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The Return of the Disaster Class Hero Chapter 16: Hello its been a while? (2)

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Chapter 16: Hello, its been a while (2)

‘Only one person in this world has that eccentric personality!

As Yang Wei thought about it, he shook like a leaf. The realization that his opponent was Lee Gun drove him further into a state of confusion. ‘Why… Wait a moment. How did he escape that place alive

Lee Gun was trapped in the Devils Tower. That tower had thousands of unbeatable monsters; it was literal hell. So how was this possible That wasnt all. ‘Why does he look like that!

Lee Gun looked way too different. Aside from the face and age, even his magical energy was different! For a moment, Yang Wei had thought it wasnt Lee Gun and that the Archer had brought an imposter along with him.

Even the god connected to Yang Wei reacted in a similar way.

[The owner of the Golden Fleece is very disconcerted]

[The owner of the Golden Fleece is confused.]

Lee Gun laughed when he heard this. In the past, he could only sense the presence of the gods. Their emotions had been unknown to him. This information was quite convenient, but he put it aside for now. “Hey, asshat.”


Yang Wei backed up against the wall when Lee Gun called out to him. It looked like he had seen a ghost. “You… You really are Lee G—”

Lee Gun kicked Yang Wei before he could say anything else.



“Did you think I was some wannabe You wanna die”

When he got a sudden kick in the face, Yang Wei felt aggrieved. However, Lee Gun didnt care about his feelings. He grabbed Yang Wei by the collar. There were a lot of things he wanted to say to his old comrades.

“So how was it Did life get better after you guys locked me in there”

Yang Wei became terrified at the dark look in Lee Guns eyes. ‘We left after locking him in there “What… what are you saying You fell into a trap! Thats why we had no choice… Kuh-huhk!”

Yang Wei was hit again, and it was a rib shot this time. “Huh-uhk…!”

“You love death Did you have no choice when you told the world that you guys killed Red Eye You sons of bitches ran away in fear as soon as you saw that monster!”

Yang Wei froze.

“Also, you guys told everyone that I voluntarily jumped into the trap. You made it seem like I was some kind of moth thats drawn to a flame.”

“It… it isnt like that—”

“On top of that, you guys came into my home and acted as the owners of this place.”

Cold sweat ran down Yang Weis back. Of course, they had left Lee Gun behind, but a case could be made that the twelve Zodiac Saints had no choice. The tower contained tens of thousands of unbeatable monsters. If they hadnt sealed it, monsters within the tower wouldve razed the world to the ground. Their actions could be rationalized. However, they had no excuse for their other actions. It was as Lee Gun had said.

As expected, Lee Guns eyes flashed. “You guys are dead. 


His iron fist flew toward the Sheep Saints face. Just the sight of these twelve Zodiacs faces angered Lee Gun. He ran roughshod over Yang Wei.

Ba-gahk! Ba-gahk!

His hits made Yang Wei a bloody mess, and Yang Wei felt like dying. He was the worst fighter amongst the twelve Zodiacs. He was under the god of wealth, yet his current situation was ridiculous!

‘Shit! Hes treating the protection skill of the god as if its nothing!

That was why Yang Wei had always hated Lee Gun. He didnt know how, but the effectiveness of a divine protection skill always got reduced whenever Lee Gun physically assaulted him. It was the reason Lee Gun had always called him an asshat and kicked him out if he dared to step on Korean soil.

However, Lee Gun didnt care about Yang Weis frustrations. He angrily responded, “The only thing youve improved in the past twenty years is your durability. Youre a nuisance.”

Yang Wei felt as if all the bones in his body had been broken, yet Lee Gun said his durability had gone up. He truly felt aggrieved at that moment.

[The owner of the Golden Fleece is enraged!] 

[Warning: The owner of the Golden Fleece is going to reveal his power! He has become enraged at the humiliation his saint is suffering.]

As soon as the warning rang in Lee Guns mind, a menacing wave of magical energy rushed out from Yang Weis body. The owner of the Golden Fleece had enough of this. He had taken matters into his own hands.

It was a technique that could be used only by the twelve Zodiacs because they were the closest to the gods. In essence, a god could meddle with the body of their respective Zodiac Saint. They could inject enormous power into the Saints.


Lee Gun was instantly sent flying, and blood flew in the air. Magical energy in the shape of a rams horn appeared around Yang Wei.

The first attack pierced Lee Guns heart, and the assault continued. Various holy items were summoned as they tirelessly pierced Lee Gun.

Poo-oohk! Poo-oohk! Poo-oohk!

The numerous weapons obstructed the view of Lee Guns face. Yang Weis face brightened.

‘Good! He had no idea how Lee Gun had survived inside the tower. He also didnt know how he had changed his appearance. However… ‘Do you think Ive been sucking my thumb for the past twenty years 

His disciples gathered EXP and other contributions for his god. It had allowed his god to grow in power and level over the last twenty years. Yang Wei could finally laugh. However…

“Youre a half-baked awakened being!” 

“… Uh, uh!”

For some reason, Lee Gun continued to stare at Yang Wei. Yang Weis face inevitably turned pale.

“Ah! Your god smells like ass.” 

“!” Yang Wei fell to the ground in fright. Lee Guns heart had been pierced, yet he had nonchalantly gotten up from the floor. “What the hell! How”

Yang Wei and even the god of the Golden Fleece were shocked by this scene. The puncture wounds on Lee Guns body regenerated at an unbelievable rate.

[The Serpent Bearers ability has been activated!] 

[Super Regeneration has been automatically activated!]

Lee Guns destroyed cells and nerves were put back together. His severed muscle fibers and skin regenerated anew. Even the large hole in his chest regenerated at a frightening rate! This terrified Yang Wei.

‘This is nuts!

Only the owner of the Holy grail possessed a super-regenerative ability. He was the only healer amongst the twelve Zodiac Saints. However, even Aquarius couldnt accomplish what Lee Gun had done.

Lee Gun wiped away the blood as he laughed. “Yes. Lets get rid of that possession technique.” He had acquired something good thanks to Yang Weis attack.

[You experienced being on the brink of death!] 

[You met a requirement!]

[The 13th Sense (F) has been unlocked!]

His regeneration wasnt perfect since the level of his Super Regeneration skill was too low. Still, he had recovered enough to blow away that pig and his god. “The god of wealths weakness is quite obvious.” 

After activating his Serpents Eye, Lee Gun approached Yang Wei. Since things had turned out like this, it was a good opportunity to test out his newly evolved skill. He had no idea how the skills had evolved.

‘Thirteenth Sense. Something unbelievable happened at that moment.


The ground suddenly shook.

[The owner of the Golden fleece is starting to sweat!]

[The owner of the Golden fleece is very flustered!]

[The owner of the Golden fleece is shaking in disbelief!]

[The owner of the Golden fleece has disappeared while swearing!]

The red light surrounding Yang Wei suddenly shot into the air. His god had decided to disappear to a different location. The one who was shocked the most was Yang Wei. “W… wait a moment! What the hell!”

The Sheep god had run away like his constructs. Yang Wei was taken aback, but he soon started swearing. He couldnt comprehend what had just happened. On the other hand, Lee Gun let out a bright smile. “What the hell I didnt even need to do much. He just went away by himself.”


Anyway, it was good news for Lee Gun. He approached Yang Wei. With his god leaving him, Yang Wei became completely defenseless. He was scared senseless.


Yang Weis vision turned white. In a flash, his head hit the floor.


“Kuh-huhk!” He started losing consciousness. However, he soon became surprised. Something had been inserted into his mouth. He tried to spit it out, but Lee Gun kept his mouth shut.

“… oohp!” It made him unconsciously swallow it. Soon, the flustered Yang Wei yelled. “What did you feed me!”

“You dont need to know.” Lee Gun had fed Yang Wei the item he had recovered from Min Sunghoom. With a bright smile on his lips, he then raised his knife. Yang Wei got an ominous feeling. “You should feel the pain that I felt.”



The blade stabbed into Yang Weis heart.

* * *

At that moment in time, the subordinates of the Gemini and the Aries followed the Archer. The scene in front of them left them shocked.

“My god! What the hell happened…!” 

There was blood and signs of a fight everywhere. Also…

“Whats up with that big ass stone”

It was an unbelievable sight. In front of them was an enormous rock the size of a two-story building. It looked as if a large meteor had fallen in this place. 

As soon as Hugo touched it, he realized what it was. ‘Something is squashed underneath it.

Of course, it didnt take him long to realize what that thing was. As the Archer Saint, he had a skill called “Piercing Eye.” It was as he had expected.

‘Yang Wei! When Hugo recognized who it was, he broke out in cold sweat. He was sure of it. The Sheep Saint was crushed underneath that rock. The problematic part was the bloodstains and the signs of a struggle. ‘Someone was here with him.

He was sure it was Lee Gun. He couldnt prove it, but the message left next to the Spider Queen almost made it a certainty.

[Im going to this asshats house]

The words were clearly throwing a gauntlet at Yang Wei!

Hugo felt dizzy. ‘How can he cause so much trouble in such a short amount of time!

At the same time, urgent voices could be heard around him.

“Something is wrong. I can feel the Sheep Saints energy!”

The unrest spread to the other disciples.

“What Are you saying Yang Wei is under there”

“No way! I dont feel any life below.”

“That means…”

“Are you joking right now He is the Saint of the Wealth god! Hes equipped with so many holy items!”

Hugo massaged his face as if he wanted to die. ‘Gun… Please…. 

“Koohk! This stone wont budge at all!”

“Did someone mess with this rock”

“Get out of the way. Ill do it.” Hugo was curt with his words. “Stop! You guys cant move it through strength.”


“If you want to move this through strength, you have to bring the muscle-brained Ox. Dont waste your strength..” 

“We couldnt destroy it either…”

“This is going to be dangerous. Dont follow after me.”


Saying those words, Hugo immediately extended his hand. Flame erupted from his hand. He didnt take out his bow, which he needed to use for his divine skill. As he finally flicked his finger, the flames led to an explosion.



The incredible explosion broke apart the large rock, revealing a deep pit. All the disciples looked at him in surprise. As expected of a battle-type Saint, his offensive capabilities were on a different level. Hugo inwardly let out a string of curses as he entered the pit alone.

Of course, he wasnt going in for a rescue. ‘That bastard… 

He had to clean up the mess Lee Gun had created.

* * *

Lee Gun arrived at a particular location through a taxi. The Korean branch of the temple of the Golden Fleece lay before him.

[Caution! This is the Sheeps holy ground!] 

[Its under the protection of a holy item!]

[You have to donate to be able to enter the holy ground!]

Lee Gun smirked as he idly walked up to the ownerless temple.

“Good! My baby is here”


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