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Zhu Xingguo was ecstatic to have discovered a rare and useful extraordinary skill.

He wanted to sell everything he saw.

So he lifted the womans body and tried.

Then, his hands were empty.

He looked at the drone and muttered, “Linen clothes, cotton shoes, gauze towels, coarse cloth covers, undergarments, and a dead snake…

Zhu Xingguo turned his head and looked at Wang Wen in shock.

“Master, its a snake!”

“Good thing its a snake.” Wang Wen raised an eyebrow.

“Otherwise, your behavior might have attracted some kind of a mess.”


“I said, its a good thing were fast.

Otherwise, its hard to say how much progress well make!”

“Why” Ren Ruoruo was curious.

Wang Wen patiently explained, “That confusing scene often has a series of stories, especially for creatures like snakes.

Its easy for them to have a complicated life experience.

If were slow, itll drag out the melodramatic plot.

Besides, we have more important things to do.”

“What” Zhu Xingguo asked.

“I have a plan that I need your help with—” Wang Wen was halfway through his sentence.

The young man went to them and saluted, “Three grandmasters! I am here to pay my respect.

May I have that monsters corpse for my report”

“Was that it” Zhu Xingguo held the dead snake.

He answered the young man, but his eyes were fixed on Wang Wen.

Wang Wen looked at the drone and nodded.

“Give it to him.”

The young man took the dead snake, bowed again to express his gratitude, and turned to leave.

Wang Wen thought for a moment.

“Excuse me, do you know whats the most expensive thing here” He asked after chasing after him.

The young man turned around and looked at Wang Wen, frowning as he thought hard.

He had used a lot of strength.

He thought for a while.

He relaxed his brows and smiled in relief.

“The most expensive thing one can have is a kind heart that is loyal to friends, righteousness, compassion, generosity, and humbleness.

This person doesnt show off his shortcomings, doesnt walk the evil path, and doesnt deceive anyone.”

Zhu Xingguo and Ren Ruoruo looked at the young man; they were dumbfounded.

Wang Wen massaged his temples and stopped the young man, saying, “Wait a moment, Im not that profound.

I am talking about the literal meaning.

Whats the most expensive Gold, silver, jade, or jewelry”

The young man was slightly stunned.

He began to think hard again.

He thought hard for a while.

He bowed to Wang Wen and nodded with a smile.

“I understand! Your knowledge was profound, and youve explored everything in the world.

Gold, silver, and jewelry were all illusory things floating on the surface.

Perhaps youd like to come to the mountain with me for tea so we can chat.”

Zhu Xingguo continued to be dumbfounded.

Ren Ruoruo quickly grabbed Wang Wen, who was already holding a miniature sun and said softly, “Calm down, Captain.

This is not progress.

Theres no point in killing them.”

“Hes f*cking messing with me!” Wang Wen said painfully.

In the end, the three followed the young man and set off.

The young man called himself Jue Mingzi.

Perhaps because he saw that the three had extraordinary skills and profound knowledge, he was very respectful to Wang Wen and the others along the way.

The more they talked, the more respectful he became.

He was thinking about all the normal things in an abnormal direction.

Wang Wens curiosity was piqued.

He wanted to see what kind of person his master was—someone who could brainwash a good child into such a state.

The mountain road was uneven.

Fortunately, all three of them had climbed to the 500th floor.

Even Wang Wen, who had the weakest physical fitness, could still hold on.

He was just famished.

No one knew how long it had been since they last had a meal on the cold ship.

The environment of the 500th floor seemed to be a bit huge, and he could not see any progress after a long time.

No one was willing to eat the reserved food they had in the Fair Exchange.

They were looking for food at the small stalls set up by some farmhouses on the side of the road.

Jue Mingzi seemed to be very familiar with those stalls.

He laughed the moment he opened his mouth.

The stall owner took out some golden-brown cakes and poured some tea, wanting to send Wang Wen and the others away.

Wang Wen gently put down a gold coin and asked, “Is there any meat”

The stall owner was stunned.

Jue Mingzi seemed even more respectful.

He cupped his hands at Wang Wen and said, “You are so kind, Master.

You can buy meat for a few copper coins, but you want to pay with gold.

You treat gold and silver like dirt.

You must be kindhearted and loving.

You cant bear to see those poor people suffer!

Wang Wens eyes bulged, and his veins almost popped out.

He threatened Jue Mingzi expressionlessly, “If you act up again, Ill beat you up.”

“I understand! I understand!” Jue Mingzi smiled and looked like he understood everything.

He turned to the dumbfounded stall owner and said, “Gold is not useful to you, but you can go up the mountain and find a master to exchange it for copper.

You dont have to worry about harvest for the next few years.”

The stall owner trembled as he held the gold coin.

His eyes were red, and he looked like he was about to cry.

He repeatedly bowed to Jue Mingzi and Wang Wen to thank them.

Jue Mingzi waved his hand and said, “Go, cook a few chickens for these masters.

Is there mutton for sale at the foot of the mountain today If yes, please get some.”

The stall owner quickly retreated, and the farmhouse was suddenly in chaos.

Soon, a little boy was ordered to go down the mountain to buy meat.

The little boy could not stop smiling.

He had probably gained a lot of benefits.

The beautiful scenery, with its ancient charm and fragrance, relaxed the tense tower climbers.

“Youre so familiar with him.

Do you eat meat too” Wang Wen asked Jue Mingzi curiously.

Jue Mingzi was even more curious and asked, “Why not Do you care about killing My master said that chickens eat insects, and insects are also living things.

If we kill, we should kill the chicken to get good karma.

If we do not kill the chicken, we should feed it to fill its stomach.

We can eat meat or vegetables, but if we dont kill, our hearts will easily shake when we try to vanquish demons.”

Wang Wen was angry.

He was determined to cure that poison.

He thought for a moment and said, “Isnt that a little one-sided If chickens eat insects, what about sheep Sheep dont eat insects; they only eat grass, so killing sheep is also not good.”

Upon hearing that…

Jue Mingzi laughed even more happily.

He looked at Wang Wen with a strange expression and said, “Are you trying to test me The Clear Cloud Sect is not like those donkeys and pedantic scholars.

My master is a person with great wisdom.”

Wang Wens stand was firm.

He said, “Just tell me if you eat mutton!”

Jue Mingzi laughed.

“Master said that the mutton was delicious.”

Zhu Xingguo and Ren Ruoruo were dumbfounded.

“What” Wang Wen was puzzled.

“Why is it not the same as the great principles you mentioned”

Jue Mingzii nodded.

“I once asked the same question.

Then I was beaten up by my master.

He only told me that the mutton was delicious.”

“Its too messy.” Wang Wen started to massage his temples again.

They chatted and drank tea.

Not long after.

The stall owner brought the steaming roast chicken to the table.

Wang Wen and the others looked at the red chicken and wondered if it was edible.

Zhu Xingguo was bold; he tore off a piece of chicken, dipped it in the soup, and chewed it.

His eyes lit up as he said, “Its more delicious than I imagined! It has a pleasant fragrance!”

Upon hearing that…

Wang Wen and Ren Ruoruo also quickly took action.

The chicken was gobbled up in a few bites.

The soup was delicious.

The meat was very tender.

The heat control was also in place; it was neither dry nor juicy.

Wang Wen chewed the boneless, and the fragrance filled his mouth.

The awning above the three of them blocked the near-noon sun and sprinkled a cool breeze.

But because of a pot of fragrant roast chicken, he was sweating profusely.

Then he took another sip of the unknown wheat-flavored tea.

His entire body felt comfortable.

Zhu Xingguo even picked up the chicken head and sold it for an equivalent exchange.

He would save it for later when he was short of food.

Wang Wen patted his shoulder and said, “Dont worry, well fill up on food on this trip! You havent made a fair exchange for the one youre currently holding.

Go back and do it again, so we dont cheat those poor people.”

Before he finished his words.

They heard shouts from the mountain road.

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