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Chapter 2890: Frustrated Zuo Qingluan

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Gongshu Hongzhu turned to the crown prince and tried to change the subject.

“Your Royal Highness, isnt Sheng Changtian amazing He has just become a Level 2 Spiritual King.”

However, he didnt get the reaction he wanted.

The crown prince said, “Such a good-for-nothing!”

Gongshu Hongzhu didnt hear him clearly, so he looked at Jun Linyuan in confusion.

But the crown prince had turned away.


On stage, Sheng Changtian was staring at Feng Wu in astonishment, because she really was making a breakthrough.

She had switched to cultivation mode as soon as she sat down, shutting off all her senses.

Sheng Changtian forgot to blink.

Breakthrough or not, most people couldnt switch to that mode and start cultivating right away.

Sheng Changtian needed to clear his mind, concentrate, and make other moves before he could cultivate.

All the students from both schools were amazed by what Feng Wu was doing.

“A breakthrough”

“Is Feng Wu making a breakthrough”

“She just mentioned a breakthrough, and shes doing it now.

Is that even possible”

However, the familiar rumbling noise forced them to face reality.

Amidst the audience, someone had stiffened.

It was Zuo Qingluan.

She was still a Level 1 Spiritual King.

Although she was at the peak of Level 1, it didnt change the fact that she was still at Level 1.

However, Feng Wu had just reached Level 2.

For a moment, Zuo Qingluan wanted to stand up and leave.

She couldnt accept that fact.

She couldnt help but recall her childhood.

Feng Wu had been a genius since she was three years old, and she could easily defeat anybody at the same cultivation level as her.

Besides Feng Liu, Zuo Qingluan had also lived in Feng Wus shadow.

Feng Wu was everything a parent wanted their child to be.

“Zuo Qingluan, how dumb can you be Feng Wu has mastered it.

Why cant you”

“Zuo Qingluan, youre such an idiot! Feng Wu can recite it after reading it once.

Youve read it three times, but you still cant read fluently!”

“Zuo Qingluan, you both have the True Phoenix Blood.

Feng Wu is younger than you, but shes already a few levels higher than you!”


When she was growing up, Zuo Qingluans parents had told her such things all the time.

She could see the disappointment on her grandfathers face.

Her parents were displeased, her siblings teased her, and even the servants looked down on her.

Back then, Feng Wu was the only sun in the sky.

Everybody wanted a daughter like her.

The master of Firmament Palace wanted Feng Wu to become her disciple!

Back then...

Zuo Qingluan racked her brain and set up that trap to destroy Feng Wu.

Everything Feng Wu used to have became Zuo Qingluans.

In the last five years, she had gotten used to how people treated her.

She enjoyed the compliments, the privileges, and the way she treated others.

However, Failure Wu, the cripple, had surpassed her once more!

Feng Wu was a Level 2 Spiritual King.

Zuo Qingluan was only a Level 1 Spiritual King.


Zuo Qingluan clenched her fists, and her face went livid.

She thought she was going to have a nervous breakdown.

“Feng Wu, youre dead!”

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