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“Old Xu, youre getting more and more daring.

You even dare to buy mutton!” A man dressed in coarse linen clothes with a long saber at his waist shouted as he walked down the mountain path.

Next to him was the little boy who had laughed and gone down the mountain to buy meat.

However, the little boys smile was no longer there.

Instead, he looked afraid, as if he had done something wrong.

The stall owner wiped his hands on a cloth and came forward with an apologetic smile.

“Little Chief, you must be joking.

Theres no business like that here.

Im just making things convenient for the passing woodcutters.”

“You still say its not a business deal” The man left the little boy and walked to the stall.

He looked at Jue Mingzi, Wang Wen, and the chicken bones on the table.

He smiled at the stall owner and said, “I dont understand you.

Why do you have to do such a shameless thing instead of farming Have you been living very well this year”

“No!” The stall owner was shocked.

He quickly turned around, grabbed a handful of copper coins from a hidden corner of the wall, and stuffed them into the mans hands, trying to please him.

“No! The harvest has been quite bad this year, and we cant afford anything.

Please dont do anything.”

The man called Little Chief had a bad temper, but his eyes were quite good.

When the stall owner took money from the wall, a faint golden light flashed, and he had seen it.

Little Chief tilted his head and licked his teeth as he looked around the stall, holding the copper in his hand.

He held the long knife at his waist and walked toward the corner of the wall behind the stall owner.

He lifted the cover and started to search.

The stall owners expression changed drastically, and he hurriedly turned around to stop him.

Wang Wen narrowed his eyes as he watched that scene.

He dispersed his mental energy without a sound.

The stall owner failed to stop the man.

Not only did he almost fall from the push, but the money box was also turned upside down.

Little Chief opened the money box, and only a few copper coins were inside.

There was not even a touch of silver, let alone any gold.

He frowned.

He casually took out all the copper coins in the box and stuffed them into his pocket.

The stall owner held the empty box and sneakily looked inside and outside the box with a puzzled expression.

The little boy, who was ordered to go down the mountain to buy mutton, pouted and walked to the stall owners side.

He held back his tears without saying a word, but his hands were empty.

Needless to say, he did not get the meat.

Wang Wen did not know whose pocket the money went to.

Little Chief, who had only found a few copper coins, was unsatisfied.

He walked to the stall and asked Wang Wen and the others, “How much was the roast chicken”

Before Wang Wen could speak.

“It doesnt cost anything.

Its to fill their stomach,” the stall owner replied.

“If the flatbread is not enough, they still want to buy roast chicken and mutton” The man held his knife angrily and scolded loudly, “Youre underestimating, huh Youre talking nonsense in front of me and looking at me like Im an idiot”

The stall owners face was bitter.

He repeatedly said that he did not dare to do that.

Wang Wen looked at the drone.

He frowned.

He said unhappily, “In this day and age, there are people who still want to control other peoples food and farts Its really rare.”

When Zhu Xingguo heard his masters words, he immediately said, “Yes! Grandpa, do you have any more roast chicken My stomach is not full yet!”

The stall owner was stunned for a moment before he carefully replied, “Oh, okay, Ill go and prepare it immediately.”

Little Chief, who was holding a knife, walked a few steps with a crooked eyebrow.

He carefully observed Wang Wen and the others.

He did not see any weapons, so he snorted with relief.

“You dont look familiar.

Are you rascals who caused havoc in the village Get up and verify your identity!”

Wang Wen raised his hand and was about to crush the mans head.

Who cared about the progress

Jue Mingzi quickly stopped Wang Wen.

His other hand held Zhu Xingguo, who was already ready to make a move.

He quickly stood up and cupped his hands at the man when he noticed Ren Ruoruo about to make a move.

“Hello, my name is Jue Mingzi, and I am a Clear Sky Sect disciple.

These are our distinguished guests.

We have specially invited them to meet our master.

Please do us a favor.”

“Clear Sky Sect” The man looked at Jue Mingzi suspiciously for a while.

In the end, he said, “A group of pretentious people.

The state will destroy you sooner or later.” Then he turned and walked away from the mountain.

Wang Wen stared at the mans back, expressionless.

He flicked his finger lightly.

A small, light ball the size of a soybean flew into the back of his head.

The man walked down the mountain, unconsciously scratching his head until his figure faded into the distance.

Jue Mingzi was right next to Wang Wen, so he could see his every move.

Even though he could not see the ball of light, he had long regarded Wang Wen as a powerful master.

With one glance, he knew the man who had gone down the mountain would not live long.

Sighing helplessly, he looked around carefully and explained in a low voice, “My master is a reclusive master who doesnt care about the world.

He said that demons are in power now, and we should try to avoid conflicts with the officials so as not to give others a chance to gossip and send troops to eliminate us.”

Wang Wen laughed, too lazy to speak.

It was Zhu Xingguos first time at such a high level.

He asked curiously, “Monster Is it that snake-like guy Thats all youve got”

Jue Mingzi patiently explained the situation to Zhu Xingguo.

Wang Wen was not interested in understanding that.

He turned to the little boy, who was in a daze with red eyes and pursed lips, and said, “Whats your name”

The little boy turned his head to look at the old man, who was cooking.

“I dont have a name yet.

Grandpa likes to call me Daier,” he replied timidly.

“Daier…” Wang Wen looked at him speechlessly and asked hesitantly, “Do you know whats the most valuable thing”

“The most valuable thing” Daier was in a daze.

Wang Wen kindly said, “Whats more valuable than gold If youre right, Ill give you gold, okay”

“A good farm” Daier said.

Hearing that answer…

Wang Wen knew that he would never get the answer he wanted.

The environment on that level was too terrible.

It was better to hurry up and finish the level so he could try his luck in the subsequent levels.

He thought about it.

It was particularly urgent to see that brainwashing master.

After all, according to Jue Mingzi, killing things like the snake at the beginning was training that his master had instructed him to do.

Killing monsters required a specific target and could not be done randomly.

So Wang Wen urged Jue Mingzi to set off.

Before leaving, he did not forget to pull Zhu Xingguo along to make two gold coins secretly.

He gave one to Daier and instructed him to hide it well.

He put the other one in the stall owners money box.

The one made of mental power had already dissipated.

That time, those two were real.

It would not disappear into thin air.

The four of them continued on their journey.

They climbed to the top of the mountain, where clouds and fog passed through.

The stone steps and the solemn gate made of lacquer wood at the end of the winding stone steps appeared in front of them.

Jue Mingzi knocked on the door.

A child wearing coarse clothes opened the door.

When he saw Jue Mingzi, he called him senior brother.

Jue Mingzi patted the childs head and beckoned Wang Wen and the other two to go in.

They went through the corridor and patio to a row of houses built around a wide, flat area.

He pointed to the two-story building in the center and said, “Master is inside.

Please wait for a moment.

Ill go and inform him and come back immediately.”

Wang Wen nodded.

Who knew

After that announcement.

The man did not appear even after a long time.

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