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“What did the commander say” Long Wu asked with a frown.

“If you cant find him, just wait.

Hell come out eventually.

That, or send a Master-rank beastmaster who specializes in space-type pets and has a spatial talent to come here and investigate in person.”

“Its that big of a deal” Long Wu was slightly taken aback, but then he thought of something.

“The commander said…” The team member hesitated for a moment, “The place where Wang Ye disappeared should be where the last remnant of the demon sword was sealed.”

Long Wu took a deep breath.

As expected.

“Wang Yes goal should be to resurrect the demon sword.”

“We have already confirmed that the sealed broken blade in the Sealed Demon Sword Tomb has disappeared.

Theres also the missing sword hilt from the Hidden Mysterious Realm.

In that assessment, only Wang Ye entered the Hidden Mysterious Realms core zone.”

“I remember that Jin Ge provided this information, right” Long Wu narrowed his eyes.

“Yes, according to his description, he was saved by Wang Ye.

Wang Ye told him that the sword hilt had disappeared in the Hidden Mysterious Realm and was not him.

Then, we searched the place thoroughly but did not find the hilt.”

“Then, he must have taken it away.

If the sword hilt flew out by itself, it should have been discovered in that assessment.”

“Interesting,” Long Wu muttered, “Resurrecting the demon sword.

If Wang Ye was planning to do that, why would he save Jin Ge Wouldnt it be better if Jin Ge died so that no news could be spread”

“Captain, what are you saying…”

“Its just the truth,” Long Wu said lightly, “Since he wants to do such a huge thing as resurrecting the demon, he has to be ruthless enough.

Of course, Im just thinking from the other partys point of view.

The third relic, where the last remnant of the demon sword is sealed, has long disappeared.

Even we, the ace investigators, dont know the exact location.

But to think a young beastmaster could find it so easily.

How interesting.”

The team members were silent.

“Wang Ye…” Long Wu narrowed his eyes, “Right, did you tell Lin Rou”

“I have.

Commander Lin Rou will be here soon.”

Those who could become the commander of an Investigation Corps werent ordinary people.

Most of them were old acquaintances from their younger days who were then separated and sent to different cities.

“Will the commander come” Long Wu suddenly asked.

“Yes,” The team member said with certainty, “From the tone of the commander, he is sure that Wang Ye will resurrect the demon sword.

He is afraid that you guys wont be able to block it, so hell definitely come.”

“Interesting, very interesting,” Long Wu crossed his hands and looked at the sky where there seemed to be interwoven lightning and fire, “It has been many years since something like this happened in Xinghai Province.”

On the other side.

“This is impossible! Who is Wang Ye How could he have anything to do with the demon sword Shouldnt that thing have been destroyed long ago It has been sealed for so many years!” In Anping County, Lin Rou slammed her desk and smashed it to pieces!

“But the news from the Qixing Investigation Corps is such.”

“Is there any evidence” Lin Rous head seemed to be burning with the flames of anger, “Just because Wang Ye went to the Sealed Demon Sword Tomb and the Hidden Mysterious Realm Nonsense! Although these two relics are rarely opened, who knows how many beastmasters have entered them over the years!”

Even though she was saying this, Lin Rou knew very well that with the Qixing Investigation Corps style of doing things, they wouldnt do anything without concrete proof.

Moreover, Wang Ye wasnt an ordinary investigator.

If he had been an ordinary investigator, he would have been arrested and investigated long ago when the slightest suspicions about him had roused.

“Lets go.

Id like to see what the Qixing Investigation Corps intends to do…” Lin Rou walked out in a hurry.

On a cliff in Xinghai Province, Chen He looked at Dusk Ridge from above and said, “Wang Ye is quite capable.

It seems that he has really found the relic where Yan Wuji sealed the remains of the demon sword back then.”

“Wange, do you think this guy saw the Door of Consciousness Did he see it but told us that he didnt He only has a Deep Memory talent, yet he can raise these pets.

Unless we remove the heads of everyone in the world, no one will believe it.”

The two were in black robes and hoods.

The strong wind on the cliff blew their sleeves.

“Thats not important,” Wan Ge said lightly, “Whats important is that the guy hiding in Xinghai Province should be exposed soon.

Wang Ye is quite interesting.

He might have already known about the last relic.

Yet he still deliberately took away the blade from the Sealed Demon Sword Tomb with him, as if he deliberately wanted to expose himself.

He seems to know something…”

“Hmm Now that you say so, it seems to be true.

However, if all remnants are found, they will merge sooner or later.

It will be the same no matter where hes found.

Oh, right.

Say, if this guy really has reincarnated memories, whose memories would it be” Chen He suddenly asked.

“You even believe in this” Xia Wange chided, “In terms of raising pets, beastmasters from a hundred years ago are inferior to those of today.

There was no such thing as a pet in ancient times.

It started when Donglis pet contract was born.

Back then, no matter how amazing and worthy of respect the seniors were, in the modern era, just getting used to the current pet cultivation momentum would probably take them a long time.

Back then, there werent such things as tier 2 evolution, third-rank combat techniques, or tier 4 beast veins… He only awakened his talent at the age of eighteen.

Even if he really was a genius from the past, its impossible for him to nurture those pets.”

“Theres still a chance,” Chen He narrowed his eyes, “That thing called the memory lotus lamp is a divine artifact that is specially refined for beastmasters who have awakened their Door of Consciousness.

Without the Door of Consciousness, he would definitely have problems after using it.

We would be the first to notice it.”

“However, up until now, nothing has happened to him.

Either he hasnt used it at all, which is obviously impossible.

If I got such a treasure, I wouldve tried it no matter what.

Or, he has a talent in the Spiritual Talent Sequence that can resist the powerful spiritual power brought by the memory lotus lamp, and it has to be of a very high realm, which is also obviously impossible.

Yet we havent noticed anything go wrong with him until now.

You cant deny that theres this possibility, right”

Xia Wange was silent for a moment.

She did not deny it.

The memory lotus lamp was a treasure that they had given to Wang Ye.

It was indeed a treasure.

A very powerful treasure that ordinary people could not use.

“Also, why does he want to resurrect the demon sword Humans have a motive and purpose for everything we do,” Chen He said slowly, “No matter what it is, resurrecting the demon sword that was once stained with countless blood… Tsk, tsk.

I dont believe that a person who dares to have such thoughts wouldnt have any motive at all.

Moreover, one only needs to look into history to know what kind of heaven-defying crime this is.

How dare he do this As long as theres nothing wrong with his brain, no modern-day beastmaster would have such thoughts.”

“Yet, not only did he do it, but he seems to be on the verge of achieving what hes after.

If he didnt have any other motives or memories from his previous life, I wouldnt believe it.

Based on my guess, this guy might be a beastmaster from that era.”

At this point, Chen He let out a cold laugh, “After the Sealed Demon Sword Tomb, the people of the Dark Fog Cult who were hiding in Xinghai Province seemed to have seen through it as well.

They are quite smart, huh To think they would pave the way for him.

They even helped him break the seal on the Hidden Mysterious Realm.”

“What a pity for Lin Lei.

Such a well-hidden chess piece only to be discovered by Wang Ye due to a moment of carelessness.

Now that Wang Ye has attracted the Qixing Investigation Corps over, if he were to revive the demon sword and clash head-on with the Qixing Investigation Corps, the outcome will definitely be unpredictable.”

“Based on our understanding of the Dark Fog Cult, to develop and grow bigger, those fellows will definitely choose this time to lend a hand and buy over Wang Yes heart.

Do you think that Wang Ye is thinking the same thing by doing this”

In the legendary Ancient Sword Relic, the place that was sealing the last remnant.

When he came out of the white pythons stomach, Wang Ye saw the relic.

Although it was called a relic, in reality, this place was just a sword tomb.

The difference was that he was currently at the edge of the sword tomb.

An extremely terrifying sword intent formed an invisible formation around the place.

Any living creature that wanted to enter would be killed.

“This place… This sword intent…” The broken blade flew out and pointed to the surroundings.

Its voice was filled with confusion, “Thats right.

There is indeed the aura of my crossguard inside…”

“Oh Does senior know about this place” Wang Ye asked.

“Its a little familiar… Perhaps, Ive fought with the owner of this sword intent before.

This place has already formed a sword world.

The interior has its rules.

Im afraid it wont be easy to enter,” The broken blade pondered for a moment, “Ill need to expend some strength.”

“Theres no need for that!” Wang Ye immediately waved his hand, “Leave it to me!”


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