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Mai Kitsune Waifu Chapter 26 Kneel Down And Call Me Grandpa

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“School is finally over!”

Chen Cai stood up from his desk and did a huge stretch.

It was really too awesome that second year students didnt have the night classes that third year students have.

“Cmon, lets go Liu Yi. Lets play a couple of rounds of Crossfire tonight; some dude just gave me an AK-47-Gold, itll be great to try those out!”

Chen Cai pulled Liu Yi while laughing with a hee hee sound.

“Shit, you **ing fag, you still have the nerves to say such stuff!”

Liu Yi gave Chen Cai a large side eye.

This fag played as a female character and goes around calling the guys onii-chan. He had swindled countless men.

Dude have most certainly swindled an AK-47-Gold off some rich dude a couple of days ago and was showing off in front of Liu Yi again.

“Just ** off bro! I still have stuff to do, Ill leave by myself later!”

Once Liu Yi started to think of the fact that hell be jumped tonight and would have to run for his life, he stomach started feeling a little tight.

Fuck it! Whats going to happen will happen!

Grandfather had said that a man must face his challenges!

Running away isnt going to solve anything.

Thats right! Liu Yi! You can do it!

Believe in yourself!

You…. will certainly be able to run away!

Liu Yi started to silently encourage himself in his mind.

“Cheh, if I didnt know that youre a freaking loser, I might even have imagined that youve found yourself a girl recently.”

Chen Cai said that and immediately turned and left.


Liu Yi cursed in his heart. Am I really that worthless!

However when he remembered the negative thirty-eight on Ma Yixuans head, Liu Yi could only sigh.

“Liu Yi, come take my car home.”

Murong Die suddenly said told Liu Yi to ride with her.

Immediately, a lot of the eyes of the people in the class had swept and landed on the two.

Murong Die actually wanted someone to ride with her

Murong Dies family was pretty wealthy. Everyday she would come and leave the school in a Mercedes.

Occasionally she would take the bus with Wang Lele in the morning to experience life.

However, regardless of bus or car, Murong Die have never taken a guy with her!

This time, she actually invited Liu Yi to ride in her car!


“My driver uncle Wang is a retired special forces soldier. With him there, no harm will get to you.”

Murong Die saw that Liu Yi was also looking at her dumbstruck. Immediately, her face got red out of embarrassment, she turned around, pretending that she was looking out the window and said.

Wang Lele was standing by Murong Die. She wanted to laugh but dared not laugh.

If she were to laugh, shell certainly have her boobs pinched by Murong Die again...

Restrain yourself! You must hold it back!

“I refuse!”

Unexpectedly, Liu Yi refused Murong Dies invitation.

This had caused the students in the class to be even more shocked.

Liu Yi…. isnt Liu Yi a bit too impressive today

He went against Lan He and even set up a date for a battle with Lan He!

And now, he refused Murong Dies invitation!

Did he got possessed by a Mr. Perfect!

[TL: remember, Mr. Perfect is tall, rich, and handsome.]

Or was there something wrong with his brains!


Murong Die was even more surprised. She looked at Liu Yi, stupefied.

It was her first time inviting a guy to ride with her… and she was rejected!

This… her prideful self was unable to accept it!

Wang Lele was also blinking her eyes in shock. She was thinking that this Liu Yi was really too hateful, why cant he cut some slacks for Sis Die...

“My grandfather had said that a man hiding behind a womans back isnt a man at all, hes a wuss.”

Liu Yi clenched his fist and said loudly. “Even if I were to beaten till I vomit blood, I would still not run away in a womans car!”

After saying those words, Liu Yi turned around and left the classroom.

“This son of a bitch!”

Murong Die was so angry that she was stomping her feet. “Throwing my kindness out the window, serves you right if your legs broken!”

“Dont get angry, calm down. Too much anger gets you old faster!”

Wang Lele quickly tries to calm her Sis Die.

It was her first time seeing her Sis Die to get so angry over a guy...

And this guy… was a classmate that Sis Die didnt even know this morning...

Liu Yi oh Liu Yi, where did you get this magical power!

“Humph! Lets go!”

Murong Die, unable to vent her anger, grabbed her bag and immediately left the classroom. Wang Lele was quickly following her.

As for Liu Yi, he was already regretting his actions.

Sure enough…. women are the source of calamity….

Originally I also intended to find a way to run away. Who wouldve expected from with Murong Die asking me to ride with her, blood rushed to my head and I ended up saying such a thing.

Lin Tong was laughing at Liu Yi.

“Hahaha! Keep going with your grandfather this your grandfather that and look what happen! You got screwed over by your grandfather this time!”

“Who, who said that!”

Liu Yi immediately tried looking more imposing than he is and said. “What my grandfather said certainly have a meaning to it! No matter what, I cannot be looked by upon by others!”

After saying those, Liu Yi started walking out the school building.

The distance between the school building and the school gates were not very far. This was especially true since Liu Yis eyesight had increased a lot.

Immediately, he saw Kevin who was standing by the school gates.

A couple hooligan looking students were also standing at the school gates. It was obvious that they were waiting for Liu Yi.

Liu Yis calves and legs immediately started cramping.

Even though he talking all high and mighty, upon seeing Kevin and them, he grew nervous right away.

All his life, he have never once got into a fight...

He had only been beaten up by others!

“Those guys are there!”

Little fox Lin Tong also noticed Kevin and them. All excited, she immediately started telling Liu Yi of their location.

“Quick, go up there and give them hell! Teach these guys a lesson!”

“Lets...lets jump over the wall…”

Suggested Liu Yi after remembering the changes in his physical strength from opening the first star jade.

“Jump your ass! Cant you stop being a wuss!”

Lin Tong was angry as hell. “You rascal, what did you said earlier in front of Murong Die! How did you turn into a wimp right away”


“Do you want to be a coward all your life Do you really want to be the wussy Liu”

Lin Tongs speech was provoking Liu Yis ears and heart.

Are you a wussy

Do you want to be a wussy

Liu Yi, do you want to be bullied your whole life!

“Fuck it!”

Finally, Liu Yi decided to ** it all. He clenched his fist, summoned up all his courage and started walking toward Kevin and them.

“Look! That bastard is coming!”

A student saw Liu Yi walking to them. Excitely, he threw away the cigarette in his mouth and said.

“Kev bro, our cash is coming!”

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“Haha…. he really dared to come out! Drag him into the alley!”

Kevin also threw away the cigarette in his mouth.

Once they take care of this kid, theyll have money for the internet cafe.

Tsk tsk, things that could restore ones reputation and also earn money, it was what Kevin loved to do the most.

Two students immediately went up to Liu Yi. They put their arms around Liu Yi and dragged him into an alley nearby.

This is after all the school gates, if they were to fight here, then itll be bad news if they were to be seen by teachers.

“Brother Wei, our target was dragged away by Kevin and them!”

Ma Wei had also came bringing along a couple hooligan subordinates with him. A sharp eyed hooligan saw Liu Yi being taken away by Kevin, he immediately told Ma Wei about it.

“Its alright, they could have their hands on the guy first.”

Ma Wei chuckled while playing with the butterfly knife in his hand. He said while waving the knife around. “After they finish with him, we shall take care of them too! If I dont teach this Kevin a lesson, he really would forget about whos in charge here!”

“Yes sir!”

“As expected from our wise brother Wei!”

The few hooligans with steel pipe, leather belts and such in their hands were laughing evilly incessantly.

“Sis Die…. Liu Yi was dragged away by Kevin and them… what should we do...”

Wang Lele and Murong Die were sitting in the back seat of a Mercedes. Wang Lele saw Liu Yi being dragged into a small alley, immediately she turned to Murong Die and asked all frightenedly.

“What does his life and death have anything to do with me!”

Murong Die curled her lips.

“Sis Die…”

Wang Lele looked at Murong Die with pitiful eyes.

To be honest, she also didnt want Liu Yi to be beaten up.

“Miss, are we going home”

Asked a middle-aged man sitting in the front row. His voice held a bit of indifference.

This middle-aged man was wearing a black suit, white gloves and sunglasses. He looked very cool.

Murong Die was sitting in the car without saying anything. It seems that she was thinking of something.

The driver wasnt in a hurry either. He was just sitting there quietly waiting for his Misss orders.

Only after seven or eight minutes have passed did Murong Die bite her teeth.

“Uncle Wang, I suddenly remembered that guy called Kevin verbally molested me a couple of days ago.”

Said Murong Die suddenly.

“He even said that he shall become the son-in-law of the Murong family… anyways, he said a lot of ugly words…”

“I understand, Miss.”

The black suited uncle nodded. He opened the door and got off the car. “Miss, Ill be right back.”

“Sis Die, you still care for that guy!”

Laughed Wang Lele while sitting in the back of the car.

“Cheh, who cares about him!”

With a slightly feverish face, Murong Die responded while looking out the window.

“That Kevin gets on my nerves, thats all! Didnt he laughed and called you a dairy cow”

“Right right right! Kevin is a major douchebag! Uncle Wang will teach him a lesson!”

Said Wang Lele as she waved her small fist around.

“Thats right. It have nothing to do with Liu Yi. Lets wait for Uncle Wang to come back.”

Murong Die lazily leaned back onto the seat and closed her eyes.

It seems that she was very trusting toward this driver.

Wang Lele, on the other hand, was very curious. She was lying by the window and looking at the small alley.

Liu Yi was forcefully pulled into the small and remote alley by Kevin and them.

His heart was beating real fast. All he could feel was that his legs were getting real weak.

Liu Yi…. Liu Yi… you gotta keep standing!


Liu Yi was pushed to the ice cold alley wall. His back had an intimate encounter with the wall.

The impact with the wall didnt hurt at all. Instead, it woke Liu Yi up.

Kevin and his couple companions sinister smiling faces was slowly coming into his view.

“Wussy Liu, werent you so wild this morning Didnt you even kicked me”

Kevin was standing in front of Liu Yi arrogantly. With a cigarette in his mouth, he said to Liu Yi full of arrogance.

“Mother **er, you should have a look at your own wuss body. Seems like you really went **ing coocoo, to even dare mess with I, Kevin!”

While saying those words, Kevin had extended his hands and slapped Liu Yis face twice.

“Come, Ill give you a chance. As long as you kneel down and call me grandpa, Ill let you go, kay”



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