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Mai Kitsune Waifu Chapter 21 Fight Me If You Got Balls

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As the saying goes, embraced in a beauty bosom is like being under the shade.

This was especially true for Wang Leles bosom.


Liu Yi didnt know the meaning of those words before, however now he know.


Too **ing huge!

And very soft...

A very comfortable feeling...

Liu Yi wasnt able to control himself. His blood started flowing rapidly. All of it went directly to his most vulnerable blood vessel.

Liu Yis nose, on the other hand, didnt live up to expectations and started bleeding.

“Liu Yi... Liu Yi, are you okay!”

Wang Lele was surprised by his bleeding. She didnt know that she was taken advantage of by him. She was holding his head and screaming.

“Lan He, youre too much! Way too much!”

Murong Die was also looking at Lan He with contempt.

Bullying the weak, do you think youre a big shot!

If youre tough, then why dont you go find Wang Dashan and fight him!

Hes the famous third year hooligan!

“I… this…”

Lan He was unable to respond.

It was obviously he who was attacked, how did he turn into the perpetrator!

Fuck, is this even science!

Lan He had his eyes wide open. He didnt know what to say.

“Its… its okay…”

All helter skelter, Liu Yi got up from Wang Leles chest.

If he were to continue lying there, then hell have excessive bleeding. Itll be a real problem then!...

He had barely survived from two calamities, he didnt want to die on a womans chest...

Even if it was Wang Leles giant chest, its still unacceptable...

“You cant blame him… its my fault…”

Liu Yi was very uncomfortable. Although Wang Leles chest was very comfortable, he was feeling very uncomfortable in his heart.

The him earlier was really too scary. He was filled with evil intent. It was too much for him to take in.

He had lived for 17 years, never once had he done such a thing before!

Something like framing someone. It caused Liu Yi to be uncomfortable, very uncomfortable.

Grandpa had said, a man should be live uprightly.

To play schemes and craft plots, what kind of man is that!

He would rather be a coward than a vile person!

Liu Yi clenched his fist.

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“Liu Yi, youre too much of a nice person!”

Wang Lele shook her head.

He was beaten till his nose bleed, yet he was still speaking for Lan He.

“Liu Yi, stop pretending to be a good person!”

Lan He grew very furious. This **er was pretending to be a good man!

“Lan He, are you not ashamed of yourself! He was already beaten this badly by you and you still continue to say such a thing!”

Murong Die felt that Lan Hes character was extremely poor.

Such a man actually liked her!


“Mother **er…”

Lan He was so furious that he wanted to kill someone.

He pointed at Liu Yis face and shouted.

“Liu Yi, if you got balls, then come and compete with me in a one on one basketball match! Only the winner shall have Murong Dies heart!”

Bitch, again!

Liu Yi really didnt want to compete with this Lan He in basketball.

Isnt this a joke!

How the ** would I know how to play basketball!

When theres basketball competitions in the school, the most he ever done was picking up balls!

To tell him to play basketball… isnt that the same as telling him to die!

“Of course hell compete! As if he fears you!”

Before Liu Yi could speak, Wang Lele who was standing behind him already spoke for him.

“Liu Yi, dont be afraid, Ill support you!”

Holy **ing **...

Liu Yi was about to cry.

Support me What, are you going to the one competing...

With two basketballs on your body, I suspect youll struggle jumping.

“I knew that a fool like you wont dare compete!”

Said Lan He after seeing Liu Yi hesitate.

“If you dont dare, then you better get the ** out of my face! Best if you get the ** out of this class and never allow me to see you again! If I ever see you again, Ill kick your ass every time I see you! Mother **er, with your **ty looks and you still dared try to fight over a woman with I, Lan He Have you ever tried to take a piss and use it as a mirror to see yourself!...”


Liu Yi once again started getting angry.

He was trying his best to control himself, he didnt want to become evil and wicked again.

However, he was unable to control his mouth.

“I do not like to view women as objects. Regardless of who win or loses, it had nothing to do with Murong Die. Whoever she likes, it is none of our business.”

Hearing this, Murong Die was surprised.

The eyes she looked at Liu Yi with had slightly changed.

“Liu Yi! Great speech! Great speech! This lady shall support you!”

Wang Lele had her chest up and was clapping constantly.


Liu Yi held up his second finger. He said.

“To compete with me, I fear that you might cry.”


Lan He started laughing out loud.

“Are you talking to me Did you have a screw loose in your head Have you forgotten that I, Lan He, am a seeded player of the citys youth basketball team Youre gunna make me cry in a basketball match More like youre trying to make me laugh till my teeth falls out when you lose!”

“Just wait and see.”

Liu Yi calmed the anger in his heart as he said those words.

“Good! You got balls! We shall meet the day after tomorrow at noon in the basketball court! At that time, we shall see how badly Ill beat you!”

After saying that, Lan He turned and left the classroom in anger.

After saying those words, Liu Yis blood flow had also slowed down. He returned to sanity and immediately started to regret.


I was too impulsive.

No wonder they say impulsiveness is the devils tool.

My impulsiveness had once again brought me a big trouble...

I dont know basketball at all!

When the time comes, I might really have my ass completely whopped by Lan He...

What sadness...

Liu Yi wanted to slap himself.

But he was afraid of pain. A face was given by ones parents, he was unable to do it.

“Liu Yi… were sorry to drag you into this…”

At this time, the Murong Die who was always extremely proud actually softly apologized to Liu Yi.

Suddenly, Liu Yi felt as if his world was surrounded by blossoms.

I didnt hear wrong right!

Murong Die is apologizing to me!

This… is this the end of the world!

Seeing Liu Yis silly look, Murong Die started wondering.

This guy is so weird. Earlier he had that appealing charm, how come he turned into an idiot again...

However, she had began to think that Liu Yi was cute.

“Take this and wipe your nose…”

Murong Die took out her handkerchief and handed it to Liu Yi.

Liu Yi subconsciously took the handkerchief from her. The twos fingers slightly touched.

However, Liu Yi didnt notice that the hand that he extended was his right hand.

Immediately Murong Dies expression have turned moist. Her beautiful face had turned completely red!

Murong Die lightly bit her lips. Her eyes were so alluring, it was as if shes about to discharge water.

Oh **!

In great shock, Liu Yi quickly took the handkerchief and withdrew his right hand.

At the same time, Murong Die had returned back to normal too. She fell onto the ground and screamed. Her whole body was stunned like a puppet.

Subsequently, the red stream of qi inside Liu Yi increased a little. This surprised Lin Tong even more.

And at this time, the bell signaling the start of the class rang. It resolved the embarrassment of the two people.

It was the first time they felt that the bell signaling the start of the class was so sweet sounding.

As if running for their lives, the two rushed back into their seats. Murong Die buried her head into her arms.

Liu Yi secretly placed the handkerchief on his nose.

Smell so good...

Liu Yi was a bit fascinated.

Chen Cai who was next him was completely envious. He said.

“Liu Yi… god damn… totally unexpected… damn dude… you got Murong Dies handkerchief… how about I trade you my newly downloaded Takizawa Rolas torrent for that...

“Go ** yourself… aint trading… I heard shes fugly.”

Liu Yi was strongly shaking his head.

Murong Dies handkerchief...

To say that he was not happy from obtaining it was impossible...

Although it was just a handkerchief…. it was Murong Dies handkerchief!

If it was that fat chick in the class, even if it was her used panties, Liu Yi wouldnt want it...

If she were to give that to him, he could only be disgusted with it. Who knows where she put her fingers at after picking under her toenails...

Murong Dies handkerchief smells so good...

Liu Yi was about to faint from happiness.

Even if he were to be beaten completely in the basketball match two days from now, itll all be worth...

As for Murong Die, Wang Lele was currently teasing her.

“Hehe. Sis Die, did you start to fancy Liu Yi”

“Scram! Brat, what lies are you uttering now!”

Murong Dies heart was in a panic. She pretended to be angry and pinched Wang Leles arm.

“Hehe, then why did Sis Die give him your handkerchief! I have never seen Sis Die give any boy anything!”

Wang Lele lowered her voice. She secretly said that to Murong Die without their teacher hearing.

“That, isnt that because hes injured... even if I dont like the guys, its not like Im cold blooded....”

Murong Die gave Wang Lele an eye.

At the same time, Murong Dies mind was in a complete chaos.

What exactly happened earlier How did I turn that strange!

“Hehe, whatever you say!”

Said Wang Lele with a large grin on her face.

“Little brat, get serious!”

Murong Die gave her best friend a harsh glare.

She was also very confused within.

Do I really like Liu Yi

I hope not….

These guys, none of them are mature nowadays. All they know everyday was fooling around. How could I possibly like any of them.

But when Liu Yi said… “I do not like to view women as objects. Regardless of who win or loses, it had nothing to do with Murong Die. Whoever she likes, it is none of our business.”... earlier...


Those eyes… those looks… why does it seem like he was constantly emerging in front of me...

It was the first time a guy had said such a thing to her...

All the other guys, when they ask her out, they always acted as if theyre the only guy in the world for her...

Her father had always said to her...

Her youth last till only twenty two and to enjoy it dearly.

After twenty two, she will be match with a boy worthy of her status and then get married.

Like death, she could not choose nor could she avoid it.

The only thing she could do was to wait desperately.

Wang Lele was unlike her. Her familys business wasnt particularly big, her parents were very open minded and they did not plan to marry her for political reasons.

Thus, this brat for a girl was fooling around all day. Sometimes, Murong Die truly envy her best friend and wanted to switch place with her...

Alas, this girl didnt know how fortunate she was.

The math teacher had arrived and started writing down and explaining all kinds of equations.

Those equations on the blackboard. Although they knew Liu Yi, Liu Yi didnt know them.

Furthermore, the current concern of Liu Yi wasnt how to do equations.

He placed his book in front of his face. Once again, he entered into the world of his subconsciousness.

This time around, he had a lot of questions to ask the little fox Lin Tong!

As it was no longer his first time entering his subconsciousness, Liu Yi did it naturally.

A blurry image of a beautiful woman was floating in front of him. It seems that she had been waiting for him.



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