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My Enchanting System Chapter 21

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Daraku was a rogue, he specialized in ambushing his opponents and taking them by surprise. Fighting face to face was Takeshis job not him.

“Take her and run, I will take care of this” Daraku shouted as he took a stance.

The potion should heal Selena enough to carry Sofia and run.

Even though the Cobra was Blind with both its eyes gouged out, it could still see! Using its tongue, heat senses it could still detect the three of them.

It was the worst foe for Daraku who specialized in sneak attacks and poisons, he was there just because Miko asked him to keep an eye on Cain and his friends!

‘I dont have enough power to finish it off, only Yamauba and Takeshi have! Daraku scanned the cobras body.

From his pocked, Daraku took a talisman and ripped it apart, “With this, they are coming, I will hold alone so run!”

“I can smell you sweating-gaw, that is my prey-gaw!” Selena gripped her knuckle dusters, ignoring his warning and preparing to attack the cobra!

Sofia was stable and she has started breathing again after Selena forced the potion down her throat!

With its tongue sticking out, the Cobra charged at Daraku with tremendous speed and power.

Thud! With a single jump, Selena was in front of Daraku, preparing a heavy punch! quickly dodging to the side, she punched it on its heads side.

Daraku smiled, “Lets see if you can match Takeshi!” using his incredible speed, he raced on top of the cobra, slicing it on multiple spots.

Selena taunt the cobra and Daraku attacks from the side, even though they never fought to gather before, they were displaying impressive performance. Darakus nimbleness and quick adaptation speed helped him to sync his attacks with Selena going crazy!

‘If only Takashi was here, he could have beheaded this thing with his big Nodashi! Daraku though.Yamauba as well, she could blast it with elemental magic!

The fight was dragging out, the two of them werent able to deal any serious damage to take it down.

Suddenly, the cobra stopped moving, staring at Sofias place. Both Daraku and Selena stopped to see who happened.

Besides Sofia, Cain was kneeling, slowly brushing his hand on her head.

“You there…” Daraku stopped, he felt an immeasurable bloodlust coming from Cain.

Cain slowly turned to face Selena, “Are you alright”

Selena who was just fighting like a monster has smiled, “Yeah! Thanks to that mans potion-nya!”

“Go sit by Sofias side, I will finish this quickly!” Cain said as he walked toward the Cobra, Selena obeyed without questions, hurrying to stay by Sofias side.

“No! A swordsman like you wont be able to face it!” Daraku screamed as he saw Cain draw his sword.

Cain ignored Darakus warning and started mumbling, “Leather boots, raincoat, poison, dogs feed, luxurious bags!” Cain was counting what he can do with the cobras corpse!

“I mustnt damage it too much!”

[Enchanting: Ringing Sword]

VROOOOOOOOM! Cains sword started screaming as if it came to life.

The Cobra felt a sense of danger coming from Cain as it has never before, He was on another level than the rest! She charged at full strength, her mouth wide open and ready to deliver a bite.

[Firelance], [Enchanting], [Enchanting] Cain mimicked the fourth-tier spell [Fireburst] It ate at a massive chunk of his MP! == but he didnt care.

The blue ball of doom raced directly into the Cobras mouth, bursting inside, frying everything!

The Cobra should have been dead, the heat must have destroyed its brain. Cain knew that but he didnt stop, following with quick steps, he sliced the Cobras head clean off.

“Spellsword!” Daraku gasped as could just stand there with his mouth open, Those werent the moves of an E-ranker. They had made it clear to him, The Unchained man Amaterasu spoke of was Cain! Selena should then be the Raging beast.

Daraku looked at the unconscious Sofia,Who is she The purgatory witch or the merciful devil It didnt matter, he had confirmed Mikos suspicion and finished his mission.

“Thank you for helping them!” Cain thanked Daraku with a slight bow, snapping him to reality.

“No, no need to think about it!” Daraku said, hoping that Cain wont ask why he was there.

RonRonRon! A strange blue and white portal-like thing opened mid-air beside Daraku, he wasnt surprised as he was waiting for it!

From it, Yamauba came rushing in her casual clothes, only holding her staff! Following her was Takeshi screaming, “Where is it!” he has already unsheathed his Nodashi.

Behind the two, walking slowly was Miko, the only of them who was wearing her equipment, “Daraku, you still alive” She asked and he replied instantly, “How can I perish before getting to nights reward I dont care what you say, this job was worth a whole night!” with a smug face.

Miko blushed for a moment, “Guess It cant be helped, where is the monster”

“What, Its already dead! Did you do this Daraku” Takeshi asked, “This cant be him, I sense strong magic in the area, at least third-tier!” Yamauba adds, being too shocked that she spoke at normal speed.

“It was him!” Daraku instantly pointed at Cain, “He is at least A-rank in strength!”

As the three looked at Cain in confusion, he had to explain a bit, “I hope that was the case but it was just a short burst, Im already out of steam!”

They did have a lot of questions but it wasnt the time for that. Miko hurried to cast healing magic on Sofia as the potion didnt fully heal her.

On the other hand, Takeshi and Yamauba were inspecting the Cobras corpse.

When things calmed down a bit, Takashi decided to help Cain with the Borage quest so the two finished it quickly.

As Cain pulled out the plants, A moose, three deers, and a bunch of rabbits attacked. Takeshi was excited to wrestle the moose but was surprised when Selena finished off with a single bite to the neck! After that, he just took care of the deers.

Cain and Yamauba captured the rabbits alive as they can sell for a higher price alive than dead!

As they were preparing to leave, Takeshi asked Yamauba to carry the Cobra in her magic! She seemed to dislike the idea as it drain a lot from her.

After a few sweet words and the promise of carrying her back, Takashi managed to convince Yamauba to do it.

After that, they made their way back home. Takeshi carrying Yamauba in his arms, Daraku jumping happily around Miko. Cain carried Sofia on his back as Selena walked beside him.

Cain wore a happy face as the girls were mostly safe, and as he was able to see a thing no one else could.


First-tier magic:


Third-tire magic:

[Fireball: Locked]


Sofia woke up on the way and started Crying, It was a terrifying experience to her! Selena just patted her on the back saying, “Its over-nya!”

As they entered the city, Sofia asked Cain to let her down as it was a bit embarrassing.

“Cain, can you let me down” She asked with a faint voice.

“Now if you excuse us, me and Selena will go for a walk so can we meet in the bath afterward” Cain felt the questing was a bit weird but didnt prey further, even Selena was like, “Why me too-nya” but Sofia just dragged her by hand.

Cain and the dragons fang party continued their way toward the guild leaving the two girls.

Sofias aim was simple shop and a single item was in her mind, Razors! On the first general shop they encountered, she bought enough for her and Selena.

“What are you going to do with those-nya”

“Prepare ourselves for tonight!” They raced to the bath after passing by the inn.

“Did Cain get in before us” Sofia asked the old woman working at the bath and she got a negative reply.

Selena didnt seem to fully understand what was so important for Sofia, she was always giving her a confused look.

Sofia entered the bath determined to get in shape, to her this was an important occasion!


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