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Heroes of Marvel Chapter 17 E Grade Training Card

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Chapter 17 E Grade Training Card

It was almost 3 a.m. when Lin Rui was parked in Matts car on the roadside more than a street from his yard, and thats right, Matt satisfied Lin Ruis idea of driving.

“I am here, Thank you for bringing me back.” Some reluctant hands were removed from the steering wheel and Lin Rui said to Matt, the co-pilot.

Matt: “...” I didnt drive the car. Was it wrong to say that I gave you a ride

“Heres my number. You can call me if you need any help in the future. Of course, if youre going to come to Manhattan to get Jeston Gang into trouble, I can join you. Ignoring Lin Ruis little excitement about driving, Matt handed him a business card.

“Well, good!” Taking away the business card, Lin Rui earnestly promised.

“Good-bye then.” After waiting in the co-driver seat for a while, Lin Rui did not appear to get off, Matt could only say this to him.

“Oh! Bye! Goodbye! ” In response, Lin Rui quickly agreed and jumped out of the car.

Lin Rui got out of the car and Matt also got out of the co-driver seat and skillfully switched to the drivers seat and sat in. His previous injuries had been almost been cured under Lin Ruis treatment and driving was not a problem.

“Good-bye then!” Lin Rui stood by the roadside and waved to him.

Hum ~

In the next second, Matt had already stepped on the accelerator and rushed into the night.

“Is this the so-called minds eye” Looking at Matts actions which were no different from the actions of ordinary people, Lin Rui muttered to himself.

“Ah! Its time to go home. The mainline quest has been completed. I dont know what Reward is this time. When the taillight of Matts car disappeared before Lin Ruis eyes, he turned and walked home.


Returning to his bedroom with ease, Lin Rui quickly threw himself on the bed and the Phantom Suit on his body also retracted into his right-hand wristband. This evenings action has tired him a lot. Its not a joke to walk through rains of bullets and came out alive and without a scratch on his body. Subsequently, Lin Rui consciousness sank into his mind, where the number representing the completion of the mainline quest has become 100/100, showing that it has been completed.

“System, the mainline quest is finished. What reward is there this time” Calling the system in his mind, Lin Rui is looking forward to his Reward.


In the call of Lin Rui, the white light representing the system floated from the depths of his mind.

“Congratulations to the host for completing this main quest: Fighting crime gangs in the streets and lanes and becoming a little famous Vigilante! This quest Reward has been issued, please pay attention to checking! You have officially become a Vigilante and have taken an important step on the way to become a Superhero. I hope you can make further efforts in the future and become a world-renowned Superhero as soon as possible!” With the appearance of the system, the hollow voice announced the completion of Lin Rui quest and the release of Reward.

Then a golden light flashed and Lin Rui saw the number in his mind representing his Reward point soaring which finally stopped at 6120.

“Wow... 5,000 Reward points!” Seeing the glittering Reward point, Lin Rui was somewhat frightened.

Last time the newbie mainline quest gave him 1000 Reward Points and Lin Rui had inexplicably completed an achievement by which he acquired 200 Reward Points. Lin Rui also spent some Reward points in these days in his preparations. Before todays operation, Lin Rui had 1,120 Reward points. Now its 6,120. Its really 5,000 Reward points.

Hoo! Hoo!

Just as Lin Rui was almost fainted by the 5000 Reward points, two more lights flashed into his mind. Thats two items, the same thing appeared after the novice quest was completed. Lin Rui was delighted and quickly turned his attention to the new items.

“E Grade Aerospace Battleship part design blueprint, what is this” Quickly reading the long list of names, Lin Rui is confused. This seems to be a high-tech thing, but he doesnt need it at all right now.

“E Grade Aerospace Battleship is a conventional space Warship. Its about 50 to 150 meters long and equipped with laser weapons and speeding missiles and belongs to the Low-Level Intergalactic Battleship.” Just after Lin Rui questioned, The system gave him an explanation.

“... Intergalactic Battleship System, what use is it for me And only a part of the design blueprint” Lin Rui was still confused when he heard the system explanation.

“The Reward of the mainline quest comes according to its own rules. I dont know, but this thing is not completely useless to you. And, although only part of it is here right now, you can redeem the rest in the System Shop and you can save a lot of Reward points.”

“Well, Its better than nothing. Next, let me take a look at this. Although he doesnt know what it does for him for the time being, Lin Rui doesnt ask any more questions.

“E Grade training card, I saw this in the System Shop, It was worth a lot of Reward points!” Lin Rui recognized the second item and found it in the System Shop while talking.

E Grade training card, worth 300 Reward points. Effect: Users can use the training card for targeted training, three times of use, each time limited to half an hour.” Lin Rui read the introduction in System Shop directly.

“Is this used to train oneself and improve ones ability How is it worth so many Reward points Systems, whats this about Lin Rui couldnt fully understand the value of the training card just by looking at the introduction.

“The key is that you use this training card, which creates a training space in your mind. In this space, you can put forward any training requirements that can help you improve your ability. Moreover, when you return to reality after using the training card, you will bring the improved abilities in the training card to reality.

“Lets take Matt for an example. His own physical fitness may not be as good as yours, but his instantaneous explosiveness and coordination as well as his own body control, are higher than yours. This is the result of the long-term systematic training of his body.”

“You can use the training card to improve your physical control and some other abilities and you can enhance your strength quickly. Moreover, the effect of training in the training card is doubled compared with reality. Knowing that Lin Rui did not understand, the system said a few sentences to explain.

“Oh Isnt that what it means to be able to get stronger while sleeping” Hearing the explanation of the system, Lin Rui suddenly realized something.

“Well, there are differences, but you can think that.” Although the understanding is biased, the system feels that Lin Rui is right to think so.

“Thats very useful! Since I dont think my body is in good control, use it right now for half an hour.” In todays action, Lin Rui did find his shortcomings, so he decided to take a chance first.

“Are you sure”

“Of course, its training in dreams! Simple! “

“Thats good.”


Just after Lin Ruis confirmation, the E Grade training card in his mind instantly emitted white light and filled his consciousness.

“E Grade training space has been constructed, please select training items.” Consciousness space has been completed and the sound of the system has disappeared, replaced by the unique prompt sound in the training space, without any emotion.

“Actual combat, this seems to be the fastest way to improve physical control.” After thinking for some time, Lin Rui chose the training program.

“Please choose your opponent.”

“Well ~ Daredevil, Matt Murdoch.” Since the system says that he is not as good as Matt, Lin Rui certainly wants to see where he is weak.


Just as Lin Ruis voice fell, he saw a man in dark red tights with covered eyes. It was Matt the Daredevil he met today.

“The training target has been determined and the actual combat training has officially begun.”

Before Lin Rui could take a good look at the automatically generated Daredevil, Matt who had been standing still, rushed to him in an instant and raised his hand and hit him with a punch in the chest.


There was a loud noise and the unresponsive Lin Rui was thrown out by the blow.

“Fuck, It hurts so much! He surprised me!” Lin Rui, who had fallen to the ground, covered his chest with his hand and said a rare rude word. He was in so much pain that he felt as if his ribs had cracked a little.

However, the opposite “Matt” apparently ignored Lin Ruis complaints and flashed in front of him. This time he made a tougher shot, kicking Lin Rui on the head who had not yet climbed up from the ground. If the kick hits Lin Rui then he will probably pass out.

“Lean!” With a low curse, Lin Rui rolled twice on his back to avoid the fatal attack.



Seizing the opportunity to get up from the ground, the still unstable Lin Rui raised his hand and waved forward to block “Matts” punch. However, Lin Rui was still beaten back several steps because of the hasty confrontation, but somehow it saved the situation for the time being.

“Why didnt Matt feel so powerful before!” Just a few rounds, Lin Rui felt Daredevils strength was not bad. The Matt simulated in the training space put enough pressure on Lin Rui and made him take it seriously.

In the next moment, Lin Rui and Matt, who faced each other, had already fought against each other for several rounds.

It wasnt until Matt really fought that Lin Rui understood what the system said about body control. Its clear that both sides are shooting at the same speed, but Matt is always able to hit himself first. Its entirely because hes controlling his body so that his fist can hit the enemy faster.

However, Lin Ruis physical strength in attacking Matt is always blocked by him quickly. Losing his eyesight gives Matt a keener sense. Lin Ruis direct attacks do not threaten him at all.

So after more than a dozen rounds of hard fighting between Lin Rui and Matt, he finally fell down again with a heavy blow. In the actual training with Daredevil, he was defeated in less than five minutes.


Even after Lin Rui lost, Matt in front of him still came after him.

“Hey! I have lost, training is over!” Lin Rui, who did not want to be abused, quickly shouted.

“If you choose to finish, the rest of the training time will reach zero and you would not be able to get any extra time.” In the space came the voice without emotion.

“Ah Such a pit!” This caused Lin Rui to shout at the voice but no one responded to him.


In the training space, the beaten and unmotivated Lin Rui screamed constantly.


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