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Mai Kitsune Waifu Chapter 12 Ill See You After School

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“Liu Yi. Grandfather is teaching you. One should always keep a low profile. After you go to school, youll still have to be honest and sincere. Dont get into fights with others. Even if others bully you, you must still restrain your anger. Grandfather is teaching you. Take a step back and the boundless world would open itself to you! Take a step forward and youll be harming yourself!”

When Liu Yi was young, both of his parents were busy.

Thus, he was basically raised by his grandfather.

Ever since childhood, Liu Yi had always been listening to his grandfathers teachings.

At that time, grandfather lived in a small county town. There wasnt many people in the town.

Only when Liu Yi grew up did he came to know that when his grandfather was younger, he was also a distinguished and elegant playboy with multiple wives!

This was something that the older Liu Yi envy a whole lot.

Alas, Liu Yi was unable to inherit the glorious tradition of his grandfather.

Additionally, Liu Yi had also heard that his grandfather had participated in the war of resistance against the Japanese and was a hero for beating back the devils.

[TL: The Chinese in WW2 called the japanese as Japanese Devils. Devils is what they usually call them by, shortened.]

Therefore, everyone in the small county town was very respectful toward his grandfather.

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Particularly, Liu Yi had heard from his grandfather that in his younger days, he burst into the devils camps all alone with only his rifle and machete and single handedly killed seven devils going in and seven devils going out. The Liu Yi of then admired and revered his grandfather incessantly.

Although Liu Yi doesnt know if his grandfather was bragging, it didnt change the image of the glorious grandfather that he had in his mind.

Thus, he had always kept the words his grandfather told him as his lifes motto.

Grandfather said not to get into fights.

However, he actually kicked someone.

And this someone was the scariest guy in his class…

Liu Yi at that time was still not a bit scared of what might happen afterwards. All he felt was that it was as if there was a demon imprisoned within his body telling him to fight, a fight thats best if blood was drawn!

If he kicked this Kevin down the stairs and have him break his neck, oh how amusing that would be!

Such a thought flashed through Liu Yis mind, causing even he himself to be shocked.

Oh Heavens, whats with me…

“You! You dared kick me!”

Kevin stepped back two steps after being kicked. He almost fell from the stairs. Fortunately, his two buddies managed to steady him.

He was more surprised than in pain.

The usually quiet Liu Yi that allows people to bully him actually unexpectedly actually did such a thing!

Did he eat something wrong!

“Bastard! I think youre tired of living!”

Kevin had never been kicked by another before. In particular, he had never been kicked by a wussy before. He felt that he cannot keep his face if he took the kick without doing anything back so he decided to teach Liu Yi a harsh lesson.

Liu Yis eyes was slightly glowing red.

Seeing the furious Kevin coming toward him with his two buddies, Liu Yi wasnt afraid, he was instead excited.

And right at this moment, a shout came from someone on the stairs.

“What are you guys doing here and not going to class!”

Liu Yi, Kevin and them immediately turned around to look. Oh boy! Immediately their back was sweating cold bullets.

The incoming man had a body filled with murderous aura. He had a tough and stocky build. His eyes were shining like a Gundam. His head was bald like the reincarnation of Vajrapani. Who else can he be other than their guidance director

Immediately Liu Yis murderous aura faded away, it faded away super fast!

His legs were weak and he was very scared.

Oh Heaven! What did I do!

I actually kicked Kevin!

Isnt… isnt this searching for problems...

“Director Wang, he hit me!”

Immediately shouted Kevin as he pointed toward Liu Yi. “You see, he kicked me earlier!”

Liu Yi immediately grew nervous.

He knew that he was **ed. Not only would he be beaten up later, his parents would be called by the director…

Once his father knew that he fought in school… hell surely whip Liu Yi to death with his belt…

Although his father didnt manage to inherit his grandfathers handsomeness, he managed to inherit completely his grandfathers violence when he attacked the devils…

Right when he thought of that his body subconsciously imagined the pain…

“Nonsense! You think Im a fool!”

This Director Wang suddenly frowned. “Do I look like I dont know what kind of person you are, Kevin”

“Dir...director! This time it really was I who got hit…”

It was the first time Kevin felt wronged.

“You deserve to be hit! Return to your class immediately!”

“Director my… my stomach hurts… I need to go see the doctor…”

Said Kevin immediately while shaking his head.

Then go there quickly! Dont stay here and tarnish the air in the school!”

Shouted Director Wang.

“Yes… yes…”

Kevin could do nothing other than take his two buddies and descend the stairs.

However, at that moment when he was descending down the stairs, he dropped by words to Liu Yi.

“Bastard… Ill see you after school!”

After finish saying those words, the three descended down the stairs like a wisp of smoke. They showed no sign of having stomachache at all.

“A group of worry-free students! You, quickly return back your class too!”

Director Wang doesnt know Liu Yi so he just lectured him and left immediately.

Liu Yis heart immediately started beating. He rejoined from escaping a calamity but, at the same time, started worrying deeply.

This is bad! Kevin will certainly gather a lot of people after school to beat me up… its impossible for me to escape that…

Reckon with that vengeful nasty personality of his, he might even beat me up every day…

My god! Dont tell me he might even force me to transfer school…

But… Liu Yi was a bit reluctant to leave Ma Yixuan…

In the whole eighteen years that Liu Yi was alive, this was the first time that he had a headache.



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