hated Lee Gun. It was apparent that Lee Gun would work him to the bone while eating away the wealth of the Sheep Saint. ‘Shit! I shouldve stayed hidden in the Sheeps territory. Why did I come to Korea

Lee Gun was satisfied when he received the contracts. It didnt take him long to write one contract and sign it. “Sign your name here.”


Hugo clicked his tongue as he watched Yang Wei sign the contract. Suddenly, Lee Gun discreetly pushed another contract toward him.

[The Archer gods constructs and his subordinates will follow Lee Gun-nim.]

“What are you doing You have to sign it too,” Lee Gun shouted.

“…” There was no way he would sign it! Hugo tore the holy item.


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