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Heroes of Marvel Chapter 4 Birthday 2

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Chapter 4 Birthday 2

“Peter, Harry, Tom, this is our Gwen, she is our classmate.” Grasping Gwens hand in a serious way, Lin Rui introduced her to three boys waiting in the yard.

“Hello! Gwen! Im Peter Parker. Nice to meet you!” The first person to greet her was Peter, apparently touched by Gwens beauty.

Looking at Peters facial expressions and movements, Lin Ruis face remained unchanged, but his heart was already quietly happy. It seems that Gwen, who was supposed to be Peters first love, really attracted him a lot. Nevertheless, his plan can be better implemented in this way. At this point, Lin Rui unconsciously took a look in Harrys direction. But Harry was not as excited as Peter.

“Hello, Gwen Stacy. Its nice to meet you, Peter.” Gwen graciously extended her hand and shook it with Peter, introducing herself politely.

“Harry Osborn.” When Peter somewhat excitedly retrieved his hand, Harry around him also made a brief introduction to himself.

“Nice to meet you.” As the daughter of a New York Police Captain, Gwen knows Harry as she smiled and shook hands with him.

“Hey! I am Jacksons best buddy, my name is Tom, Tom Smith.” The last voice was Tom, who apparently felt that as the best friend of Lin Rui, he should introduce himself last.

“Hello, Nice to meet you.” So far, Gwen was known by all the students present.

“Well, everyone is here, the party should start, lets go in.” The protagonists of the scene that Lin Rui imagined are all here and it is time to play. Lin Rui is still a little excited to think about it. The 50,000-point Reward plan will start tonight!

An hour later, the adults who came to celebrate Lin Ruis birthday left one by one, leaving more space for the young people who are celebrating.

“Well be back later, but dont be too crazy!” Standing in the doorway, Lin Ruis beautiful mother embraced her grown-up and handsome son while she reminded him with a smile.

“I Know! Mom!” With an embarrassed face, he sent her mother out and watched them leave before returning to the house again.

The adults have left and the plan has officially begun! … However, Lin Rui, who had just closed the door, suddenly stopped. The plan is there, but how to implement it, Lin Rui actually has no clue! He has not had any experience in this kind of relationship in his two lifetimes, not to mention that he has to start a love triangle to destroy a relationship between two close friends!

“System! You asked me to call Gwen over. Dont you have any follow-up tips!” Lin Rui, who was in a hurry, shouted the system in his heart. He seemed to forget that this was not the systems plan but his.

“I just said that women are one of the most vulnerable cracks in boysrelationships. It is your own plan. Now that the plan has started without any details, do you want to blame me” Hearing Lin Ruis words, the systems slow voice soon came to him, apparently disdaining Lin Ruis demands.

“Then cant you give me an idea now You gave me a hint before!” Lin Ruis voice softened, but he did not give up.

“Its up to you. The Reward is 50,000 points. Its still up to you whether you can get it or not.” This time the system was not so generous. After saying this, it was quiet. Obviously, It was ready to see what Lin Rui would do.

“Jackson! Come on!” Just as Lin Rui was still struggling, Tom in the room had already shouted to call him.

“Coming!” Things have already evolved to this way and Lin Rui can only progress from here. Maybe he could interest Harry just by praising Gwen in front of him.

In Lin Ruis living room, Peter is sitting around the cleaned table with the birthday gift Lin Rui received today. It seems that everyone is ready to ask Lin Rui to open the gifts.

“Jackson! Open the gift quickly!” Seeing Lin Rui coming, Tom shouted excitedly, he has prepared a special gift for Lin Rui. Especially since he knew that Lin Rui had invited a girl, he thought that his gift will be very useful.

“Well! Which one should I open first” Lin Rui walked towards them and temporarily set aside his plans. Today is his birthday, he should enjoy it.

No one answered Lin Rui, No one wanted their gifts to be opened first. Lin Rui also understood what everyone meant, so he picked up a blue gift box, which was given to him by his parents.

“Well, let me see what my parents gave me this year!” As Lin Rui said with some anticipation, everyone surrounded him.


The beautiful wrapping paper was torn apart in Lin Ruis hands a few times and soon revealed what was inside. Its a square box. It should be an electronic product. When the box came out, Lin Ruis eyes lit up and Tom beside him shouted.

“Sonymdr-1abt! Jackson, Uncle Jack still knows what you like! Seeing the Sony headphones, Tom patted Lin Rui on the shoulder and said with a smile.

Lin Rui was very touched when he held the earphone that he had loved. Although for a relatively wealthy family like Lin Rui, the value of such a headset is not high. At least compared to parents who gave their children a car as a gift. But Lin Rui knows that if he asks for a car, his parents may give it as well.

In fact, His crossing over to the Marvel World makes Lin Rui feel the luckiest; he has a near-perfect family, which is much better than the broken family of his last life. Moved by it, Lin Rui took it out and tried the cool earphone.

“Cool!” Peter looked at Lin Rui playing with the dark headphones and said with some envy, with his familys financial situation, it was impossible for them to buy him such headphones.

“Well, lets see our gift.” Harry smiled at Lin Rui and pulled Peter. They also gave a nice gift and guaranteed that Lin Rui would like it.

“Yes! Look at our gifts! I am sure that you will like it!” Peter, who was reminded by Harry, also shouted with a smile not knowing what they had given him.

“Well, let me see! Its this!” Putting down the headphones, Lin Rui picked up a large gift in a colorful package from the gift box in front of him.

This colorful gift box is quite large and heavy. Lin Rui dont know what is inside but looking at Peter and Harrys expression, it should be a good gift.

Oh! ~

Pulling the box apart, Lin Rui saw the corner of the gift, which seemed to be…

Si… Si…

With a sudden acceleration of movement, Lin Rui removed all the wrapping paper in a few strokes and finally, the gift wrapped in it was displayed in front of everyone.

“Aha! What about it Do you like it It was a gift Harry and I had been thinking about for a long time before choosing. Of course, Harry spent most of the money on the gift!” After Lin Rui opened the gift, Peter asked excitedly.

“We havent known each other for a long time and we dont know what you like. Thinking about our combined hobbies, I selected this. Not as excited as Peter, Harry explained with a smile.

“Thank you! Thank you! I like it very much!” Holding the latest x-box in his hand, Lin Rui said to Peter and Harry earnestly after a moments hesitation.

Lin Rui was really touched, as Tom had said before, he deliberately approached Peter and Harry. Just to integrate himself into their relationship and to become their friend is only a step in his plan. But now, Peter and Harry treat Lin Rui as a true friend, which makes Lin Rui feels very unpleasant.

Looking at the latest x-box in his hand, Lin Rui suddenly began to regret taking this Quest. At this moment, he suddenly felt that Peter and Harry seemed more important than the 50,000-point Reward.

“Well, here is mine. Although my gift is not as good as theirs, I also choose it carefully!” Seeing Lin Rui holding the X-box in his arms, somewhat stunned, Gwens timely said.

“Dont worry, I will love it!” Hearing Gwens words, Lin Rui returned from his inner world and responded with a quick laugh. Then he picked up the gift box Gwen had brought.

Lin Rui was much gentler with the gift given by a girl and there was no strong tearing of the box. And Gwens gift is also relatively small and he has roughly guessed what it is from the shape.

Sure enough, when Lin Rui opened the package, he had a dark red-skinned book in his hand. Lin Rui has not heard of this book, but it should be a book about spiritual enlightenment.

“Thank you, Gwen, I love it.” Although he doesnt know what it means to give such a book, Lin Rui is very happy and he thanked her.

“Well, Im glad you like it, too!”

So far, it seems that only Toms gift has not been removed from the table. But just as Lin Rui reached for Toms gift box, another hand grabbed it faster than he did.

“Hey, Jackson, can you open my gift later” Grabbing his gift box in his hand, Tom asked embarrassingly. Just now, when Tom saw the gifts from everyone, he suddenly felt that his gift is not suitable for opening in front of everyone.

“Why, Tom Didnt you say that your gift was special” Lin Rui asked curiously as he saw Tom grab the gift box.

“That… that… Lets open it later!”


“Ah! Give it back to me! Dont!…” Just as Tom wanted to say something, Peter snatched the gift box from behind him.

“Jackson! Now!” With a shout, Peter threw the gift box directly to Lin Rui.



As soon as he received the gift box, Lin Rui tore it apart, giving Tom no chance to steal it again. But Lin Rui regretted not listening to Tom when the square boxes containing blue elves(Smurfs) fell to the ground.


“Ah~ dont hit me!!”

Inside the room with flashing lights, several young people laughed loudly.


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