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Chapter 77: Marshmallow Observation Diary

    Abel was kicked out of the poker game by He Shu for giving these gifts, and then he opened a separate chat alone and took him aside for “tutoring”.

    And Archibald also understood the true meaning of these “educational films” after hearing Gu Lita’s ridicule.

    Archibald was shocked — of course he knew that there were such movies, but this was the first time he had heard that there were also special types with roleplaying butler and young master, and even many other types.

    Utterly astounded, Archibald couldn’t help but think, does such a large number represent the popularity of master butler play

    Moreover, Yang Yang even deliberately chose the identity of a butler before, and would call him “Second Young Master”…

    Archibald looked at Yang Yang, who was still in the butler’s slim suit and his heart skipped a beat— at that moment he became enlightened and suddenly understood what Yang Yang meant by the temptation of abstinence.

    Yang Yang: “…”

    Yang Yang: “Regardless of what you are thinking right now, it’s not what you think.”

    Archibald came back to his senses, closed the email and then smiled at Yang Yang: “Um, I understand.

Let’s go upstairs to check the progress of the room’s renovation.”

    Yang Yang: “…”

    No, you obviously don’t understand!

    But in front of several elders, Yang Yang couldn’t make any more excuses, and had no choice but to follow Archibald upstairs first.

    When they reached the top floor, Amber had already finished the relocation work and was directing the smart robot butler to place flowers around the room— white stardust flowers, selfless contribution from Monta.

    “Second Young Master, Little Madam.”

    Amber greeted them with a smile when he saw them coming, and handed Yang Yang a small box, “This is the storage space device that Second Young Master ordered to prepare for Little Madam.”

    “Thank you Amber”

    Yang Yang took the box and opened it to see that there was a fingernail-sized chip inside, which could be embedded in a watch-style terminal, making it very convenient to use.

    With this storage space, the existence of the Soul Cube could remain hidden.

    Amber: “This room has just been finished.

As time was limited, I only moved the clothes here for the time being.

The baby room will not be finished until tomorrow.”

    Archibald nodded: “En, there’s not need to rush for the child.”

    Amber smiled, but didn’t say much, and left with the smart butler.

    Yang Yang followed into Archibald’s room and looked around.

    The biggest change in the room was the cloakroom, followed by a door where the crib was originally placed by the wall, which had been changed back to regular door.

Yang Yang’s things were all transferred to this room and his favorite pillow was placed on Archibald’s bed.

The room was filled with the fragrance of stardust flowers and filled with a warm and romantic atmosphere.

    Although it was the first day of cohabitation, but now was not the time to be moved.

    Yang Yang turned around and looked at Archibald with a solemn expression: “First of all, I want to solemnly declare that I don’t want to role play butler and master.”

    Archibald nodded: “Oh.”

    Yang Yang: “… I’m serious.”

    Archibald tried hard to suppress the smile at the corner of his mouth, feeling that Yang Yang right now was like a bluffing rabbit, baring his teeth trying to pretend to be a tiger.

    Kind of cute.

    The kind of cuteness that made him want to pull the rabbit’s ears or tug the rabbit’s tail.

    Archibald suddenly understood why Yang Yang liked to make trouble with him so much at the beginning— this feeling wasn’t bad!

    Archibald pursed his lower lip, then looked at Yang Yang with a puzzled look on his face: “You don’t like it”

    Yang Yang nodded solemnly and seriously stated: “Don’t like it.”

    Archibald: “Then what do you like”

    Yang Yang: “…ah”

    Archibald opened the terminal, dug out the files and opened the folders other than 21 one by one for Yang Yang to see: “You said before that you were worried that I would not do a good work, so you can see which one you like, and I will watch it a few more times to learn from it.”

    Yang Yang: “…”

    This person must be holding a grudge.

    Archibald has opened all the folders and lined them up one after another.

Yang Yang couldn’t help but glance at it, from number 14 to 20, from the first true educational science popularization video, to the romantic movie in the middle, to the pornographic movies later, and the role-playing at the end.

    It was rich in variety and contained all possible types, all the male and female private parts were very thoughtfully censored.

    Yang Yang: “…”

    At first sight it could be seen how busy father of planet’s master was.

    Archibald finished showing the contents of the folder, then pointed to the “Wedding Night” in the 20th folder, and asked Yang Yang with a smile: “How about this”

    Yang Yang looked at Archibald, not saying anything.

    After a few seconds, Yang Yang narrowed his eyes, and questioned in a slightly hesitant tone, “Are you doing it on purpose”

    Since the relationship had been confirmed the day before yesterday, Archibald’s progress in love could be said to be “awakening at the speed of light” and “skipping grades”.

Yang Yang could hardly tease him before the cloud of being overtaken shrouded his head.

For a while, he felt apprehensive and timid.

    However, Yang Yang was able to discern the obvious difference between the expression of being really curious to learn and the expression of teasing someone.

    And Archibald’s expression had confirmed Yang Yang’s guess.

    Yang Yang couldn’t believe it— all pure love was fake! This big pig’s trotter*!

*scum, liar, scammer

    Seeing that Yang Yang was about to explode, Archibald couldn’t hold it and broke into laughter.

He turned off the terminal light screen, stepped forward and hugged Yang Yang.

    Yang Yang didn’t move, looking up at Archibald, hid whole body sending the “I’m angry right now” message.

    Archibald wrapped his tail around Yang Yang’s right leg, brushed his calf with the tip of his tail, and said with a soft smile: “I know what you’re afraid of,, but what I said just now is true, I will study hard and never hurt you.”

    Unexpectedly, Archibald would speak out all his thoughts into light in a serious manner, Yang Yang’s anger had nowhere to go and instead turned into embarrassment.

    Yang Yang was still trying to save face: “Who is afraid I said that I was just worried you couldn’t do it well.”

    Archibald raised his eyebrows, and made a promise with a smile: “Okay, then I will definitely, seriously, learn, everything.”

    Yang Yang: “………”

    Yang Yang lectured once more: “It’s fine not to take it too seriously.”

    For example, role-playing or something, he would pass, no studying.

    The rapid change of expressions made Archibald laugh.

    Archibald sighed, with helplessness in his tone: “You, ah.

You always like to tease me.

Before in the scientific research institute, you wanted to touch the scales under my belly, why are you now so shy when we are really talking about it

    Yang Yang pouted: “Can that be the same It won’t hurt to touch.”

    Archibald: “…So you are really worried about my incompetence”

    Yang Yang: “… …”

    He felt like this was question without a good answer*.

*internet buzzword, of a question where none of the answers are right, like on competitions or when professor wants to dump you yada yada

    Archibald understood Yang Yang’s expression.

He felt that some aspect of his self-esteem had been seriously challenged, and he even had the urge to invite certain someone to experience it for himself.

    But in the end, Archibald just sighed, and then gently assured: “I will really learn all the skills and knowledge and will never hurt you.

——As for those role playing games, as long as you don’t want to, I won’t force you.”

    Yang Yang was startled: “Really”

    Archibald’s eyes were sincere: “I would never lie to you.”

    The sudden promise made Yang Yang’s back go numb, and when he looked into those gentle eyes, the anxiety circling in his heart disappeared in an instant.

    Forget it, what was he afraid of, even if it didn’t go well he could never change the person anyways.

In any case, this was the first time for both of them, so study together and make progress together.

    After quickly changing his mentality, Yang Yang immediately revived on the spot with full blood.

    Yang Yang patted Archibald on the shoulder and said earnestly: “Then you study hard, the organization has high hopes for you!”

    Archibald: “…”

    Didn’t this person bounce back too quickly

    After patting Archibald, Yang Yang’s eyes shifted mischievously and he went “heeheehee” again.

    “I would have almost forgotten about the scales if you didn’t mention them.

Come on, take off your pants and let me touch them!”

    Archibald: “…”

    He fell into a daze, feeling that his gentleness was fed to the dogs.


    Seeing that Yang Yang was about to take off his pants, Archibald stopped him quickly, “It’s time for dinner.”

    Yang Yang raised his head: “I’ll just touch it.”

    Archibald: “……”

    Where did this hooligan come from —Okay, if you have to touch it, touch it.

    Archibald took a breath, then bent down and hugged Yang Yang, and pressed him on the bed, showing eyes resembling a starving wolf: “Then eat after dinner.”

    Yang Yang: “”


    In the end, dinner was settled in the bedroom.

When Yang Yang drank the porridge, he couldn’t taste it at all because his tongue was already numb.

    And Archibald also got a new nickname —the kissing maniac.

    As for the feeling of the scales that Yang Yang touched…

    It was as if he had entered a soft rock swamp.

He only tapped on it with his fingers a few times, and a big bulge raised up from under the swamp.

The hot and humid atmosphere, as if magma was floating nearby, soaked the air.

It was as if a terrifying monster was about to break out of the ground, nerve-wracking.

    But Yang Yang didn’t see the big monster in the end, because Archibald took a deep breath, kissed him hard a few times, and quickly hid in the bathroom by himself.

    It took a long time for Archibald to come out, and when he came out, he was soaked and had obviously taken a shower.

    Archibald walked back to the bed and told Yang Yang the good news.

    “I’m in heat.”

    Yang Yang: “…”

    Yang Yang: “!!”

    Yang Yang immediately stuffed himself under the quilt, revealing a pair of vigilant eyes.

    When Archibald saw this, he was both amused and helpless, he wrapped Yang Yang up and hugged him through the quilt, and said helplessly: “Estrus is a sign that should be present in adulthood, but it’s just a physiological reaction and will only last for a month.

However, as I said before, because of my illness, I have never had this period.”

    Yang Yang thought for a while, and oh, he remembered, this indeed happened.

    Yang Yang loosened some of the quilt, and asked nervously: “Then you…”

    Archibald understood what he wanted to ask, narrowed his eyes and said: “It’s just just making me more impulsive and I can control it.

——As long as don’t provoke me.”

    Yang Yang was relieved at first, but then after thinking for a while: “Oh, it’s gonna be a little difficult.”

    Archibald: “…”

    Archibald held Yang Yang down and kissed again.

    In the end, it was the cub in the stomach who saved Yang Yang— because Archibald remembered that he hadn’t “fed” the child yet.

    Half of the child’s perceivable period has already passed.

Besides feeding the child every day, Archibald also fell in love with touching Yang Yang’s belly, these were his most favourite activities aside from wrapping his tail around Yang Yang.

    Yang Yang leaned on the bed, watching Archibald lean down almost touching his abdomen, a smile appeared on the corner of his mouth.

    He hoped to be with Archibald for the rest of his life and he also hoped that Archibald would be well.

    So, he still had to work hard.

    Yang Yang released his soul power and opened up the horizon of soul power.

    In front of his eyes, Archibald turned back into a white and plumpy cotton ball, but now this ball of cotton through Yang Yang’s love filter seemed like delicious cotton candy.

    There was no “chocolate chips” on the marshmallow, which was a symptom that only appears in the late stage of the disease, so Yang Yang wasn’t expecting to see that.

    Yang Yang’s goal was to see the state of Archibald’s soul power.

    The white cotton ball was entwined with silk, compact and solid, without any holes caused by damage to the soul palace, not even the size of a needle tip.

    Yang Yang frowned slightly, he didn’t understand medicine, so he didn’t dare to jump to conclusions, so most he could do was record it.

    So after feeding the child, Archibald looked up and saw that Yang Yang had an new notebook in his hand at some point, and was writing and drawing something in it.

    Archibald was puzzled: “What are you writing”

    Yang Yang smiled when he heard this, closed his notebook, and showed Archibald the cover page, which said: Marshmallow observation diary.

    Archibald: “”


Author has something to say:

Monta: I’m at home, don’t read it.

Byrd: Oh

Yang Yang: Oh

Monta: ………………(crying out with a wah.jpg)


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