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Chapter 2306: No Surprise

After breakfast, Lu Xingzhis phone rang.

It was Master Cheng.

He was there to discuss with Lu Xingzhi how to deal with Jiang Yaos situation.

Master Chengs attitude was unyielding.

He told Lu Xingzhi, “Ill say this.

Forget about 300 people; even if its three million people, dont even think about exchanging my daughter for them.

That boss is a ruthless person.

My daughter is pregnant.

I wont agree to let her take the risk, so Ive thought of a few ways.

See if its feasible.”

“I wont let her go too.” That was also Lu Xingzhis thought.

“We are responsible for saving those 300 people, but its not on her.

She has no obligation to bear the responsibility that will bring her great danger.”

“Ive been waiting for you to say that.” Master Cheng nodded.

“Arent they looking for the Divine Doctors student Do they want to use morality to kidnap my daughter Before they make their ultimate goal known to everyone, lets strike first.”

The corners of Lu Xingzhis lips curled upward, and his voice was faint.

“Maybe were thinking the same thing.”

“Im not surprised.” Master Cheng smiled.

“Jinyan talked to you a little yesterday and came back to talk to me a few times before I thought of this idea.”

Lu Xingzhi was the one who told him what Cheng Jinyan said, so Master Cheng was not surprised that Lu Xingzhis arrangement was the same as his.

There was no need to explain the conversation between intelligent people.

One sentence was enough.

Lu Xingzhi said with a smile, “Then Ill have to trouble you to take care of Yaoyao during this period.”

“Shes my daughter.

Theres no trouble,” Master Cheng scoffed.

“Its 8:30 A.M.


The operation is at noon.

You still have more than three hours to arrange your team.

Is that enough time If its not enough, Ill arrange everything else.”

‘Thats enough.” Lu Xingzhi agreed and quickly hung up the phone.

He turned around to look for Jiang Yao.

‘Yaoyao.” Lu Xingzhi found Jiang Yao in the living room.

She was holding a watering can and spritzing it at the vase.

She was in a good mood and humming an out-of-tune song.

She poked the diamond-like water droplets on the petals with her fingertip in amusement.

She poked one by accident and even let out a regretful sound.

‘Yaoyao.” Her attention was all on the flowers.

Lu Xingzhi walked forvvard and called out to her again before she heard him.

She responded indifferently and even lowered her head to sniff the flowers.

She tugged Lu Xingzhis elbow, saymg, “Theres a little fragrance from the flowers.

The smell is quite nice.

I think its better than the smell of lilies.”

“Let me tell you something.” Lu Xingzhi wrapped his arms around Jiang Yaos waist and hugged her in his arms.

“Ill send you to Master Chengs place for a few days.”

“Is it because of that organization” Jiang Yao could not think of any other reason.

Otherwise, with Lu Xingzhis protectiveness toward her, it was unlikely that he would take the initiative to send her away from him.

After all, he was not even happy that she was attending university during the day from Monday to Friday.

“Have you made the arrangements” After Jiang Yao asked, he nodded.

“Sure, as you wish.”

Jiang Yao did not ask much about the details and content of the arrangements.

“Then Ill help you pack some clothes and shoes.” Lu Xingzhi held Jiang Yaos hand and turned around to return to the bedroom.

‘Just a few pieces.

If I need anything, I can buy it later.

My belly is growing daily, and I need new clothes.” Jiang Yao pointed at the flowers on the table.

“Let me take those flowers with me..

Oh, and the earrings! Help me put them on!”

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