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Supreme beings!

Supreme beings were coming from the Door of Wonder!

Everyone started to panic.

However, before they could even do anything, a terrifying palm suddenly appeared, turning into an intense flame that swallowed everything.

It started to cause the sea to boil, killing a lot of cultivators before it even got close.

That was the power of a supreme being.

It was incredibly tyrannical, unable to be stopped.

All the cultivators panicked as a lot of the Heavenly Army were burned, turning to nothing.

“Ah, the supreme beings are helping the gray mist!”

“What Didnt they come from the Door of Wonder Why are they attacking us”

“This is a supreme beings spell, I cant stop it.

Save me!”

Jiang Liu frowned, giving up on the beast in front of him as he appeared in the skies.

He slashed at the intense flame, dissipating it.

Elite King and Su Zhen also left the battle as they looked at the three supreme beings coming from the distance with dark looks on their faces.

Elite King said coldly, “Traitors Have all of you really gone crazy!”

He was incredibly furious.

He would not have felt that way if gray mist cultivators appeared, but it was Wisdom Cultivators who appeared.

That was a complete stab in the back that was hard to swallow.

Su Zhen saw things calmly, saying, “Theyve already strayed front eh right path.

Even though theyre not corrupted by the gray mist, their hearts have already been distorted.

They cant be called actual Wisdom cultivators.”

“Hey hey, the ambition of cultivators is endless.

Otherwise, how could we have expanded so quickly Even if they were not corrupted by the gray mist, greed, selfishness, and fear are all buried in their hearts.

They just needed the chance for it to appear.

Why do you continue fighting me Life is insignificant.

If people die, then they die.

Its not worth you protecting them,” The old hag let out a strange laugh as she looked at Elite King and the others mockingly.

Jiang Liu grabbed his sword tightly, saying, “Old monster, dont even think about swaying us.

Our ambitions are for Wisdom.

Whether its the gray mist or the traitors, all of you have strayed from the right path.

Killing you is our responsibility!”

“Hahaha, do you think you can stop us now” The old hag laughed wildly, suddenly going back into the Endless Sea.


The Endless Sea started to rage again.

Elite Kings bucket and the steele swayed in the storm, letting out a radiant light as they condensed their power to suppress the Endless Sea.

Yet, the beasts in the Endless Sea started to go crazy.

Just as Jiang Liu, Su Zhen, and Elite King prepared to fight, the three traitors attacked them.

“Haha, were your opponents!” One of the traitors let out a cold laugh as he appeared in front of Elite King with a punch.

In a flash, the space around Elite King and that supreme being shattered.

They entered the chaotic flow of space, exceeding the restrictions of space and time as they crossed the river of time.

That supreme being was incredibly strong, and black flames surrounded him.

Elite King used three attacks, but they were rendered useless by the flames.

It was like armor that repelled all spells.

At the same time, that black flame was incredibly destructive.

With the attacks of the supreme being, the temperature started to get to Elite King.

He entered the Door of Wonder twice and reached the thirty-sixth step this time.

He was stronger than even the drunkard had been before.

Elite King never even stepped into the Door of Wonder.

Even though he was given a lot of opportunities by the expert, his skills were still not comparable.

The Door of Wonder was something that brought forth amazing changes.

“Bucket!” Elite King clenched his teeth and summoned in the end.

That supreme being was even stronger than the old back.

Just one bucket was not enough.


The bucket that originally suppressed the sea left, entering the chaotic space to fight that supreme being with Elite King.

On the other side, Jiang Liu and Su Zhen fought the other two supreme beings.

Jiang Liu had his sword in hand, and each slash was incredibly ordinary, destroying everything Jiang Liu targeted!

However, they did not face ordinary supreme beings anymore, but a supreme being that stepped onto the thirty first step.

That person had a golden sword in hand.

His sword could shatter the earth and be just as impressive.

It faced Jiang Lius woodcutting Wisdom head-on.

Su Zhen held his shovel in hand, using the shovels power to barely stand up to his opponent.

With the arrival of those traitors, it not only caused their advantage to disappear but also put them at a disadvantage as well.

On the Endless Sea, only the steele was left to suppress it.

On the steele, the words, Fallen Immortal Mountain, glowed radiantly, fighting the vicious waves.

It was naturally made to suppress, but it struggled at that moment.


The old hag did not appear from the Endless Sea, but the supreme being beasts constantly roared.

Around the steele, horrifying attacks were constantly sent onto it, causing the light on the steele to start to dim.


The quiet sea once again erupted.

It lost its binds and started to expand outward, swallowing the Origins Realm.

“You traitors, are you just going to look as the gray mist expands It will harm you in the end!” Elite King shouted in panic.

He felt like the Endless Sea would definitely bring forth great calamity if it expanded.

“You dont have to worry about that.

We can control everything!” That supreme being laughed, blocking Elite King from helping.

At the same time, the Unrivaled let out a smile in the Door of Wonder.

He stood up and stepped onto the forty-second step!

There were a total of forty-nine steps.

After the fortieth step, each step was insanely hard.

The Wisdom it contained was incredibly hard and immense.

It was not anything those without immense talent could understand.

The distance between every step was immense.

The Unrivaled already got his name by reaching the forty-first step in the last lifetime.

In this one, he managed to get to the forty-second1

“Tsk, isnt that just one more step Do you need to be so happy”

Suddenly, he heard a voice of disdain.

Looking over, he saw Dragin standing behind him, looking at him in contempt.

It was like she tried to say that there was nothing hard about getting another step.

“Y-you actually got to the forty-first step!” The Unrivaleds eyes threatened to pop out of their sockets as he exclaimed in disbelief.

However, his body shuddered very quickly as he noticed something even more shocking.

It was not just Dragin that got onto the forty-first step, but Nanan, Little Fox, Shi Tuqin, Qin Manyun and… a dog!


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