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“As usual, this place is huge and unnecessary.”


The maid raised an eyebrow at my first remark.

She must have thought I was belittling her.

Sure, it’s a big deal to belittle a royal castle.

But now I’m a criminal! Well, I guess I am a suspected criminal….

So I think I’m allowed to say anything I want.

Well, leaving all that aside for the moment, what will happen to me now


A trial Is there such a thing as a trial in this country …Yes, there was.

In the bad ending, Alicia was put on trial and found guilty.

She was accused of abusing Liz, or something like that, but she did something terrible, I forgot.


…Hey, does this mean my trial is ahead of schedule


“Alicia Williams, this way, please.”


A sturdy-looking man with wrinkles between his eyebrows said to me.


The guards of Duke-sama call me Alicia-sama, but I’m sure they’ll be charged with a crime if they call me that while in the presence of His Majesty the King.


“Please come in.”


He opened the large door forcefully.


Oh my, I’ve actually been here before.

I can’t remember how I got here before, because I was walking while thinking, but it’s a big, solid door.

The pattern on the carving is… a hawk


It’s a very sophisticated door design.

I’d love to meet the person who made this door.


“Please come in quickly.” 


He looked at me sharply and said in a tight tone.


… It can’t be helped, can it I haven’t eaten anything in that heat, remember Besides, my brain is really lethargic right now due to the lack of sugar.

That’s why it’s taking me a while to understand anything they say.

I muttered such complaints in my mind and stepped inside the room with a heavy atmosphere.




I couldn’t help but exclaim in surprise.


There were dozens of people in the room that I had never seen before, and Duke-sama was glaring at me from the back.

I don’t see the king nor my parents.


Are you saying that this strange gathering was held at the sole discretion of Duke-sama …Does that mean that the King agreed with Duke-sama’s decision


“It hasn’t been decided yet that you were the culprit.” (Duke)


“What” (Alicia)


“We want to know what you think.” (Duke)


“Who are these people” (Alicia)


“They’re people from the town.” (Duke)


“Do you know… them” (Alicia)


“Not really.” (Duke)


“Why have you brought mere townspeople folk into your castle” (Alicia)


Perhaps offended by my words, Duke-sama wrinkled his brow.


“What do you mean” (Duke)


“We don’t know much about them, do we Are you not thinking about what they could rudely do, like stealing something or worse”


“Shut up.

There is no prince who doesn’t trust his people.

Besides, this castle is heavily guarded.” (Duke)


…That’s right, Duke-sama said that no matter how hard culprits can try, they cant’ escape from this castle.

It’s true that the castle was heavily guarded.

There’s no way they could get out easily.


“I’m sorry, my lord.

I was wrong about my assumptions.”


“Oh well.

Anyway, I’m going to ask you a few questions now.” (Duke)


Questions Not an interrogation 


“Not from me, but from them.” 


Duke-sama said in a low voice.


Questions from the townspeople to me What do you want them to ask me… I could feel my heart beating a little faster.

I’m more nervous about speaking in front of the townspeople than I am about saying anything in front of the aristocrats.


“Okay, I understand.

I’ll answer as honestly as I can.”


I replied, staring directly at Duke-sama and the townspeople without looking away.


Righteous Flower of Evil:

Duke brought in townspeople to question Alicia… about him losing his memory… I’m starting to think he might have lost more than just memories of her in this incident….

Consider me #whooshed or whatever that reddit thread is haha, cause I have no idea how that was the logical move here.

Though color me intrigued to see what these people have to ask her XD


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