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Chapter 1001 An Unpleasant and Infatuated Man

Madam Jiang was terrified and scolded angrily, “What do you want to do…”

Before she could finish her words, the curtain behind the altar had been pulled down by Yujie.

Behind the curtain was a young man! He was so embarrassed that he covered his face with his sleeves, so everyone could not see who he was for the time being.

“Madam Jiang, why is there a man behind the altar I didnt dare to say anything when I discovered it alone.

Since Infanta Yuanan and a few noble Madams were all here, I summoned up the courage to pull it open.

Madam Jiang, do you want to harm my master Or do you want to ruin her reputation again”

Yujie took a step back and made way for the people behind to see the scene more clearly.

The man, who looked young, was hiding behind the altar for the religious rite.

The suspicious eyes of several Madams fell on Madam Jiang and then on Zhao Xiran.

This time, besides Madam Jiang, even Zhao Xiran looked suspicious.

After all, it was she who was in charge now, not Madam Jiang.

Zhao Xirans reputation had always been good, but now that she had married into the Marquis Xings Mansion and became Madam Jiangs legitimate daughter-in-law, she would choose to side with Madam Jiang.

So, were they in this together

Princess Chen couldnt bring a man in and hide him behind the sacrificial table.

Anyway, no one would believe it.

Princess Chen was never in charge when she was in the Marquis Xings Mansion.

Even worse, before she got married, she never lived a happy life here.

It was widely known that she was a poor young girl in the Marquis Xings Mansion.

Thus, she couldnt hide a person here.

To say the least, even if Princess Chen wanted to hide someone, why didnt she hide the man in the Prince Chens Mansion At present, she was the only master in the Prince Chens Mansion and could do whatever she wanted to do.

Why would she have to hide someone in the Marquis Xings Mansion

“I… I…” Madam Jiang was sweating profusely.

This time, she was frantic with worry and almost twisted the handkerchief in her hands into a rope.

She clenched their teeth and denied quickly, “I dont know who he is!”

“Madam, are you sure When my master came here, only you and a few servants stayed here.

If you dont know when this man entered the courtyard, no one else knows.” Yujie said coldly.

Although she was a servant girl, when Shao Wanru couldnt speak, it was most reasonable for her to speak on her behalf.

Madam Jiang moved her lips and was about to say something, but Zhao Xiran grabbed her hand and said, “Mother, lets see who this person is and why he is here.”

“Yes, right! Let him tell us why he is here!” Madam Jiang immediately understood and nodded repeatedly.

Everyones eyes were fixed on the person who covered his face with his sleeves.

Hearing the noise here, the man knew he couldnt hide it anymore, so he awkwardly let go of his sleeves.

Many people immediately recognized that it was Qiu Yu from the Ministry of Justice.

He was the legitimate younger son of Duke Liyang, who was now the deputy secretary of the Ministry of War.

Qiu Yu worked in the Ministry of Justice, so he was a promising young talent among the childes of aristocratic families.

Many Madams of aristocratic families had once wanted to marry their daughters to him.

“Lord Qiu, why are you here” Infanta Yuanan also recognized him and asked with a frown.

“Lord Qiu, didnt you say you were just asking about the case But why havent you left yet” Zhao Xiran was also surprised.

Obviously, she also recognized Qiu Yu.

Although Shao Wanru didnt open her eyes, she sneered in her heart.

“With a few words, Zhao Xiran rescued Qiu Yu and Madam Jiang from an embarrassing situation!”

As Shao Wanru had expected, Qiu Yu, who was in a panic, smiled a little awkwardly, and his eyes lit up at once.

No longer in an embarrassing situation, he bowed to the people around him and apologized, “Im really sorry.

I hid on purpose to investigate a case.

Then I couldnt leave even if I wanted to!”

“Lord Qiu, you ended up here while looking into a case.

I deeply appreciated that!” The smile on Zhao Xirans face faded away.

No one would be happy when discovering such a weird thing, not to mention that it triggered many more things.

“Sorry, Im so sorry.

This was a business visit, and I had no choice.

Eldest Young Madam, please forgive me!” Qiu Yu apologized with a sincere attitude and gave Zhao Xiran a fist and palm salute again.

“Lord Qiu, you didnt offend me, but my mother-in-law and Princess Chen.

Because of you, Princess Chen suspected my mother-in-law was secretly plotting against her,” Zhao Xiran said gravely.

“Its… really my fault… I will apologize to Princess Chen!” Qiu Yu bowed deeply again.

“Lord Qiu, you… once again… you made Princess Chen misunderstand me.

If we didnt settle this matter on the spot, Princess Chen would once again blame me, just like the last misunderstanding between us!” Madam Jiang took the opportunity and began to shed tears while speaking with a sense of grievance.

“Does she mean that the previous news from the Ministry of Justice about Wang Shengxues case was untrue”

“Is it true or not” A few Madams looked at each other in silence.

It was improper for them to say anything before the truth of this matter was revealed.

No matter how they looked into it, the case remained mysterious to them.

Qiu Yu walked to Shao Wanru.

After bowing deeply to her, he said shamefully, “Princess Chen, I heard that the Marquis Xings Mansion is going to hold a religious ceremony today for the former Heir of Duke Xing and Infanta Qinghua, so I sneaked in.

I wanted to hear what everyone said in private, so I hid behind the sacrificial altar.

If I disturbed you, please forgive me.

I work for the Ministry of Justice and was just doing my job!”

“Work for the Ministry of Justice Just doing your job” Shao Wanru laughed sarcastically in her heart.

She had some doubts at first, but now she figured out a lot of things.

Yes, it was Qiu Yu!

Qiu Yu was an official of the Ministry of Justice.

With his special status, he was different from those ordinary officials of the Ministry of Justice.

From time to time, he would go in and out of the Imperial Palace.

In particular, he had a crush on Shao Yanru.

Such a person was useful for Shao Yanru.

In the past, Shao Yanru wouldnt think much of Qiu Yu.

But things were different now.

Qiu Yu was one of the few life-saving straws that she could catch.

With Shao Yanrus ambitious character, she would certainly take control of all the straws.

Qiu Yu was under her control!

If it werent for Shao Yanrus secret trick, Qiu Yu wouldnt involve in this mess.

When in Yuhui Nunnery, Shao Wanru had witnessed Qiu Yus obsession with Shao Yanru.

What she couldnt figure out in the past was suddenly clear.

Shao Yanru was in the Palace.

If she wanted to pass on some news, Qiu Yu was the most suitable person to do this job for her.

At this moment, Qiu Yu had turned the tables on her.

He was investigating the case for the Ministry of Justice.

Though it was not good for Qiu Yu to hide in the mansion, it did not mean he was a person of bad character.

If Shao Wanru was a generous lady, she would certainly forgive him because he was here on business.

It was disgraceful for him to do such a thing as a noble childe.

Today, Qiu Yu was indeed hiding to listen to the movement, but his target was Shao Wanru.

Just now, when Madam Jiang led her to talk, no matter what she said, Qiu Yu would remember it and even extract other meanings from it as evidence.

Of course, he did all of this to please Shao Yanru.

He was actually an infatuated man!

However, this crazed admirer of Shao Yanru really disgusted her.

She had met Qiu Yu.

At that time, she thought that he was dutiful.

But now, she felt that he was excessively arrogant and conceited.

Shao Yanru had already married the Emperor.

What made him think he could fall in love and be with Shao Yanru

There was not much use for him, and he acted in a foolhardy manner.

However, such a useless and impudent man gained the upper hand over her, knowing that she had no choice but to accept the reality.

As long as he did things in the name of the Ministry of Justice, there was nothing she could do even though she was Princess Chen.

How could she dare to interfere in the affairs of the Ministry of Justice

Shao Wanru kept knocking the wooden fish in her hands.

The corners of her mouth moved silently while she silently recited the sutra.

She simply ignored Qiu Yu.

“Princess Chen, please accept my sincere apologies.

Id appreciate your great generosity if you forgive me.

Its all my fault.

When Prince Chen returns to the capital, I will go to your mansion to apologize!” Seeing that Shao Wanru didnt respond to him, Qiu Yu bowed deeply again, lowering his head respectfully while speaking in a much more amiable manner.

Prince Chen was not in the capital now, so it was inconvenient for him to visit Princess Chen.

“Lord Qiu, please go back first.

Her Highness is reciting the Amitabha Pure Land Rebirth Dharani, which cant be interrupted.

But my master will forgive you.

You used to have a good relationship with the First Miss.

When we were in the Yuhui Nunnery, you helped the First Miss a lot.

My master also appreciates your kindness!”

Yujie bowed back to Qiu Yu for Shao Wanru and said softly.

“How could this matter has anything to do with Shao Yanru” Several Madams present were stunned.

Shao Yanru was now the Emperors woman who had been out of favor.

Many rumors about her were spreading among aristocratic families, though few had circulated among the people.

Many people had heard that Shao Yanru was not a decent woman.

She hooked up with several princes, so the Emperor never touched her and simply drove her away to the Cold Palace.

In the past, when Shao Yanru enjoyed a good reputation, no one would believe these romantic rumors.

Now that they knew that she was not as innocent and nice as she appeared, many people had secretly wondered if she really had affairs with other men.

Hearing Yujies words, all of them turned to look at Qiu Yu, wondering about their relationship secretly.

They didnt know that Shao Yanru had something to do with Qiu Yu! Miss Shao, who used to be famous for her excellent reputation in the capital, was now Secondary Consort Shao with an unsavory reputation.

Qiu Yus face went red with embarrassment and then turned pale.

In the end, he exploded with anger.

Raising his head slowly, he looked at Yujie sharply.

“Even if youre Princess Chens maid, you cant talk nonsense.

Otherwise, youll be punished by national law!”

How could he let others know about his relationship with Shao Yanru

“Lord Qiu, I… Did I say anything wrong” Yujie looked confused, as if she couldnt figure out how she offended Qiu Yu.

“Youre just a little maid.

Dont talk too much if you dont know anything.

Im investigating the case, a case of the Ministry of Justice.

Even if you have slightly offended Princess Chen, you cant take the consequences.

Step aside.

If you continue to talk nonsense, the Ministry of Justice will punish you severely!”

Qiu Yu snapped in a harsh voice, swinging his sleeves backward with a gust of wind.

In fact, he regretted helping Madam Jiang.

Not only did he hear nothing useful, but also he was implicated.

A servant girl penetrated his secret.

It was totally not worth it.

The next time, he would stay far away from the Marquis Xings Mansion and avoid getting involved in their affairs.

Compared with the Marquis Xings Mansion, he cared much more about Shao Yanru.

Since she had already entered the Palace, he no longer needed to interact with the Marquis Xings Mansion.

After scolding her in the name of the Ministry of Justice, he wanted to withdraw and didnt want to stay and argue against others.

However, before he moved his feet, a voice stopped him.

“Lord Qiu, not really!”

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