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So the original plan was to release a chapter of Lu Bu.... however since my laptop died, I don't know if I can finish translating Lu Bu on time.... so... I decided to release ch 28 of Waifu that I have finished 2 days prior... enjoy... and hopefully I can fix my laptop soon.

ps. thanks for all the suggestions for how to fix my laptop but most of them doesn't work since I don't have windows cd, my ssd got corrupted, hdd is almost completely dead and useless, cloning doesn't work... etc. etc. I ordered a new ssd to see if I can clone that and return my old one... hopefully that works... :

pps. this shall be the 5th nonsponsored chapter of this week... enjoy


My Fox Immortal Wife - Chapter 28 - Quickly, Use Your Right Hand!

Original by Ram de Night, Translated by James

Back when Ma Wei was in junior high, he had hit his teacher and was forced to drop out of school.

Afterwards, he had followed acousin that he met on the streets and have been living that street life all the way till now.

He was originally a small fry hooligan, anyone was able to bully him.

Until one day, he unintentionally provoked a famous local hooligan boss.

That boss threatened to break his leg so that he could only be a beggar for the rest of his life.

Ma Wei returned and pondered. He knew that hell be dead either way so he decided to ** it all.

He picked up his kitchen knife and went directly to the nightclub to find the hooligan boss. Using his kitchen knife, he chased that boss down seven whole streets!

Finally, Ma Wei got famous.

One of the bosses from the Black Dragon Gang said that he appreciate Ma Weis ferocity and decided to take him in.

After a while, Ma Wei status in the Black Dragon Clan gradually got higher, he ended up becoming a small boss.

He now have some small fry hooligans working under him.

However, after being in the gang for this long, Ma Wei found out about one thing.

Even if youre a gangster, youre still nothing without money!

Ma Wei wanted to use this opportunity to associate himself with the wealthy young master Lan, it was a mutually beneficial thing.

In the future, as long as young master Lan provide him the funds, he will be Lan Hes hired arms.

One of the gang bosses of the Black Dragon Gang was in a major fight a couple of days ago and had both of his hands cut off. Thus, hes pretty much crippled and his position had also become empty.

With enough funds, he, Ma Wei, would be able to slowly climb up the ladders in the Black Dragon Gang!

If he were to take this opportunity and become a gang boss, then he wouldve really had made a name for himself!

At that time, people would no longer call him Brother Wei but instead Boss Ma!

[TL: forgot to mention, by brother they meant older brother. Its impossible to translate this term to english and keep the meaning. If youve seen Japanese gangsters… its the equivalent of aniki that young small frys call their boss. So…. small fry → aniki → boss man → gang clan leader. something like that.]


Thinking of his grand prospect, Ma Wei was totally excited.

However, when he led a couple of his subordinates to block the alley entrance, he was suddenly dumbfounded.

What…. the heck happened....

Several students were lying on the ground. A frail looking youngster and a middle-aged uncle in a suit were standing in the middle of the alley. The two were standing opposing as if they were measuring each others capability.

Something's wrong… this shouldnt be the case!

Wasnt it going to be Kevin and couple other guys beating up a guy called Liu Yi

What the heck is this

“Brother Wei…. that, that kid seems to be Liu Yi!”

One of his subordinate immediately handed Ma Wei his cell phone, on the screen was Liu Yis photo.

“Is this even science...didnt young master Lan said that Liu Yi is only a wuss...”

Said another one of Ma Weis subordinate after seeing the blood on Liu Yis hand and the countless students down on the ground.

“Who did you say is a wuss”

Liu Yi suddenly turned around and looked at that hooligan.

The hooligan saw Liu Yis blood red eyes and was immediately scared.

However, he soon calmed himself.

He was a Black Dragon Gang member!

Who the ** would he ever be afraid of!

“Fuck! Brat, who the ** do you think youre talking to! Let me tell you, Im from the Black Dragon Gang! You better act more tactful toward me, so what if I call you a wuss! Speak up again and Ill beat you to death!”

Hearing those words, Liu Yi suddenly moved away from the black suited uncle. He walked toward his left a couple of steps and arrived in front of that hooligan.

“Try calling me a wuss again.”

Said Liu Yi as he looked at that hooligan.

“Wuss! Wuss! Wuss!”

The hooligan called Liu Yi wuss countless times. “Hahaha! All my life, this was the first time Ive heard someone asking me to do that. Say guys, dont you think this dude is **ing retarded! Hahaha….POW!”

Before he even finish laughing, Liu Yis fist have already landed on his chin.


The hooligan sprayed out his two front teeth. He was knocked flying over a meter off the ground.


Finally, he landed on the ground with a face full of blood.

All the other hooligans nearby were staring at Liu Yi blankly.

This… this is the super weak wuss student that young master Lan spoke of

This… is bull**….

This guy was a savage!

The black suited uncle standing behind gave off a surprisedEh sound.

Was this really an ordinary student

Was he a martial artist that received professional training Or was he a soldier

However, the way he attacks was all over the place and very barbarous!

It was like the way beasts fights!

Theres actually a student this dangerous in Misss class…. no, I must certainly tell the master about it when I return!

While the black suited uncle was pondering in his heart, chaos had already erupted at Ma Weis side.

Never had they expected to encounter a super tough guy when helping young master Lan!

“Is there anyone else that want to call me wuss...”

Liu Yi was only being stimulated by his stream of qi, his body was still somewhat frail.

From this one punch of his, his left hand was bleeding, the skin around the joints was rubbed open.

However, because of the stimulation from the red stream of qi, Liu Yi does not feel any pain.

And his white stream of qi was also flowing through his body secretly and curing his injury.

“Mother**er! Hes also human, well get him together!”

Shouted Ma Wei after seeing that his subordinates were scared witless.

The hooligans nearby, one by one, started screaming their weird warcrys, and came rushing at Liu Yi with their steel pipes and two-by-fours.

The black suited uncle crossed his arms and decided to watch the amusement from the back.

He wanted to know how strong this youngster was!

“Bang! Bang!”

Liu Yis movement was fast and clean, he immediately knocked down two hooligans.

A two-by-four that a hooligan held exploded on the back of Liu Yis head!

Immediately, blood and broken pieces of wood were flying everywhere.

Liu Yi immediately felt a cool sensation on the back of his head.

However, under the influence of the red stream of qi, he did not feel any pain at all.

Nevertheless, he began to vaguely smell the scent of blood in his nose.

This was the smell of his own blood.

As if it was a catalyst, Liu Yi felt that the red stream of qi began to flow even faster in his body!

His white stream of qi had also accelerated, it started to influx into the back of his head, healing the wound to his head.

Had it been a regular person, to experience such a smash to the head, they would at least be knocked out even if they didnt get a concussion from it.

However, Liu Yi was no longer a regular person. Hes a super lucky student that already had crossed over to the path of immortal cultivation!


Liu Yi suddenly turned around and grabbed the hooligans head with one of his hand. While grabbing the head, he pushed the hooligans body all the way till it hit into the wall.


The walls trembled from the impact.

The hooligan, with a busted open bleeding head, immediately fainted.

Seeing Liu Yi still being so swift and fierce even with a bloody head, the remaining hooligans were all scared witless, every one of their legs were going soft.

“A bunch of useless rubbish!”

The source of this content is n/0v//elbin[.//]net'

Ma Wei was also terrified. However, the countless years of gang experience had taught him that he cannot be afraid, if he was, then itll be the end of him!

He gathered up his courage and ferocity, took out his butterfly knife, secretly moved to the back of Liu Yi and thrust his knife directly at Liu Yis lower back!

No matter how many brothers were to be injured tonight, as long as we finish young master Lans mission, he would certainly take care of all of our medical expenses!

This would also gain young master Lans favor and allow us to reach a consensus on cooperation...

Then the position of a gang boss shall become mine!

All in all, everything would work once I make this Liu Yi bleed!

Liu Yis focus was still completely on the hooligan who hit him and didnt notice Ma Weis sneak attack.

However at this moment, the black suited uncle who had been watching the fight from behind joined the fray.

He outstretched his arm like lighting and grabbed Ma Weis wrist.

He increased the strength of his grip and immediately Ma Wei was grimacing with pain. Without any strength to hold the knife anymore, the knife simply dropped to the floor.

“What I hated the most was sneak attack from behind.”

Said the black suited uncle. With a simple movement and a change alter in grip strength, he pressed Ma Weis wrist against him causing Ma Wei to kneel down on the ground.

Right when he was preparing to teach Ma Wei a couple more lessons, a burst of ill wind hit him in the face.

The black suited uncle subconsciously stepped back a couple of steps. He saw Liu Yis fist flying past, sweeping the place that he had just stood.

“My… you have went berserk!”

Said the black suited uncle, shocked.

Liu Yi did not respond, he continued attacking like a wild beast.

Under the influence of the red stream of qi, Liu Yi already could not tell people apart.

All he sees in his eyes was flashing red silhouettes..

Red silhouettes were his enemy… thats the only thing in Liu Yis mind right now.

“Pa! Pa! Pa!”

In an instant, Liu Yi had several bouts with the black suited uncle.

If the black suited uncle really wanted to kill Liu Yi, it was not difficult either.

However he didnt want to kill, thus he was always pulling his punches. Thus, he was currently in a stalemate with Liu Yi.

Liu Yi, on the other hand, wasnt trying to restrain himself at all. He used the utmost of his strength in every one of his attack and almost managed to hurt the black suited uncle several times.

The few hooligans took the opportunity to helped Ma Wei up.

“Brother Wei… what… what… do we do now...”

“Fucking hell… theyre too strong… retreat first…”

Ma Yi cursed. “Were going back to beat that young master Lan up….Fuck! This mother **ing Liu Yi must know martial arts… Quickly, lets go! Once they stop fighting, we wont be able to run anymore!”

[TL: Ma Wei said he's gonna 黑 Lan He…. 黑 means black… so… not certain if its beating him up, I interpreted it as saying he's going to give Lan He a black eye…hopefully we'll figure out in the upcoming chapters.]

Immediately, these hooligans ran away sneakily.

Liu Yi was still fighting with the black suited uncle.

However, soon the red stream of qi in his body was gradually subsiding.

He had only started cultivating, thus he didnt have a lot of immortal power.

Fighting for this long had used a lot of his immortal power.

The red stream of qi had began to recede.

“Liu Yi…. stop fighting and run away quickly!”

Lin Tong was shouting at Liu Yi constantly. “Youre running out of power, you cant win against this man!”

“What… what have I done...”

Liu Yi saw the students and hooligans lying on the floor, he was stunned silly.

What exactly… have I done!

Liu Yis whole body was cold, he was feeling an unbearable pain.

He felt as if he could collapse at any moment.

The black suited uncle was unaware of Liu Yis state. One of his hand landed on Liu Yis shoulder, he grabbed Liu Yis left shoulder and was about to pinch him down.

Liu Yis shoulder was in immense pain, so immense that Liu Yi screamed in pain. This shocked the black suited uncle.

This kid actually know how to scream in pain

Somethings wrong…. he was acting like a beast without any care for his life earlier...

How did he turn into a frail egghead now

“Liu Yi! Quickly, use your right hand!”

Lin Tong shouted at Liu Yis ears.

Liu Yi held himself from thinking about vicious thoughts. He outstretched his right hand and touched the black suited uncles thigh.

The black suited uncle was confused, why did this youngster touch his thigh

Was that supposed to be an attack

Right when he was all confused, a strange feeling suddenly shot through his body!



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