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“I already gave the order.” The manager answered.

Right after the cake was knocked over, the manager ordered the staff to make a new one as fast as possible.

Xu Jinchen felt better since the manager reacted so quickly, then he turned to look at the man and the young woman.

The moment the young woman saw Xu Jinchen, she was surprised and realized what was happening.

“Senior Xu…” The woman recognized Xu Jinchen because they were schoolmates.

Seeing Xu Jinchen, the woman felt he was a straw to clutch at.

Without hesitation, she ran towards him and grabbed his clothing.

“Senior Xu, take me away, please!”

Xu Jinchen had no impression of the woman, but he could see that she was horrified by the man.

She couldnt wait to run away from him.

“Hey, mate, this is my woman.

I think its better to leave her to me.” The man walked towards him at once.

He wanted to grab the young woman and gave her a glare of displeasure.

“No, Im not his woman.

Im not!” The young woman shook her head in horror and denied.

Although Xu Jinchen didnt know her, he was a soldier, so he felt he needed to help her since she begged him for help.

Therefore, he stepped forward and protected the young woman behind him.

“She said she isnt your woman.” Xu Jinchen coldly looked at the man.

Xu Jinchen was good at observation and analyzing ones expression and thoughts, so he could see that the man was lying.

In fact, it seemed as if the man wanted to do something to hurt the young woman.

“Were just arguing.

Its normal for a couple to argue.

If were not a couple, what do you think were doing here” said the man with displeasure.

He seemed a little anxious and was eager to take this woman away.

“No, were not a couple!” The woman shook her head and denied it again.

“Feifei, stop it now.

We can talk about it at home.

Its embarrassing to do this in public!” The man stared at the woman and criticized her.

“Zhang, Zhang, please, please let me go.” Chen Feifei begged in horror.

“Feifei, were good together.

What are you talking about” the man said angrily.

“Alright, we should stop arguing, otherwise other people might think that Im a bad man.

Ill buy that twenty-thousand yuan bag for you.”

He implied that Chen Feifei argued with him because of a bag that cost twenty thousand yuan, making her seem like a greedy woman who only loved money.

Normally, men hated greedy women, so the man said that in order to make Xu Jinchen hate Chen Feifei and refuse to help her.

Although he didnt know Xu Jinchens family background, Xu Jinchen was obviously born in an influential family since the manager of this clubhouse respectfully called him Lord Xu.

Therefore, he didnt want to mess with Xu Jinchen.

“No, I didnt…” Chen Feifei denied it once more.

“Since you two disagree with each other, lets call the police,” said Xu Jinchen.

Upon hearing that, the man was mad.

He panicked a little, but did his best to calm down.

“Mate, I dont think you should get involved in this.

Its our own affair.

Who do you think you are Who told you to call the police”

“I just want to,” said Xu Jinchen with a smile on his lips.

“If youve done nothing wrong, why are you so nervous And my family owns this clubhouse.

I should be clear about it in case anything happens in my clubhouse.

We have to take responsibility for it if anyone is injured.

I dont want to pay the price for your mistake.”

Knowing that this clubhouse was owned by Xu Jinchen, the man had a premonition.

He didnt know this clubhouse was owned by the Jinlin Organization, so he had no idea how serious it was, but it couldnt be weak since this clubhouse was so large.

Therefore, if Xu Jinchen was determined to get involved, he had to give up.

The man hesitated to take the next step.

Chen Feifei didnt know much about Xu Jinchen, but she heard that his family was very rich, so she wasnt too surprised.

“Oh, you also knocked over my cake.

You should pay for it,” said Xu Jinchen.

“I knocked it over.

Ill pay for it,” said Chen Feifei.

In fact, she deliberately knocked over the cake in order to be kept by the clubhouse so that she could get rid of this man.

Accordingly, she was more than willing to pay for the cake, she would even pay double.

“Will you leave now, or should I call the police” Xu Jinchen asked the man.

The man had the intention of doing something bad to Chen Feifei, but he hadnt done anything yet, so he probably wouldnt be punished.

The man clenched his teeth, then gave Chen Feifei a glare.

He snorted, then directly walked away.

Once he left, Chen Feifei suddenly sank to the ground.

She was finally relieved.

Xu Jinchen didnt help her get back to her feet.

Instead, he gave the manager a glance.

The manager understood at once and went to help Chen Feifei get up.

“Senior Xu, thank you, thank you so much.” Chen Feifei thanked Xu Jinchen after she calmed down.

She was glad that she survived, but she also cried because of the pressure.

“My pleasure, but what happened between you and the man,” asked Xu Jinchen.

“His name is Zhang Hong.

Hes a friend of my friend.

My friend told me that hes a good man and introduced him to me.

I came here with her to meet him, but my friend made an excuse and left halfway.

I was left alone with Zhang Hong in the room.

He then began to sexually harass me.

He even drugged my drink when I went to the washroom.

Luckily, he didnt clean it and I saw white power by my glass.

I was alert, so I didnt drink it.

Because I was terrified, I ran out, but Zhang Hong caught up to me.

I saw the cake and deliberately knocked it over.

I just wanted to get rid of him.

Im sorry, I shouldnt have done that on purpose.

But I didnt have a better idea.

Im sorry…” said Chen Feifei, feeling scared in retrospect.


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