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I never thought I’d end up getting caught sneaking into the academy by my brother and his friends.

I had purposely been trying to avoid them, actually.

And for good reason.

That terrible smile and stern lecturing that I got from Albert-Oniisama was positively dreadful.

And long.

Now that I’m home, I feel like I could sleep for ages.

Maybe I should just go to bed for today–

….Wait, no.

I still need to do some light muscle training before sleeping.

Once I start skipping days, I’m sure to grow lazy and weak.

While I’m doing my sit-ups, I once again think over today’s events.

Since I was finally able to meet the heroine, it truly was the perfect day.

I’m completely satisfied.

She’s cute, intelligent….

I get the feeling that she’ll become popular in no time if she isn’t already.


Stop that, Alicia! She’s your enemy.

You shouldn’t be praising your enemy.

Her destiny is to be mercilessly bullied by you.

As I continue to fantasize about the heroine’s fate, I finish up the day’s exercise routine.

And yawning, I burrow into my bed and fall fast asleep.

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Today let’s do some magic practice!

First thing in the morning, I head off towards the library.

And since everyone in the manor already knows that I frequent that room of the house, I don’t bother trying to hide it anymore.

I accidentally let it slip to Rosetta just one time, and then suddenly it’s become common knowledge across the whole estate.

As I open the door to the library, I hear someone talking from inside.

Hm Someone actually got here before me

I sneak in as quietly as possible, heading towards where the voices seem to be coming from.

“She’s an enfant terrible.”

“But she’s living a normal life right now.”

“That doesn’t change the fact that she’s a security risk.

She’s a loose cannon.”

“Don’t talk about her like that….!”

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Who are they talking about I wonder…..

Enfant terrible… could it be Liz-san! She’s already being considered a security risk

And who’s talking anyway One of the voices sounds like father’s… But who is the other person….. I definitely feel like I’ve heard that voice before, but I can’t quite place it.

But putting that aside, Liz-san has already caught father’s and another official’s eyes, huh She works fast.

“Oh, sorry. Sure, just let me rephrase that for you.

She has an extraordinary.



“That’s true.”

“But her loyalty to this country is weak in comparison to you or I.”

“Are you trying to say that things could be difficult if she becomes our enemy”

If they’re talking about Liz-san, then why does Father sound so angry

I probably shouldn’t eavesdrop on them any more than this.

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I turn around and try to creep quietly out of the room.

But not two steps later, a loud thud reverberates through the library.


…..I ended up slamming my elbow into a bookshelf.

“Who’s there!” booms out a deep, gravelly voice.

Of course they heard that. Ahh, I just want to run away.

But if I escape now with my tail between my legs I’ll be giving up all traces of villainous dignity that I’ve built up so far.

My pride won’t forgive such a blunder.

I carefully weave my way out from behind the bookshelf to stand proudly before the two men: my father… and Gayle’s father, Johan-Sama

They both look at me with wide eyes.

Certainly, it was impolite of me to eavesdrop on their conversation, but if they truly didn’t want to be overheard then they shouldn’t be having that sort of talk in a public space like the library.

Moments pass as we all just stare at each other in silence.

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Ugh, please say something, you two.

Do something about this awkward atmosphere!

….Or maybe I should be the first to speak up


It’s Alicia.”

Since I didn’t have anything in particular to say, I just went with announcing myself.


T/N: Caught red-handed~ So to speak haha.

I find it fun how wary Gayle’s dad is of Alicia.

It’s like he’s worried she’s going to steal his job, or something XD Reminds me a bit of Chi Fu from the animated Disney Mulan lol


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