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1646 Good Night, My Man

“Its my father calling,” Lin Wenyu said, biting her lip.

Her father had always been strict.

When she heard the customized ringtone, her legs went weak from fear.

Yuan Haoyang was forced to stand up.

Lin Wenyu quickly picked up the phone.

Lin Hancheng said something on the other end of the line.

Lin Wenyu bit her red lip.

“Dad, I didnt…”

“Come home immediately!” Lin Hanchengs last sentence was so loud that Yuan Haoyang heard it too.

She put down the phone and said, “My father saw the news tonight.

I havent told him about us yet.”

“Then Ill personally apologize to him tomorrow,” Yuan Haoyang said sincerely.

“He wants you to come to my house tomorrow, but I have to go back now.”

Lin Wenyu glanced at the scene in the room and felt a little guilty.

“Im sorry.”

“I wont take it to heart if you call me your man one more time.” Yuan Haoyang patted her head.

“In your dreams.” Lin Wenyu didnt let him succeed.

“Then let me send you back.” Yuan Haoyang quickly put on his clothes.

Lin Wenyu shook her head.

“My father might have personally come to fetch me.”

Yuan Haoyang: “…”

He immediately tensed up.

It seemed that his father-in-law was much harder to deal with than his mother-in-law.

However, no matter how difficult it was to deal with him, he was still his father-in-law.

Besides, the trouble tonight was also because of him.

He sent Lin Wenyu outside the villa.

There were several cars parked outside in a row.

They looked grand and solemn.

Yuan Haoyang tensed up again.

He held Lin Wenyus hand tightly, afraid that if he let go, he would be abandoned.

“Come early tomorrow,” Lin Wenyu said.

Yuan Haoyang heaved a sigh of relief.

He remembered that his father-in-law still wanted to see him tomorrow.

“Im leaving now.” Lin Wenyu let go of his hand.

Yuan Haoyang could not bear to part with her, but he could only wave at her coolly, indicating for her to go back quickly.

Lin Wenyu took a few steps and ran back.

She stood on her tiptoes and whispered in his ear, “Good night, my man.”

Yuan Haoyang grinned from ear to ear.

His heart skipped a beat when he heard those words.

When he regained consciousness, the woman had already gotten into the car and left.

Before he returned to the studio, everyone was asking worriedly, “So, Sister-in-laws father is still not satisfied with Brother Haoyang”

“After the news was released tonight, Sister-in-law was scolded badly.

What if you were her father” Johnny asked.

Tang Feng thought for a moment and said, “Ill definitely marry my daughter to Brother Haoyang as soon as possible!”

“Get lost!” everyone shouted at him.

When Yuan Haoyang appeared, everyone fell silent.

Ah Guo leaned forward and said, “Brother Haoyang, the situation is temporarily under control.


“Now, help me look for a suitable suit.

I want to look gentlemanly, and I want to leave a good impression on the elderly,” Yuan Haoyang said.

“Also, prepare the gifts for my future parents-in-law.”

“So youre officially meeting her parents tomorrow” Everyone cheered in unison and began to take out their phones to check.

After all, they were also single.

Deciding what gifts to get was a real headache!

In the villa.

Early in the morning, everyone got busy.

“Isnt Brother Haoyang just changing his clothes Why is he taking so long”

“I dont know.

Its been two hours!”

“Take this set to him too.

Hurry up!”

Yuan Haoyang didnt sleep at all, but he was in high spirits and didnt look tired.

He tried on one set of clothes after another.

He rarely wore formal clothes.

Even when he attended various activities, he wore what he wanted.

He usually wore fashionable brands.

The formal clothes in his wardrobe were sent by various brands.

He spent several hours trying them on, but he could never decide on one.

It was either because the color was not right or because the style was not good enough.

“Big shot, these are all top brands in France and Italy.

You have such a good figure.

If you wear these clothes, everyone will come begging you to be their brands ambassador.

Why do I feel that every suit looks good on you” Ah Guo waited on her from the side.

Seeing that there was only one suit left to try, his eyes were about to turn red.

In the end, Yuan Haoyang chose a dark blue suit and a dark red tie with dark gold stripes.

He looked calm and low-key.

“My Brother Haoyang is so handsome!”

“Brother Haoyang, this will definitely work!”

“Ill give you a thumbs-up!”

Yuan Haoyang carried the gifts and got into the car.

Coincidentally, Guo Xintao and Brother Cai also came by.

When Guo Xintao saw him, he raised his eyebrows and stepped forward with a smile.

“Yuan Haoyang I really didnt expect that youd treat a fan whom I dont even want like shes some treasure.

Shes such a cheap woman.

Hahahaha, do you know how many fans you lost last night Speaking of which, Im really impressed by you!”

Yuan Haoyang rushed forward and punched him hard.

Guo Xintao was no match for Yuan Haoyang at all.

Brother Cai stopped him.

“Yuan Haoyang, its your own matter who you decide to date.

Why Are we not allowed to say anything about your choice”

Yuan Haoyang retracted his fist.

If not for the fact that he was about to meet Lin Wenyus father, he would have beaten Guo Xintao up!

“Guo Xintao, dont let me see you again!” Yuan Haoyang got into the car and drove away.

Guo Xintao was furious.


“Tao Tao, dont be angry.

He wants to make his relationship public, right Ill just look for a few marketing accounts to exert some pressure on him!”

Guo Xintao tidied his clothes.

“Go ahead.

I want to see how hell clear his name in the future!”

Immediately, the marketing accounts started to stir up trouble.

The gist of the content they released was that Yuan Haoyang had picked up Guo Xintaos trash.

Even if Yuan Haoyangs performance was better than Guo Xintaos, he would be mocked for this matter for the rest of his life.

At the same time, the marketing accounts also said that Yuan Haoyangs woman was having an affair with Guo Xintao.

When the people in the studio saw this, they were anxious and angry.

However, they did not dare to tell Yuan Haoyang about it now.

They could only work together to control the situation.

Although Yuan Haoyang did not know about these things, he had a premonition.

Guo Xintao was petty and jealous.

He liked to step on others.

He had seen it in his early years.

Lin Wenyus involvement this time was a golden opportunity for him to strike at Yuan Haoyang.

Guo Xintao would definitely make use of her to get back at Yuan Haoyang.

However, Yuan Haoyang was still most worried about the elders of the Lin family.

He was the one who caused trouble for Lin Wenyu.

Guo Xintaos target was ultimately him.

Lin Wenyu had only suffered on his behalf.

He should give Mr.

and Mrs.

Lin an explanation for letting her bear all this.

In the Lin familys living room.

Qin Zufang had already found an excuse to send the old madam to the temple early in the morning.

She was afraid that she wouldnt be able to stand hearing about the entertainment industry and would be agitated.

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