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Kevin only didnt dare offend the few people like Lan He, Murong Die and Wang Lele with strong family backgrounds. Other than them, Kevin didnt care about any of the other students.

Especially this Liu Yi in front of him. He had always been a wuss. However Kevin wants to ** with him, hell be able to!

However he was actually kicked by Liu Yi today!

Fucking hell! The reputation of Kevin was completely lost, how could he still continue to tyrannize the class!

Even if young master Lan havent given him an order, if just for his own reputation, Kevin was still going to beat Liu Yi up so bad that even his mother cannot recognize him!

However, humiliating this guy before beating him up was still very pleasant to do.

As the books said, to humiliate a persons body was just a dirty trick; one must humiliate their soul!

Thats right, I am going to humiliate this Liu Yis soul and teach him what it means to provoke this Kevin! Once I finish humiliating him, I will beat him up and break his leg as per young master Lans orders!

“If you dont want to be beaten up, then obediently kneel down in front of me and call me Grandpa, kay”

Said Kevin while pointing the ground in front of him.

Liu Yi looked at the ground underneath Kevins feet.

He then looked at the students who surrounded him and were glaring at him like a tiger watching their prey. If he refused to kneel, then they will beat him up….


“Im not going to kneel.”

Said Liu Yi suddenly.

“My grandfather had said that a man kneeling is as precious as gold, even if you were to beat me to death, I will still not kneel.”

“Mother **er, seems like you want to die real bad!”

Cursed Kevin as he saw Liu Yis rather die than submit appearance.

“If I dont beat you till your teeth falls off, then Im not called Kevin!”

Then, Kevin outstretched his hand and came slapping at Liu Yis face.

As the saying goes, dont hit the face in fights.

Thats because to hit someones face was humiliating.

However, Kevin didnt bother to take that into consideration. It could be said that he did it precisely to humiliate Liu Yi. Thus thats why his palm was flying toward Liu Yis face.

Liu Yi, at that moment, suddenly had the blood in his body start flowing faster.

The red stream of qi was constantly flying out of his first star jade and quickly running through his whole body.

The world in front of Liu Yi had suddenly turned black and white.

Kevin who stood in front of Liu Yi had a red glow in his body.

As for his incoming palm that was about to reach Liu Yis cheek had suddenly slowed down considerably like slow motion.

Liu Yis mind had also become cold and detached.

He suddenly outstretched his left hand and, with a snap, grabbed Kevins wrist.

Kevin was surprised. He did not expect that Liu Yi would be able to grab his hand.

Following, Liu Yi squeezed his hand. Crack!


Kevin felt as if he had lost control of his right hand. An immense acute pain was coming from his right wrist. It hurts so much that he was grabbing his wrist and twitching.

“Somethings… somethings wrong with this kid!”

“Fuck that, we have all these people, beat him up!”

The surrounding students saw that Liu Yi was acting weird. He had a grin on his face causing all of the students hearts to beat rapidly.

However, once they remembered the amount of people they had, they were no longer afraid of him!

Immediately, with loud warcrys, one by one, these students came rushing at Liu Yi.


Like lighting, Liu Yi elbowed a students chest.

Immediately, the students eyeballs almost burst out from their sockets. He was clutching his chest. His waist bent like a shrimp. His mouth was wide open but no air came out from it. Finally, he fell directly down to his knees.


Confronting another student that was rushing toward him, Liu Yi raised his right leg high up against the sky and came down with his heel crushing the guys skull!

Had it been before, it wouldve been impossible for Liu Yi to raise his leg past his abdomen.

It was simply impossible for someone who have never practiced martial arts and never learned how to dance whose ligaments were not stretched out to raise their leg high.

However, in his immortal cultivation state, Liu Yis physiques were increased.

The things that he cannot do before, now, under the stimulation from the red stream of qi was barely doable.

Nevertheless, his ability was only temporary. However, it was more than enough against these low-level hooligans.


Liu Yis leg came down crushing a students head, the student immediately fell to the ground.

The remaining three students were all dumbstruck.

Two of them were trembling with fear. The other, overcome with emotions, decided to pick up a brick from the floor and smash Liu Yis head with it.

“Mother**er! Lets see you get up after this!”

As the saying goes, no matter how strong ones martial arts is, a brick still knocks him out!

Seems like this student have read too much of those novels where the MC just goes around cheating and playing dirty, he picked up a brick and prepared to knock Liu Yi down with it.

However, Liu Yi threw a right punch directly on the brick.


The brick in the students hand exploded from Liu Yis punch. The broken brick hit the students head, knocking him unconscious.

Only two students remained. Their legs were shaking nonstop.


Liu Yi turned around. Without saying anything he signaled the two students to come at him.

As if they had seen a ghost, the two students ran away screaming.

Finally took care of them...

Liu Yi was about to call it a day when suddenly something black appeared in front of his eyes.

A large and tall uncle dressed in a black suit stood in front of him. He slowly took off his sunglasses.

“You…. are Kevin right”


“Sis Die, with uncle Wang being that powerful, why did he retire Cant be be an officer or something in the military”

Inside the Mercedes, Wang Lele was unable to help her curiosity, asked Murong Die who currently had her eyes closed.

“Uncle Wang is nearsighted.”

Murong Die said lazily. “He didnt like wearing glasses and wasnt willing to do the surgery, so he retired.”

“Oh…. so thats the case…”

Wang Lele was nodding as if she understood. “Then how long will it take for Uncle Wang to come back”

“Back when Uncle Wang was in the special forces, he had won the fighting championship three times. With those couple of ignorant and incompetent school kids, I think uncle Wang would be able to take care of them in a couple of seconds. Just sit tight and wait for his return.”


The two girls continued to wait in the car.

At the same time in the alley, Liu Yi was staring at the cool middle-aged uncle in front of him with wide opened eyes.

What the heck He thinks Im Kevin

Where exactly do I look like Kevin!

“Sir, you got the wrong person….”

Liu Yis blood flow had slowly began to slow down. His red stream of qi had began to return to his star jade.

Without the stimulation from the red stream of qi, Liu Yi began to feel that his thighs have a cramp like sensation and his right hand was in a needle pricking pain.


This red stream of qi was like taking an upper!

When youre on it, youre like the God of War. When youre off, it all comes back!

Hurts like hell….

“Haha. Students nowadays are really cunning.”

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The man in black suit blinked his eyes a couple of times before saying. “Dont bother lying, Ive seen your pictures. Kevin, as a man, you ought to be courageous enough to take responsibilities for your actions. You have the guts to verbally molest the Miss of my family, then you shall be able to assume the consequences of your action!”

After saying those words, the black suited man suddenly punched Liu Yis abdomen. It was fast like lighting.

Immediately, a huge surge of pain was coming from Liu Yis stomach.

It was as if all the air in Liu Yis lungs were being squeezed out at that moment.

Like a cooked shrimp, he was squatting on the ground with a bent back and panting.

His ears were ringing, his eyesight was growing dimmer.

But right at this time, Liu Yi suddenly felt that the white stream of qi in his body was flowing out. It was nourishing his body and treating his injuries!

So strange… wasnt this power an evil power!

How come its making me feel so good right now....

His body no longer felt so painful…. his consciousness was also rapidly coming back.

“This punch shall make you sleep for a couple of hours and teach you a lesson.”

Black suited uncle slowly put his sunglasses back on. He turned around and was about to leave.

Suddenly, a noise came from behind him.

Surprised, the black suited uncle turned around and saw Liu Yi who was slowly getting back up. Immediately, he grew even more surprised.

“You actually could get back up”

He was a professional special forces soldier, logically, no student would be able to get back up from his punch!

However, this frail looking guy in front of him was actually able to get back up!

“Kevin, no wonder a rascal like you dared to molest our Miss, you do have some skills.”

The black suited uncle praised.

“I am not Kevin!”

Liu Yis eyes were slightly gleaming with a red glow.

The world had once again turned black and white. Everything had slowed down.

“My name is Liu Yi!”

After saying those words, like a fast and nimble leopard, he pounced at the black suited uncle.

The black suited uncle sense danger, his body immediately moved subconsciously.

He lifted up his palm and strike at the direction of Liu Yis throat like a knife.

The fightings techniques of special forces soldiers were all direct and meant to kill!

Thats because the role of special forces soldiers on the battlefield was not to capture enemies but rather to kill them.

Their martial arts were extremely dangerous, extremely simple but also extremely lethal!

This knifehand strike could shatter a persons neck.

His opponent was only a student. The black suit had originally only wanted to teach him a lesson and not to kill him.

However, he was unable to control his subconscious actions. This was because this student was giving off an indistinct murderous aura.

All the special forces soldiers were very sensitive toward murderous aura.

Thus, the black suited uncle responded with a lethal strike.

Once he threw out his strike, he immediately started regretting it. This knifehand of his will certainly break that students neck!

However, once thrown it can no longer be taken back! Even if he regrets, theres nothing he could do!

To the black suited uncles astonishment, that student with a thin and weak appearance unexpectedly dodged in a strange manner. His shoulder brushed by the black suited uncles palm; he dodged the knifehand.

At the same time, his fist was imprinted on the black suited uncles abdomen.

An enormous force was impacting his stomach, the black suited uncle was knocked back a few steps. He took a few breaths and repressed the pain on his abdomen.

“Back to you.”

Said Liu Yi coldly.

The black suited uncle was very shocked.

Even though he had taken a punch from Liu Yi, his body was very resilient and he had also practiced some qigong, thus he did not suffer from a major injury.

What surprised him instead was that this student actually managed to dodge his sure kill knifehand strike!

Is he really just a student

If this guy isnt Kevin, who is he

Right when this black suited uncle want to inquire the student standing in front of him, noise of footsteps came from the entrance of the alley.

“Theyre over here! Brother Wei!”

“Go, make them bleed!”



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