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Heroes of Marvel Chapter 23 Matt Is Missing

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Chapter 23 Matt Is Missing

Since the alliance with Daredevil that night, Lin Rui has been waiting for his news. But he did not receive any reply until Friday. In spite of his anxiety, Lin Rui did not call again to inquire. He believed Daredevil would arrange things according to him.

“Hey! Jackson, do you have any plans for this weekend At the end of the week, Tom asked Lin Rui as he walked on the way out of school.

“Well, I am going to “The Daily Bugle” this weekend, you know.” Lin Rui replied.

“Ah, yes! Peter, what about you” Remembering that Lin Rui had found himself a part-time job, Tom turned to Peter on the other side.

“Im going to visit Harrys company. He promised to introduce me to an associate professor of bioengineering, hoping that the associate professor would let me be his assistant intern.” Peter later turned to Harry for help, though only for introduction, but with Peters achievements and efforts, it should be all right.

“Ah! Are you going to an internship too” Tom was surprised to hear Peters words. Their high school life has only begun for half a semester. How come all his friends around him are thinking about internship one by one

“There are differences between assistant interns and interns, but you can understand that as well.” Peter didnt explain much to Tom either, he answered casually.

“Harry is also getting involved in his company as the future owner of the Oscorp company. In this way, I am the only one who is the most idle now!” Said Tom unexpectedly found himself unwittingly pulled aside by everyone, when he was still thinking about playing in high school, Lin Rui and others had found their future direction. Think of this, Toms mood is unconscious and depressed.

Lin Rui and Peter didnt mind Tom who was suddenly silent next to them. They had their own thoughts at the moment. Lin Rui was wondering if he would receive Matts news tonight and the weekends report to The Daily Bugle went well. Peter was worried about whether Oscorps associate professor would accept him as an assistant intern, and if he succeeded, he could meet Gwen at work.

If Lin Rui and Peter didnt concentrate too much on their own affairs at this time, they would surely find Tom in an unusual mood. Of course, even if they find out, they wont feel so bad. After all, everyone is different. They dont have to be responsible for other peoples lives. In this way, Lin Rui and others return home with thoughts filling their hearts and minds. This weekend will be an inactive holiday.

After dinner, Lin Rui returns to his room and puts his cell phone on the table. If there is information or a call, he will see it the first time. Then he turned on his computer and began searching for information about Tony Stark, Frankenstein Family, Jeston Gang, even Wilson Fisk, and Russian gangs. These things have been done by Lin Rui for nearly a week, but they have not yielded much result.

Tonys news is always a piece of big news because he doesnt care about what others report about him at all. Where he goes to the party every day, chat with which girl for more than five minutes and disappear with which star in the evening, these messages can be detailed to every minute and second. However, this doesnt help Lin Rui at all.

As for the rest, there is not much news. Frankenstein Family is obviously a family of aristocrats with a long history and the information on the Internet is also some ordinary introductions. Although these accusations against the family can be found in some corners, comprehensive information cannot be formed.

Jeston Gang has some introductions, but its just a gangster gang in New York. It doesnt involve their base and some trading sites or content at all.

Wilson Fiske, or Kingpin, Lin Rui, accidentally failed to find any information about him on the Internet, only to say that he was deeply hidden. Russian Ross gangs have very few news. It is impossible to find effective information by relying solely on the Internet. After all, there is no such magical group as the sunrise masses in the United States.

After turning over more than a dozen pages, Lin Rui, who still has no harvest, once again looks at the mobile phone on the desk, expecting it to ring.

Buzz buzz ~

It seems that Lin Ruis strong expectation has worked. The mobile phone on the desk suddenly starts to vibrate. A phone call is coming!

Lin Rui has quickly got his cell phone in his hand. He didnt even glance at the callers display. Lin Rui had pressed the button to connect in the next second.

“Hey! Matt You finally called me!” As soon as the call connected, Lin Rui could not wait to say. Hes been waiting for almost a week. If there was no news tonight, he was going to Manhattan to find Matt.

“...Hello, I am not Matt.” However, after a slight silence on the other end of the phone, there came a strange female voice.

“Er... Wait! Who are you” Lin Rui, who was sure he had heard it correctly, was stunned. He looked down the phone number quickly. It wasnt Matts, so he asked in surprise.

“My name is Claire, a friend of Matts. I also know Matts other identity. I need your help. When Lin Rui was confused, the woman on the other end of the phone quickly introduced herself and showed that she needed help.

“You know Matts identity! What happened Claire ” Lin Rui suddenly got nervous when he heard the woman on the phone. A person who knows Matts other identity, a person who comes across something to help him or her, needless to say, Matt is in some dangerous situation.

“Its Matt. I havent heard from him for two days! There was nobody in the basement, and there was no place where he often went to heal his wounds. I was worried about what had happened to him. Matt gave me this number the other day, saying that if anything happened to him, I could call for help. Sure enough, Claire on the other end of the phone spoke quickly about what happened to her.

“Matts missing! Is it because of the Jeston Gang, did he get caught gathering data Hearing Claires words, Lin Rui frowned tightly and thought that this was the most likely scenario.

“Can you help me I dont know who else to call!” Claire on the other end of the phone asked anxiously when Lin Rui was a little silent. As one of the few people who know Matts other identity, Claire is worried about Matt.

“Dont worry, Ill help you. Ill find Matt. No matter what happens to him, Ill bring him back. All you have to do now is calm down, search carefully for the clues before Matt disappears, and let me know immediately what you find. Feeling Claires worry, Lin Rui quickly agreed. Whether Matt had an accident for his own reasons or not, Lin Rui would not let it go. They are now allies.

“Thank you! Pay attention to your safety! I dont want you to be missing as well.”

“You too!”

After hanging up, Lin Rui was quick to think. Matt disappeared for two days, the day after he investigated Jeston Gang. If he had been caught at that time, the situation would have been very bad now, provided that he had not been killed directly.

But Lin Rui certainly thought Matt would not die so simply. He was Vigilante of Marvel World, and the protagonist halo would envelop him. But Lin Rui doesnt know for sure, because Daredevils protagonist aura may not be as powerful as it is now. After all, according to the original script, Daredevil would not provoke Jeston Gang.

“Systems, do you have any special props that can help me find certain people” With a little thought in mind, Lin Rui turned to the system for help.


As soon as Lin Ruis voice fell, a green light came out of the System Shop in his mind. Then the voice of the system came out: “Allied Arms, bronze Arms endowed with mysterious magic, have magical powers. Value 100 Reward Point. Are you sure about the exchange


The next moment, the green light dissipated, revealing a palm-sized metal item inside. It was a rectangular, compact armguard with a point radian. It was a bit like props in the war scenes of the Middle Ages in Europe and the United States.

“Sure!” Lin Rui bought the armband before it was clear about its effect. Hes not very rich now, but he wont be stingy at 100 Reward Points.


The next moment, the Allied arm that existed in his mind was turned into a dot of fluorescence and dissipated. In reality, the fluorescence converges on his right arm, slowly forming a small arm guard.

“How do I use this System. ” Looking at the automatic armguard equipped on his body, Lin Rui then asked the system.

“The Allies guard arm is a magic item, it can help you find the Allies in a special way. You just need to let it know that Matt is your ally, it will show the position of Matt at this time. The system knows that Lin Rui is very anxious now and quickly explains the use of the armguard.

“How can I let it know that I am allied with Matt”

“Simple, you can stick the business card that Matt gave you before. Just an item belonging to the ally can bind the identity, very simple.” The system then reminded.

“Good!” Hearing the system, Lin Rui quickly found Matts business card. Fortunately, he didnt throw it away, otherwise, it would be impossible now.


Putting the card directly on the arm guard on his right arm, Lin Rui stares nervously at it, waiting for the next change.

Buzz ~

Not to Lin Ruis disappointment, the business card just touched the guard arm, which was still dim, emitted a light green light, quickly connected to the card. The situation lasted for a few seconds, then the green light retracted and the business card slipped off the armrest.

“Is that it” Looking at the silent arm, Lin Rui asked again.


Without waiting for the system to answer, there was another movement on the guard arm. The surface of the armguard, which was originally metal, appeared with several ripples like running water. Then the ripples disappeared and the whole armguard became as smooth as a TV display screen. At this point, there are two green dots on the display screen, one of which is very bright green, while the other is very weak.

“The green dots represent your allies. If you feel it, you will know where Matt is now.” The system reminded him at the right time.

“I see!” Following the systems reminder, Lin Rui soon learned Matts position through his arm guard and that he was not in a very good situation at the moment.


In the next second, Lin Rui was equipped with Phantom Suit and rushed out of the window. The rescue of Daredevil has officially begun!


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