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Mai Kitsune Waifu Chapter 19 The Question Is Who You Like

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“I… this…”

Lan He was suddenly at a loss for words.

This Wang Lele, shes too direct!

To ask him this bluntly all of a sudden, Lan He was suddenly at a loss to what to respond.

Say yes Thatll be too embarrassing...

Say no

Wont that be destroying ones escape path

“I… this…”

“Cheh, youre a man! If you like her then say it, if you dont then say it. Acting like a bitch and all, you think you can woo our Miss Murong like this!”

Wang Lele gave Lan He an expression of disgust.

“You! What are you saying!”

Although the opposing girl was also a beauty and her boobs were also very profound.

But to be told that all of a sudden in front of all these students and female fans, it was something thats a bit too much for Lan Hes reputation.

“What am I saying Human speech!”

Wang Lele push her chest out. “What You gunna fight me Try hitting me!”

Wang Leles chest was really way too spectacular. Just from that one push, she almost exploded Lan Hes eyeballs.

Chen Cai who was watching from the sidelines almost nearly had blood flying out of his nose.

Too stronk!

What exactly do you have to eat to grow those boobs!

Thank you heaven!

Even Liu Yi who had wholeheartedly decided to embark upon the road of immortal cultivation could not help his bodys increase flow of blood from seeing this scene.

No wonder they say that men are animals who think using their dick...

Its precisely because womens ability to entice was way too strong...

Especially woman who were born with innate advantage like Wang Lele.

“I… this…”

Lan Hes eyeballs had nearly fell onto Wang Leles chest. He didnt know what to say and could only gulp his saliva.

Murong Die noticed Lan Hes fixed eyes and immediately frowned. She then pressed down on Wang Leles stomach, causing her to retract her extended chest.

“Regardless, its impossible between us.”

Murong Die decided to cut short Lan Hes wishful thinking.

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“Why! How am I, Lan He, not worthy enough for you!”

Lan He was a bit angry.

Regardless of everything else, he was still a very handsome individual! He was also one of the seed players of the basketball team!

He was even selected to be the a player of the City Youths second string team. Reckon that in the olympics and whatnot of the future, hell play a role in it.

As a man like that, it wouldnt be weird to be called Mr. Perfect.

[TL: Mr. Perfect in China = Gao Fu Shuai = Tall, Rich, Handsome.]

Furthermore, his family had some background!

The amount of girls chasing after him wasnt few either. Those little chocolate, little love letters and such, he had received a lot.

Why was it that when it comes to Murong Die, he who had a good market price had suddenly lost his market

The delicious cakes that are in high demand had turned into dog **!

Not gunna give up!

No matter what, Id capture this Murong Die!

Not only is this Murong Die very pretty, her family background was also very good!

If I can capture her, then Id could save fifty years of struggle!

Fucking hell, let me show you that this handsome man would be able to capture Murong Die!

“Murong Die, I, Lan He, really like you from the bottom of my heart. Please go out with me!”

Lan He had a stern expression as he say that.

Murong Die was very unhappy.

Why is this guy being so clingy

“Youre still not done!”

Wang Lele once again spoke for Murong Die swift and fierce and with her chest sticking out.

“Young Master Lan, we regret to tell you that our Miss Murong already have someone that she likes! You might as well forget about wooing her!”


Lan He was shocked greatly.

The hearts of all the normal looking male students in the class also, one by one, started to break.

The goddess in their dream have a person she like

This… is too **ing hurtful!

They were heartbroken enough to shed tears…

Murong Die was also a little surprised. However, she knew that Wang Lele was creating a cover for her. Thus, she let it slide for this critical moment.

“I dont believe you!”

Shouted Lan He.

Never once had he ever seen Murong Die paying attention to any of the guys!

Liking some guy!

Based on Murong Dies prideful personality, thats completely impossible!

Is there a guy who is better than he, Lan He, in this class

Absolutely not!

“Doesnt matter if you dont believe it, its the truth!”

Wang Lele braced herself and said. “Lan He, dont you pester endlessly!”

“When have I ever pestered endlessly! Then you tell me, who does Murong Die like!”

“I… this…”

Wang Lele was suddenly at a loss for words.

She glanced at Murong Die to which Murong Die expressed that theres nothing she can do.

It was true, Murong Die never had any interest in any guy.

Sometimes, Wang Lele had even suspect that Murong Die might be a lesbian!

However, Murong Die didnt show any interest in her even with her gigantic boobs… she most likely wasnt a lesbian...

However, when faced with Lan Hes question, Wang Lele doesnt know how to respond.

Must she say that she lied

Then shell lose a lot of face in front of everyone!

No, absolutely not!

This lie must continue!

“Hehe, so you cant answer right.... I knew that you were ly…”

“Its Liu Yi! Yep, its Liu Yi!”

Wang Leles sight suddenly fell toward the bystander Liu Yi.

Wang Lele remembered Liu Yi, he was the only one in the class that left an impression on her!

Liu Yi oh Liu Yi, on the behalf of this beauty Wang Lele, please help me!

May god help you! Amen!

After Wang Leles words left her mouth, everyones sight all rushed toward Liu Yi.


Liu Yi eyes were also wide open. He was pointing at his own nose, stunned.

What the heck

The number one beauty of the class, Murong Die, likes me

Im not dreaming right!



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