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Mai Kitsune Waifu Chapter 4 Become an Immortal Cultivator

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“Fox immortal”

Liu Yi immediately began to blink his eyes rapidly. He grew even more nervous.

“I had only met a fox demon yesterday….and she killed me…”

“Ahem ahem. That was my martial younger sister!”

The little fox immediately coughed twice before saying. “Shes very very bad. I had chased her for a long time! She almost killed you! It was me who saved you!”

“Oh Really”

Liu Yi remembered that he was indeed killed by a beautiful fox demon yesterday and later saved by a girl. It seems like that girl had also kissed him and that he had touched her chest…. her flat chest!

That he remembered clearly.

But as to how she looks, he cant remember.

Perhaps she was this so called fox immortal in front of him

If that was the case, then he really should thank her for saving him.

“Were you the flat… female immortal that saved me yesterday”

“Of course!”

Hearing Liu Yis question, the little fox was abnormally happy.

Oh boy! This idiot really got fooled!

Ganbatte! I, Lin Tong, is the clever and quick witted fox demon. This mere human is of course no problem for me!

Heh heh, I would certainly take care of him and then break through that seal on his hand and regain my freedom!

“In order to save you, I was wounded by that fox demon. Now I could only live in your right hand and recover my vitality using you.”

“Ah You wanted to suck up my essence!”

Liu Yi was immediately scared witless again. What appeared in his mind was the sights of mummies who had their essence sucked up completely.

My god! Too scary! No!

“No. Thats not it. I need your vitality!”

The little fox chuckled. “only through absorbing vitality would I, Lin Tong, be able to recover!”

“You are Lin Tong!

Liu Yi was shocked by her words. He shouted. “Wasnt Lin Tong that fox demon from yesterday!”

“Ah no, thats not it. We fox just randomly come up with names!”

Lin Tong was panicking. Being overly proud of herself, she actually mistakenly spilled the beans.

“The Tong from my martial younger sisters name is the character Tong from TongHua (fairy tail) whereas the Tong from my name is the character Tong from HongTongTong (bright red), theyre not the same! I had saved you and ended up in this situation! Who wouldve expected that you would instead doubt me! Abominable human!”

“No no, I havent once doubted you! I apologize! Female Immortal Lin Tong, how can I help you”

Liu Yi stroke the back of his head. He felt as if that his life is going to be turned upside down.

However, regardless, he felt that he should first help his savior!

“Hehe…. you want to help me Thats actually very simple!”

“What must I do”

“You must learn the techniques of our demon… immortal clan and absorb immortal energy. With that you could restore my strength and I would be able to regain my body!”

“What Youre telling me to become an immortal cultivator Thats surely impossible! Stop playing around with me please.”

Liu Yi immediately started shaking his head like a rattle.

What a joke! No way Im going to get so lucky! Yep, its certainly going to be like those multi-level marketing schemes!

“Fuck! Not impossible! Even mortals could become immortal cultivator! Okay!”

The little fox quickly emphasized that.

“Okay then… but I dont want to become an immortal.... I just want to be a regular man, then score into college, then find a job, then get married and have kids…”

“Then grow old and die You want a mediocre life”

The little fox Lin Tong continued to try to entice Liu Yi. “Theres a lot of benefits to being an immortal! For one you get to live longer! You can also obtain extraordinary power!”

“Oh Then can I get girls”

Liu Yi was blinking like a dog wagging its tail.

He remembered Ma Yixuan and could not help himself but ask the question.

“Of course!”

The little fox grew happier. Theres an opportunity!

“Forget about it… if I had to meditate and suppress my desires, I wont be able to endure that.”

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Remembering that he was still a virgin, Liu Yi began to step back from the thought.

“Little rascal! Regardless of whether or not you want to become one, you will still have to become one!”

Liu Yi suddenly noticed that his right hand was suddenly out of his control. Out of nowhere, it pulled his body up from the ground.

“Hey hey hey! Where are you taking me!”

Knowing that it was certainly something that the little fox immortal Lin Tong had done, Liu Yi immediately turned pale with fright.

He tried desperately to pull his hand back. However, as if it wasnt his, his hand was pulling him through the park.

At this time, there was already some morning exercise people in the park.

The majority of them were old granny and grandpas. Theyre doing tai chi and zombie dance and the like.

[TL: zombie dance → https://www.youtube.com/watchv=FrHir7cMNew https://www.youtube.com/watchv=nBDNaLvAFhY and https://www.youtube.com/watchv=-lST4Snf0XA]

Young people who can still get up early was really extremely rare nowadays.

And Liu Yi was running zigzag with one arm outstretched through the park filled with old people .

“Is this a new fitness dance”

An old grandpa carrying a bird cage stared at Liu Yi as he ran past.

“Aiya! This looks much more interesting than the zombie dance!”

Shouted an old granny as she turn her waist and stretched her arm forward.

“Come come come! Brothers and sisters, lets follow the lead!”

Thus, this group of old people started imitating Liu Yi. With an outstretched arm and a waist twisted to the side, they were running through the park in a zigzag.

Suddenly, there emerged a long line of people running in the park, attracting even more attention than the zombie dance.

Yet these people did not know that Liu Yi was currently suffering. With no control of his body, he could only incessantly run forward.

“Please great aunt little fox immortal, spare me! Please stop!”

“Ill continue as long as you refuse to become an immortal cultivator!”

“Being an immortal cultivator and what not… its too unreliable….”

“Fine! You dont want to be one, then Ill show you!”

Lin Tong glanced at a couple nearby.



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