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I wonder why Duke-sama’s memory has been erased.

It’s not like it would become a big problem for me in particular but….

After all, a prince’s memory being wiped is a big deal. 

I wonder if the king wants to hide the prince’s amnesia.

But won’t the person who would benefit the most from Duke-sama’s memory loss would be…Me

Maybe he wiped Duke-sama’s memory without my knowledge.

But that couldn’t possibly be true, can it

If I could erase Duke-sama’s memories, I could change the impression that he had of me, but I won’t go that far.

I thought about it as I sat on my bed.

Mel is going to tell me more about it tomorrow, so I should probably go to bed and not think about it anymore.

Oh, but I can’t sleep because I’m so anxious.

A knock on the door echoed throughout the room.

“Alicia, are you still awake”

Father What could he possibly want from me at this hour

“Yes, I’m up.”

“I need to talk to you for a minute.”

“…You appear tired, Father.

Shouldn’t you be resting”

“No, I’m fine.

It’s more of a situation that requires immediate attention.”

Father’s face was more solemn than ever before.

“Is this about Duke-sama”

“I had a feeling Alicia had already heard about it.”


Well, I met him at the school building.”

…Although the prince’s amnesia is certainly a problem, there must be another reason for Father’s exhaustion.

For example, if a family member was involved…

“The alleged charge of causing Duke-sama’s memory loss, has been levied on Alicia.”

Father said, his voice low and weary.

…Me! And here I was thinking that Big Brother Henry would be involved in this case.

“Well, why am I a suspect”

“I don’t know either…But right now, His Majesty’s guards are waiting for you outside.”

“Will I be thrown in jail”

Father went silent at my question.

He couldn’t possibly tell his beloved daughter that she could be imprisoned, could he

“…Do you want to run away”

I was surprised at the unexpected suggestion.

I didn’t think my father would make such a suggestion.

It is true that he is always trying to help me, but this time it was a completely different story.

If I run away, the whole family will be in trouble.

Besides, the last thing a bad girl should do is run away.

I’ll fight fair and square…even though I still don’t know who I’m dealing with.

“No, I’ll go with His Majesty’s guards.”

“You never know what they’ll do to you.

You will be treated as a criminal.”

“Father, I understand.

But isn’t fleeing such a shameful thing to do”

Father relaxed his shoulders as if he had given up when I said that with a smile.

“I will definitely rescue you.”

…Oh, what a cool line.

I can see why Mother fell in love with him…

“Well, I’m off.”

And so, I headed in the direction of the front door.

Righteous Flower of Evil:

Oh yes, Alicia.

The king caused his son to lose his memory in order to make it easier for you to achieve your dream of becoming a villainess.

*Facepalm* Sometimes I wonder if we really can call her smart, lol.

Knowledgeable, yes.

But the conclusions she comes to using that knowledge can be so utterly ridiculous ^^’ But I love her anyway~ jail->punishment->exile… And I wonder where in the world they might want to exile her~ XD


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