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In the Sealed Demon Sword Tomb, the broken blade said coldly to Wang Ye, “So, you want to take me out with you.

Have you found the location of my crossguard”

“Thats right!” Wang Ye nodded.

“If its possible, I hope you can do what you did last time.


“Last time, do you mean to open my mind to you” The broken blade suddenly waved, “No, that didnt feel very nice.”

“…” Wang Ye.

Did a sword spirit even have feelings

Wasnt the simulation interesting

“Besides, arent you afraid of being found out if you take me out” The broken blade asked, “Your end will probably not be good if you collude with the demon sword.”

Wang Ye shook his head and said, “As long as you become complete, it doesnt matter whether Im found out or not.

Since you dont want to try again, it doesnt matter.

Just go out with me.

I have a plan.”

The broken blade waved in the air a few times, probably considering its options, “Very well!”

Seeing this, Wang Ye immediately summoned the white python to swallow the broken blade.

The outside world could not sense the situation in the white pythons internal space, making it possible to bring the broken blade out safely.

However, the Qixing Investigation Corps should be alerted soon of the news of him coming to the Sealed Demon Sword Tomb again.

Back in the Hidden Mysterious Realm, they had already suspected him.

This had been confirmed as a fact when he had simulated with Xiao Tao in the Sealed Demon Sword Tomb last time.

Wang Ye came and left hastily.

He did not delay any longer and headed straight to the place where the Ancient Sword Relic was simulated to be hidden.

After Wang Ye left the Sealed Demon Sword Tomb, the ground outside flickered slightly and two dark figures appeared.

“Commander, as you expected, Wang Ye did come to the Sealed Demon Sword Tomb again.

Its just that he came after quite some time.”

“It seems that he thinks that it has been a while since the assessment in the Hidden Mysterious Realm which is why he only came now.”

“The demon swords part that disappeared from the Hidden Mysterious Realm should be on him.

Should we capture him now”

“Got it…”

Dusk Ridge.

It was said that here, one could clearly see the sun disappearing from the horizon every day.

That was why it was called Dusk Ridge.

It was a relatively remote wilderness area with no relics nearby.

It was also huge.

Wang Ye stood on Xiao Jius body and brought the white python to search for the relic for a little less than two hours before sensing a unique spatial aura.

“Next, swallow us into your stomach and use Spatial Flash to enter.”

Everything went smoothly for the time being.

“Huji!” The white python blinked and soared.

Then, it opened its mouth and swallowed Wang Ye and Xiao Jiu.

Then, its entire body began to tremble as if it was distorted.

From the surface to every part of its body, Spatial Flash at the peak mastery realm caused the surrounding spatial energy to vibrate into the surroundings.

In the next moment, the space collapsed, and the white python disappeared from where it was!

Everything was like a breeze passing by, disappearing without a trace!

Until, after a long time.

A huge neon cloud dragon circled Dusk Ridge, and a human figure was standing on it.

Then, more than ten sky-type pets lined up in an orderly formation while flying to this place.

“His aura has disappeared.

It should be a spatial skill.”

“A violent fluctuation has been produced in the space.

Has the Eye of Deep Space sensed his location within a hundred miles”

“No Could it be an alternate dimension Are there any no secret realms or relics nearby”

The leading neon cloud dragon let out a dragons roar as if it was intimidating the surroundings.

On top of it stood a man in an investigation corps uniform.

He had long hair that was flying in the breeze.

The stubble on his face seemed to have become extremely sharp due to his doubt.

Long Wu looked around with a cold expression.

He had just received an order from the Investigation Corps to investigate Wang Ye.

He had followed the tracking information provided by the Investigation Corps spies all the way to this place.

As the captain of the Qixing Investigation Corps fifth division which was also one of the few ace teams in the Investigation Corps, the members in his team were all sixth-rank professional beastmasters.

He himself was a Master-rank beastmaster.

The neon cloud dragon he was riding was a genuine Overlord level 7 pet.

As a member of the ace team, he carried out many investigative missions.

No matter whether it was entering the dark fog and killing strange gods, resolving the hidden dangers of the dark fog in the city, or fighting some powerful and ancient fierce beast, he had all carried them out before.

However, when he first received this order to investigate a first-rank professional beastmaster, especially one that he was familiar with and understood quite well, he was puzzled.

Then, he understood.

“Why is Wang Ye related to demon sword” Long Wu cursed inwardly.

In the professional assessment, he had seen with his own eyes how powerful ad freakishly talented this fellow was.

His going against six alone in the professional assessments duel was even a milestone for the professional assessment.

His future could be said to be limitless!

Why was he related to the demon sword from the Xinghai Sword Calamity

It had already been two hundred years!

“The Eye of Deep Space has provided feedback.

Theres no sign of him within a radius of hundreds of miles,” A team member reported, “Unless its a spatial teleportation skill at the emperor-grade or above that has to be at least at the peak mastery realm, cast by a pet that has to be at least level 4.

Only then can one teleport so far in one go.

With his strength, its impossible.”

“Its also possible that theres an alternate dimension nearby, and he was suddenly sucked in.”

“Ive never heard of any alternate dimension in Dusk Ridge.

The spatial pets cant sense any coordinates either.”


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