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Heroes of Marvel Chapter 28 Poison

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Chapter 28 Poison

New York has a well-known urban dark area, Hells Kitchen in Manhattan and it is here that Matt lives. Because of historical reasons, most of the poor people live here and gangs of all sizes are also active here. The crime rate is very high in this area.

Despite the expansion of Manhattans business center in recent years, Hells kitchen has been flooded with business leaders and the price of barren land is soaring. But this is not good news for local residents, many of whom have to sell their houses at a lower price and move away from the place where they have lived for most of their lives because of the coercion and lure of real estate development companies. One of the reasons why Matt and Kingpin have not dealt with each other is the forcible demolition of Kingpins forces.

Matt, who is a lawyer during the day, provides free legal advice and help to many poor people in Hell Kitchen, most of which are about the cases of forced demolition and purchase of land and property. Those big business crocodiles just give them some money to get rid of the poor. But for those who were born and bred here, this is their root and not a place to be abandoned. The same is true for Matt, who grew up here so he will try his best to help them, although he will encounter a series of obstacles.

Matt has not always worked alone. As a lawyer, he had his good friend, Foggy Nelson, as a partner. At night, as Daredevil, Claire, a kind nurse, had been quietly supporting him. Now he has Lin Rui, a powerful ally, even though he was badly hurt this time by helping Lin Rui inquire about the Jeston Gang.

Matt has always lived in a large basement because of his special identity and blindness. In this way, he can practice with ease and he can calmly sense what is happening outside. Now, in that basement, a beautiful woman is walking around the hall, pinching her cell phone and worrying about it.


Just when the beautiful woman didnt know how many circles she had circled around the sofa, a noise came from the front basement door.

“Who is it!” Claire suddenly picked up a long stick placed next to the sofa and asked nervously.


Da Da ~

“Its me, Mirage Knight!” With a heavy footstep, Lin Ruis voice came from the door. After calling Claire for the address, he finally returned Matt back.


“Ah! Matt!” Seeing Lin Rui come in with a comatose Matt on his back, Claire throws the stick out of her hand and rushes up.

“How is he!” She asked as Lin Rui to put the comatose Matt on the sofa.

“He has been injured in many places, but I have already given him a simple treatment and those injuries will not continue to deteriorate. But he needs further careful treatment, I think you should be able to help with this. Ignoring Claires neglect of him, Lin Rui answered quickly.

“Eh! There are a lot of first aid medicines here. Ill get them now! ” As Lin Rui said, Claire had simply checked Matts condition and stood up and ran to the back of the basement.


“Ah!~ It hurts!” After Claire went to take the first-aid item, Lin Rui slowly made it down to the sofa and couldnt help but scream.

On the road, carrying Matt on his back took a lot of effort. He had exhausted his internal energy in the fight at the dock, and his abdomen was punctured by the last blow of Worm. In fact, he was seriously injured. Low-Level Treatment Spray can only stop bleeding and promote body Recovery, but the wound Recovery is not ideal because of his intense movements. It was just a matter of importance. He couldnt delay with Matt.


Opening the Phantom Suit, Lin Rui looks at his abdomen which was still bleeding and it seems that the wound has not healed well. Whats more, theres a little black substance in the blood thats oozing out now. Lin Rui didnt notice the color change of his blood. His face covered by a mask was pale, which was not a normal phenomenon.

“Huh! It seems that I also need to rest!” Feeling the feeling of exhaustion from all over the body, Lin Rui sighed and leaned on the sofa to sleep.

Da da!

Da da!

And just as Lin Rui slowly closed his eyes and leaned toward the sofa, Claire, who had just run behind to get the first aid item, had run back. At the sound of footsteps, Lin Rui, who was about to fall asleep instantly woke up. He didnt want Claire to see him when he went to sleep.

Claire, who was holding the first aid kit, quickly squatted down beside the sofa. As she was taking things out of the first aid kit, she suddenly looked towards Lin Rui.

“You are also hurt!” Claire exclaimed as she saw the terrible black blood flowing out of Lin Ruis abdomen and then came over and checked on Lin Rui.

“Its Nothing~ My injury is nothing, you should treat Matt first...” With a hard wave, Lin Rui wanted to show that he was okay. But he did not know that he had no strength to wave now.

However, when Claire examined Lin Ruis wound carefully, her expressions changed. Then she reached out to uncover Lin Ruis mask to see his face and pupils.

Although Lin Rui was in a surprisingly bad situation at the moment, he subconsciously grabbed Claires hand as she prepared to uncover his face.

“What are you doing...” Lin Rui was tired and could hardly hold Claires hand.

“I suspect you are poisoned now, I just want to see your face and eyes to confirm it.” Claire hastily explained that she did not want Lin Rui to be misunderstood and cause him to become even more poisoned.

“Poisoning!” At Claires words, Lin Ruis spirit seemed to be in full swing, and his mind was instantly awake.

Then, after a little sensation of his physical condition, Lin Rui confirmed Claires words, he was indeed poisoned! Worms bone spurs were poisoned and the Low-Level Treatment Spray could only treat injuries, but could not detoxify them.

“System! Am I poisoned!” Strongly refreshed, Lin Rui shouted quickly in his mind.

“Well, you did get poisoned.” The answer is the systems indifferent voice as if Lin Ruis poisoning was a trivial matter.

“You!” Forget it, does System Shop have an antidote Theres no time to fight with the system, so Lin Rui quickly asked.

“Of course.”

“How much No, dont tell me, No matter how much it cost, quickly exchange it for me!” I already feel that I cant hold it anymore, Lin Rui said quickly.


As soon as Lin Ruis voice fell, a white light rushed out of the System Shop and finally disappeared into Lin Ruis mind. And Lin Rui also felt that there was something more in his belt, which should be the antidote.


After communicating with the system, Lin Rui reached hard to his waist and pulled out a small box.

“This is an antidote ~remember, dont...” As soon as the antidote was taken out, Lin Rui fainted before he had finished speaking.

Lin Rui lifted his right hand weakly and drooped down. The small box in his hand also fell to the ground but was caught by Claire halfway.

Holding a small box just taken out by Lin Rui, Claire looked at Lin Rui, who had fainted, with an odd face. She heard Lin Ruis last words, but she only heard the first half of Lin Ruis words. Of course, she didnt know the second half.

Open that ordinary little box with a small glass bottle filled with a light green liquid. According to Lin Rui, this should be the antidote to his poisoning.

“But what does he mean by the last thing Dont do anything Did he tell me not to use it all With the antidote in hand, Claire was still thinking about the last words Lin Rui said before he fainted.

This is the first thing that she can think of as a nurse. Maybe this antidote in her hands has a quantity requirement. But thats not the last thing Lin Rui wants to say. He just wanted to tell Claire not to uncover his mask. He didnt know how to use the antidote himself.

“Forget it! Lets use half first! If he doesnt get better then I will use the remaining half!” Noticing Lin Ruis weakening breathing, Claire made a quick decision.

Then, taking a needle from the first aid kit, Claire skillfully pulled out the small glass bottle and absorbed half of the liquid in the syringe.

“I hope it works!” she quietly prayed.

Claire had stabbed the needle into Lin Ruis neck with a slight noise. Next, instead of treating Matt immediately, she continued to observe Lin Ruis condition.

It seemed that the needle that had just been pricked had worked. Within a minute, Lin Ruis breathing slowly became strong and rhythmic.

Looks like youre okay!” Observing the change of Lin Rui, Claire finally calmed down her anxious heart.

Since Lin Rui is fine, Claire turned to Matt. She didnt want to uncover the mask of Lin Rui. Although she was curious, there are more important things. Claire just checked Matt, delayed by Lin Ruis “sudden” poisoning, and now shes just starting to give Matt some careful examination.

“Eh How is this...” When Matts clothes were lifted, Claire was ready to be shocked, but the scene in front of her made her cry a little unexpectedly.

Matt did have a lot of injuries and there were many obvious injuries to bones. From these injuries, she can see that Matt must have suffered a lot in these two days. But Matts wound was more recovered than when Claire gave him a brief look ten minutes ago.

“Its amazing!” Although she doesnt know why Matts injuries were healing so quickly, Claire didnt think about it and just sighed and then dressed the wound for him.

In fact, Matts wound recovery so fast because of his own strong physical fitness and Lin Ruis Low-Level Treatment Spray. Although Low-Level Treatment Spray has no effect on poisoning, most of the wounds on Matts body are flesh wounds, just within its healing range.

In this way, Lin Ruis rescue of Daredevil was not perfect, but it was completed. Its just that he cant go home tonight. He doesnt know what reason he is going to give his parents when he wakes up.


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