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Chapter 2891: What Was There to Say

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Zuo Qingluan hated Feng Wu to the core.

She closed her eyes and told herself that with what she had given Sheng Changtian, he would win.

He would kill Feng Wu in front of Jun Linyuan.

Meanwhile, Feng Wu opened her eyes.

Her eyes were so black that they looked like bottomless pits.


When Sheng Changtian met her gaze, he felt panic-stricken.

No! Dont panic!

When two capable fighters met, the first who panicked would lose.

Sheng Changtian forced himself to calm down and have some faith.

Feng Wu smiled a little.

“Lets begin.”

Sheng Changtian said, “Lets!”

They charged at each other immediately after that.

In an instance, they exchanged hundreds of blows.

Sheng Changtians twisted face looked terrifying.

He was giving it all he had.

In contrast, Feng Wu was quite at ease.

This time, Feng Wu had the upper hand.

“How is this possible This isnt happening!”

Sheng Changtian tried to calm down, but it was an impossible task.

His opponent was insanely talented.


Their palms met, and they brushed past each other in the air.

Feng Wu landed steadily on her feet with a smile on her face.

Sheng Changtian flew backward until he fell to the ground with a loud thump.

It was such a loud noise.

The ground beneath him cracked.

Unable to stop himself, Sheng Changtian kept skidding backward.

He was about to fall off the stage.

The Military Academy students were torn by anxiety.


“Sheng Changtian, hold on! You cant fall!”

“Youre the last player we have! If you lose, were done for!”


They shouted at the top of their lungs.

They couldnt sit still.

Everybody jumped to their feet, and their eyes were bloodshot.

They knew how they had humiliated Imperial College the year before.

If they lost, the same thing would happen to them.

The idea was unbearable.

The moment before Sheng Changtian fell off, he finally grabbed the edge of the stage.

He raised his head and looked at Feng Wu in the distance.

He couldnt hide the fear in his eyes.

What on earth was going on

“God Mu, are you protecting Feng Wu”


Meanwhile, the Imperial College students all had strange looks on their faces.

They didnt know what to say.

“Feng Wu has...”


“I didnt know she was so awesome...”

Sun Yu and the other team members realized how little faith they had in Feng Wu; they had been so sure that she would lose.

How they wished the ground would crack open under their feet and swallow them up!

It was so embarrassing!

They were mortified!

However, they didnt mind being humiliated in this way.

“Was she hiding her true strength before” Chu Qu asked weakly.

He remembered how he was the one who had greeted Feng Wu when she joined the team.

Back then, she had appeared to be on Qiu Zeyus level.

Chen Ziyun shook his head.

“No, she wasnt.

Shes just making daily progress which you can see with your own eyes.

Shes different from the person that she was yesterday.”

What else could the others say

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