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The simulation process was very monotonous.

It was nothing much for the pets, though.

Especially for the white python.

Such a lifestyle basically had no effect.

Xiao Jiu was more active, so it was not used to it.

It would often want to fly out and look for adventure.

Fortunately, as long as the white python was around, Xiao Jiu would be stopped.

This kind of simulation was purely to stabilize the duration of the simulation and get the skills.

It was to prevent them from accidentally dying within a few days or weeks, which then would cause him to be unable to get anything.

If they encountered danger, they immediately ran.

When the time was almost right and their relationship was very intimate, they would go out and send themselves to their deaths.

Occasionally, due to some unexpected events, they would receive some news.

However, most of them did not affect the steady simulation.

“If I want to go to the Ancient Sword Relic, but I can only bring two pets in the simulation, I have to bring the white python and the sword rabbit.

Without the white python, I cant go to the Ancient Sword Relic.

Without the sword rabbits Evil-slashing Sword Technique, I cant enter.

Yet, Xiao Jiu is the main force to deal with the strange gods there.”

A dilemma occurred regarding the reality simulation.

Wang Ye pondered.

In reality simulation, there would be very little information about the non-selected pets.

There would even be no information about them.

For example, in the reality simulation of the white python and the sword rabbit, Xiao Jiu never appeared.

“If I go to the Ancient Sword Relic now, based on the information from the previous simulations, Ill definitely be discovered.

Either I dont go, or I settle this once and for all.”

People were bound to make choices in life, and now the choices were right in front of him.

Wang Ye chose the third option.

He took a deep breath and chose another simulation method.

This time, he only brought the white python.

[The reality simulation begins.

Information loading…]

[Your beastmaster brought you to the Sealed Demon Sword Tomb and asked you to swallow a sword blade.]

[The two of you quietly left the Sealed Demon Sword Tomb and headed to Dusk Ridge to sense the spatial fluctuations.

Then, with your Supreme Spiritual Sense, the two of you successfully arrived at the Ancient Sword Relic with Spatial Flash.

Your beastmaster asked you to spit out the sword blade.]

[With that, the sword intent in the Ancient Sword Relic was dispelled.

You and your beastmaster entered the Ancient Sword Relic and saw a crossguard.

It didnt take long for you to see a divine sword glowing in the Ancient Sword Relic slowly rising into the sky.

The seal of the Ancient Sword Relic had been broken, and countless strange gods surged out from the relic, only to all be slain by the divine sword.]

[You and your beastmaster successfully found the evolution materials you needed.]

[The two of you immediately left, only to discover that a large group of investigators had gathered in Dusk Ridge.

The one leading them was Ji Wuming.

They wanted to capture you because you had let the demon sword go.]

[The two of you were too weak.

You were not their match at all.

It was at this moment that the divine sword appeared and fought against the investigators.

The divine sword was no match for them, and both parties perished together.

You took advantage of the chaos to escape.

In the end, you were still captured and defeated in the battle.

You died of heavy injuries.]


The simulation this time was very short, but the information was very important.

“As expected, senior Xiao Tao is also able to break the seal of the Ancient Sword Relic! The sword rabbits Evil-slashing Sword Technique isnt the only method.

Later on, it fused with the crossguard and was able to easily deal with the strange gods after the seal was broken.

Because I took senior Xiao Tao away from the Sealed Demon Sword Tomb, the Qixing Investigation Corps was probably thus alerted, which is why I was captured after I came out.

Judging from the information, we lost” Wang Ye frowned slightly.

It must have been because of the instability of the fusion and the countless strange gods it had killed.

Naturally, Xiao Tao couldnt beat the investigators after it came out.

“It seems that the senior of the Dark Fog Cult who is hiding in Xinghai Province is not in the Qixing Investigation Corps.

Otherwise, they would have been waiting for me at the door when I came out of the Ancient Sword Relic in the previous simulation.

They wouldnt have been after me because I took senior Xiao Tao away from the Sealed Demon Sword Tomb either.

Moreover, the crossguard was only taken away after I left the Ancient Sword Relic for some time.

But its still not certain…”

Wang Ye took a deep breath.

He decided that after he was fully prepared, he would go to the Sealed Demon Sword Tomb again!

He planned to cooperate with senior Xiao Tao to run another simulation.


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