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Episode 127: Fool’s Gold (I)

Victoria finished speaking and left my bedroom, but my heart was pounding and I stared at the door for a long time.


What did Victoria see in him

“When I look into the eyes of the Crown Prince, I can feel the deepest sincerity.”

I decided to think about it.

I erased everything around me, including the situation I was in, and thought only about my relationship with Sislin.

‘I’m missing something…’

What’s this dreadful feeling of missing something

It was when I was sitting in my bedroom and gently stroking my wrists.


The pattern on my wrist began to move. Shiiwk, the lines connecting the coveted flowers trembled once, and then very slowly… 

…yet quickly, it was ‘withering away’.

Dun, my heart dropped to the floor.


Instinctively, I knew.

That something was wrong with Sislin.

And it’s also very fatal and a big problem.


I mumbled his name and jumped up from my seat.

And, not knowing in what spirit, I headed to the Imperial Palace.

Not caring if I was properly dressed or if I was wearing the right shoes.

As fast as possible without time to take care of myself.

‘Sisl, wait a minute.’

What’s going on

‘Didn’t Sisl say his heart is connected here…’

‘It’s withering!’

Having arrived at the Imperial Palace half-mad in a state of insanity, the palace felt just as calm as always.

A different atmosphere than usual.

However, the leaves on my wrist were drying out black.

If the crown prince had a problem, it could become a political issue, so it was natural for him to be quiet for now.

There were very few people in this vast Imperial Palace to take care of his troubles.

‘I have to go.’

I personally, not a servant, ordered the gatekeeper.

“Tell the Crown Prince’s aide.

The Duchess of Valienne is here!”

Soon the black door blocking the way opened wide.

My heart pounded nervously.



He was in the corner of the dimly lit room.

It looked like he was about to collapse at any moment, with his back painfully curled up while lying on the floor.

My heart was racing.

“Duchess Valienne!”

At that moment, Owin quickly approached.

He was sweating, and he looked very surprised.

—Just like me.

All the servants looked frightened.

It was only then that the picture was drawn.

‘It’s hard for everyone to approach.’

“The Crown Prince suddenly… His condition has deteriorated.”

“I will go.”

“Be careful.

It can be dangerous.”

Was it so bad that he couldn’t even lie fully in bed

I approached carefully, but hastily, until his figure was fully revealed.

It was worse than I expected.

Sweat glistened on his temple, and blood flowed from one of his cheeks and down his neck, possibly from hitting his head, so it was indistinguishable from sweat.

The breath felt from the crouching back was as rough as a beast pierced by a spear.

He was barely breathing.


It’s me.”

I slowly knelt in front of him.

A helpless hand caressed his back.

“…Are you okay”

Sislin didn’t answer.

Like he was out of his mind.

Originally a glass bottle, a broken piece was held in his hands, which were bloody.

The surroundings were full of broken objects.

It looked like he had struggled quite a bit.

He would rather hold a sharp piece of glass to forget the pain.


Fortunately, he didn’t flinch when I touched his hand.

“Look up.”

I slowly wrapped my hands around his cheeks.

‘What should I do’

Watching his life force wither on my wrist in real time, watching him suffer right before my eyes…

…And not a single thing could help.

“I’ll move it for you, Sisl.”

But, I tried to smile as much as possible and said,

“Trust me.”

As was the case with the boy who was barely living in the ‘den’ of the kitchen cabinet when he was young.

Just then, he made a small, hoarse voice.

It was close to the sound of iron scraping, and it was so soft that I couldn’t hear what he was saying.



I brought my ears closer.

It was only then that I could understand Sislin’s words.


“The crown prince’s servants are unusual.

They all rushed to his bedroom.”


“…There seems to be something going on there, Prince.”

At the report of his aide, Gerard jumped up from his seat.


The black snake, which was curled up on one side, said with a smirk.

[It has finally begun, human contractor.]

“The best night ever.”

Gerard’s face lit up with joy.

He laughed out loud.

He hated him all his life, his whole life!

His cheeky brother with no blood relations.

Finally, tonight, he would fall under the spell of a curse.

“I want to take the body of Derkis out from the coffin and dance a waltz with him!”

Gerard poured a glass full of strong liquor for a toast, and drank it willingly.

He wanted to cherish this moment forever.

This moment he himself finally defeated Sislin and remained the ultimate victor.

[Are you very happy]

“Of course.”

He had a dream he wanted to achieve, to the extent of signing a contract with a disgusting person like you and even acquiring this life-eating disease.

To be born in the lowest place in the world and die as a noble person.

‘No, before I die, this El Dorado will be my own.’

‘There will be nothing I can’t get in the future!’

After tonight!

Gerard immediately ordered his aide.

“Write down the Duchess of Valienne’s summons in advance.

In front of the Crown Prince!”

The moonlight shone on his eerily excited face.

“Because the first thing I will do after I become Crown Prince is to have that girl!”


The lieutenant bowed his head and immediately went outside.

Gerrard smiled subtly and put a cigarette in his mouth and lit it.

The excitement did not subside easily.


Through the hazy smoke, he raised his hand, which blood vessels were dying in dark red.

“You must have lived practically your whole life in pain in the Crevasse, it’s really sad.”

“I’m sorry for you, but why am I laughing”

“Of all the pain of his life, to be trapped and die in the moment of the most excruciating pain.”

His body being torn to shreds, burned countless times, eaten alive by monsters… until his intestines fall out.

He would go through that damn long, unpredictable pain again.

A terrifyingly delightful laugh rang out.



A piece of glass fell from Sislin’s hand to the floor.

The large hand that could swing a sword without hesitation was in a mess and was trembling slightly in the air.

It held my hand as if it was a lifeline.

“…Don’t go.”


I couldn’t say a word for a moment.

I just listened to his voice.

Then he lifted his head from the floor, eagerly holding my hand, as if hanging onto it.

Like a person who has been abandoned by the world, like a person whose only hope was extinguished.

He looked at me and whispered.

“…Please don’t go, Annette.”

Hot tears dripped down his sweat and blood-stained cheeks.


I stared at him.

I knew this look.

This was the expression I saw then.

The day I left the Forest, the expression I saw on the face of a boy who was chasing after a running carriage to death. 

The very expression I saw on the face of the boy who followed me with his scarred knees, even after he fell in the midst of a menacing bombardment.

I didn’t know why, but one thing was certain.

Sislin went back to the moment he parted from me.

“…Please go back!!!”

“If I go back, will Annette come back”

It was that crumbling look on his face, when I was unable to answer that question.


The boy’s eyes trembled.

His dry, parched lips gleamed with blood, and he licked them slowly.

—Words that came out as harsh breaths.

“Don’t go.”

Tears flowed from his hot eyes.

He grabbed my sleeve and begged like a sigh.


It was only then that I realized what I was missing between Sislin and I.


His time without me.

It was the emotions that he had nurtured by himself while swallowing the pain.


All of a sudden, my eyes clouded over.


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