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Mai Kitsune Waifu Chapter 16 The First Star Jade

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“Star jade What is star jade”

Liu Yi had absolutely no idea what Star jade is.

“Never heard of star jade, but Ive heard of star constellation. Im a Taurus, the most steadfast one!”

“Dont group the sacred arts of immortal cultivation with your constellation and whatnot! You good for nothing! Super duper good for nothing!”

Liu Yi angered Lin Tong so much that even her body began to shudder in anger.

She stared at Liu Yi in anger and said. “interrupt me again and I wont teach you anymore! Lets see how youll get beat up later tonight!”

“Yes yes! I wont interrupt again…”

Liu Yi felt that the words Star Jade was filled with evil intent.

However, he didnt say it out loud.

Mmmm, hes a pure and sweet and harmonious youth. There are some things he shouldnt think crooked of. Amitabha Buddha.

Liu Yi attempted to not let his imagination run wild.

“In fact, as a human, its a lot easier for you to embark the path of immortal cultivation, much easier than us demons!”

Said Lin Tong with a tone of jealousy toward the Liu Yi who didnt know that he was better off than others.

“In the bodies of you humans, there existed twenty eight star jades that are arguably treasures in immortal cultivation! As for us demons, we didnt have any star jades in our body. If we want to cultivate, we would have to use our own demonic powers and absorb the essence of heaven and earth. Only then could we little by little cultivate our own star jade. Since you humans already have twenty eight star jades in your body, as long as you practice hard enough, youll be able to open those twenty eight star jades and attain the pinnacle of immortal cultivation!”

“In that case… which star jade are you on now”

Asked Liu Yi.

“Humph humph! Im the great genius of the fox clan that only appear in a thousand years! This lady had cultivated for less than a hundred years but had already opened four star jades and successfully entered the middle mortal realm!”

“What is this middle mortal realm”

Liu Yi was confused.

“Humph humph! Seems like you dont know! Okay, this lady is in a pretty good mood today, so let me tell you about it patiently!”

Lin Tong circled around Liu Yis body once and said.

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“The path of cultivation is divided into three stages. The Mortal Realm, the Earthly Realm and the highest Heavenly Realm! Each realm was further subdivided into three phases; the Lower, Middle and Upper. In order to enter the next phase, one must open three star jades. If you were to open your first star jade, then youd enter the Lower Mortal Realm.”

“So thats what it is, so complicated…”

Although Liu Yi was only so so in math, he still managed to do some mental math and said “Wasnt this only twenty seven star jade What about the last one”

“The person who is able to open the last star jade shall obtain the power of god!”

Lin Tong gave Liu Yi a white eye. “Just by you, this huge good for nothing, youll be doing very well if you could attain the upper mortal realm! With talents and personality like yours, trying to reach the earthly realm would be a wishful thinking!”

“Is it that ridiculous....”

Hearing Lin Tongs words, Liu Yi was a bit dejected. His face dropped.

“Did you think that upper mortal realm wasnt powerful”

Lin Tong feared that Liu Yi would give up immortal cultivation so she quickly began to try comforting him.

“If you were to be obtain the upper mortal realm, no one would be able to stop you in the human world. Only the superior experts could possibly be able to attain the earthly realm. And those who could attain the heavenly realm were the legendary few that are super strong… as for gods, theyre things of fairy tales and myths. In any case, I have never met a expert of the heavenly realm. All I know was that my master is an expert of the earthly realm.”

“Can I really do as I want if I attain upper mortal realm...”

To be honest, Liu Yi was a bit yearning.

“Of course! Regardless, nothing bad will come from following this lady! Once you reach the third star jade, I could then have you help unseal me!”

The little fox thought to herself. Humph humph, you obviously cant reach that level.

As long as Liu Yi learned the arts of cultivation and reach the third star jade, then I shall be able to escape from his body.

As for the arts of cultivation that I am about to teach Liu Yi, it is the cultivation method of the Fox clan.

Although the outcome of having a human cultivate using the fox clans method was unknown, one thing was certain. That was, once I escape from his body, I could absorb Liu Yis essence and my strength would likely increase rapidly. I might even be able to create two more star jades and enter the upper mortal realm!

Humph humph, lets see what kind of female immortal could stop this lady then!

Thinking till this part, the little fox cannot help herself but have a proud smile on her face.

“Lets start then…”

Said Liu Yi filled with expectations.

“Okay! Then lets start now. Your body have twenty eight star jades. Currently, the first star jade that you are about to open is called the corner star. It is both the easier and the hardest star jade to open. First, follow me and repeat my chants! Then condense the vitality in your body into your demon… immortal energy!”

“Ohhh, okay….”

In regards to this aspect, Liu Yi was a complete idiot. He could only immense himself into the little foxs teachings.

He sat down cross legged and started following the chants of the Professor Lin Tong. Unceasing, he continued to attempt to open the path to immortal cultivation.

“Listen to this lady. Dont rush. Slowly learn the arts of breathing. Based on your innate talents, if you should be able to condense enough vitality to convert to immortal strength to open the first star jade within a hundred days, then thatll be great progress already. Even this lady with her genius innate talent took a year to cultivate her first star jade and a month or so to open it. Hey you….”

Before Lin Tong was able to finish her sentence, she was staring at the cross legged Liu Yi with her beautiful eyes that were wide open from shock.



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