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What Other Entertainment Companies Will Sign With Her

Manager An casually threw the document aside and said with an indifferent tone, ” “Youngsters. Its good for them to encounter more obstacles in life.”

Upon hearing Manager Ans words, the assistant beside him nodded slightly.

He could not understand Zhao Fans actions either. Tianle Medias headquarters was located in Beijing. Ranked as one of the top five entertainment companies in China, it was a well-known company. It had not been easy for Meng Fu to sign with Tianle Media. Yet, she was going to leave Tianle Media and find a better company

He did not know whether Zhao Fan was foolish or naive.


At the city center of T City. In the same private room at A World Beyond.

Su Di stood beside Su Cheng, pouring tea for the two people sitting by the table.

Seeing Su Di pouring tea for himself, the slightly plump man was very worked up. He stood up immediately. “There is no need for Young Master Su to come here in person. Ill definitely settle this for you. We can do away with the bet-on agreement.”

“Dont be nervous.” Su Cheng was pinching a string of mala beads [1. Mala beads, commonly known as a japa mala or simply a mala, are a type of prayer beads.] with sandalwood fragrance with his left hand calmly. He glanced at the man and his eyebrows relaxed. “The Level A agreement is not something that should be signed casually. The bet-on agreement serves as an assurance for you guys.”

The man was sweating on his forehead. He bowed his head quickly. “Ill listen to you. If there are no other instructions, Ill get someone to draft the agreement.”

Su Cheng nodded slightly.

After he left, Su Di used a silver spoon to stir the sandalwood. He then asked Su Cheng curiously, “Young Master, what bet-on agreement did you just sign with Manager Sheng”

Su Cheng placed the mala beads on the table and said calmly, “Betting that Meng Fu can make it to the international stage.”


Su Dis small silver spoon accidentally touched the counter and he cast a I-dont-know-what-to-say look at Su Cheng. “Are you… serious”

Had this happened in the past, Su Di wouldnt have known what the entertainment industry or “Global Idol” were. But since he collected “Global Idol” Intel from the Intelligence Unit, he then found out how difficult and competitive the show was for China. This was probably similar to the gap between him and Su Cheng. He could not beat the latter even if he were to work hard for another 10 years.

Besides changing Meng Fus company, Su Cheng even signed this kind of bet-on agreement.

Did he do this deliberately to stop Meng Fu from joining Sheng Entertainment

Su Cheng lowered his eyes and drank tea with a serious and restrained expression. He did not reply to Su Di but cast a glance at him. “Go and look for Zhao Fan.”


After Manager Sheng left the private room, he glanced at the old man playing the erhu outside. He wiped the sweat on his forehead, seemingly springing back to life.

Never did he expect to come to T City for a business trip.

His secretary beside him asked cautiously, “Manager Sheng, whats the background of this Ms. Meng Ive just read her information. Shell at most be given aC ” agreement.”

A was too good.

Those who got Level A agreements in the entertainment industry were all A-listers and beyond.

Manager Sheng glanced at the secretary and smiled. “Well just suffer a bit of loss. If its to do a favor for Young Master Su it is not a big deal.”

He didnt know who Meng Fu was but it didnt matter. He had just learned about the “Global Idol” show. The condition of the bet-on agreement mentioned by Su Cheng was too difficult to fulfill. Manager Sheng had already thought about it. Even if Ms. Meng did not make it to the international competition, he would also sign the contract and act like the bet-on agreement did not exist. Anyway, he did not intend to get Meng Fu to make money for his company.

Even if Meng Fu were to earn some money, she would not be as profitable as the two top A-listers of the company.

“After we finish the work at hand, well go and meet Ms. Meng before we leave.” Manager Sheng had his hands behind him. He felt particularly relieved after he left A World Beyond.


The training camp.

Zhao Fan was sitting in the lounge in a daze. When Su Cheng came to look for her, she still had not come to her senses. She did not know what was on her mind when she signed the termination agreement.

“Has it been settled already” Su Di opened the door and let Su Cheng in.

Hearing Su Chengs voice, Zhao Fan finally began to calm down. The termination of Meng Fus contract did not have an impact on the latters current career. After all, the resources for “Best Idol” had nothing to do with the Tianle Corporation. However, it was a pity that they had to pay a large sum.

Zhao Fan was feeling the pinch. “Tianle didnt make things difficult for us. They were very swift and decisive about it.”

Su Di pulled a chair away for Su Cheng to sit down.

“Okay.” Su Cheng sat down. He had long expected this. He leaned back and said coolly, “Go and get Meng Fu here.”

Meng Fu was in the midst of singing practice.

She had a casual demeanor on all the time. After she followed Zhao Fan into the room, she also greeted Su Di.

She was wearing a smile as warm and gentle as the spring breeze, until she heard from Zhao Fan that the contract had been terminated. She stopped smiling and glanced at Zhao Fan expressionlessly. “How much is the termination fee”

Zhao Fan uttered a figure. Afterward, she could obviously sense the face of her artist collapsing.

“Sister Zhao, what did you just say I didnt catch it.” Meng Fu dug her ears and uttered to herself.


Meng Fu suddenly looked up. “Give me some time to quiet down.”

“Ive helped you sign the Level A contract with Sheng Entertainment.” Just as the two ladies were facing each other, Su Cheng put away his cell phone and turned to Meng Fu calmly. “Ive also signed a bet-on agreement. If you can make it to the international stage, the Level A contract will take effect. Otherwise, we will lose two million yuan.”

Meng Fu was speechless. She looked up, covered her ears with her hands, and then walked out of the place.

“Ms. Meng, where are you going” Su Di called out to her.

Meng Fu covered her ears with one hand and opened the door with the other. When she heard Su Dis voice, she tilted her head. Unlike before, she no longer looked obedient. Even her eyebrows exuded an indifferent feel. She closed her eyes slightly and said, “To train… for the international stage, understand”

She looked like she was not to be trifled with. Su Di did not dare to speak further. He reflected on why he had been frightened by an ordinary being. After she stepped outside, Zhao Fan followed after her.

“Meng Fu, are… are you angry” Zhao Fan sounded cautious. She explained, “Brother Cheng has been thinking about you. Tianle Media never gives you any resources. Brother Cheng has given you resources and also forked out 70% of the earnings…”

Meng Fu reached out and flicked away the non-existent ash on her shoulders listlessly. “Im not angry.”

Two million yuan termination fee.

“It looks like I really have to get up this time.” Meng Fu squeezed her wrist and raised her eyebrows slightly.

Zhao Fan was speechless. She could not understand Meng Fus words. Get up Had she been lying down in the past



Tianle Media was an entertainment company that the Jiang family had helped Meng Fu enter into two years ago. The middleman had some connections with the Jiang family. After Meng Fus contract was terminated, news of it reached the Jiang family in the same afternoon.

When someone called the Jiang family to inform them about this, most of the members of the Jiang family were present.

Bang. Yu Zhenling hung up the call with a sullen expression.

Jiang Xinran, who was tutoring Jiang Xinchen, smiled. “Mom, why are you that angry What happened”

“What else can it be Its regarding your younger sister again.” Yu Zhenling got up and glanced at Jiang Quan, who was sitting on the sofa nearby, and said coldly, “Hurry! Call your daughter and get her to come back. Ask her what she did! Tianle Media has terminated her contract!”

Jiang Quan was taken aback. “What”

Jiang Xinchen was stunned. He then said sarcastically, “I knew it. Someone like her wont be able to stay in showbiz for long.”

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“Mom, are you serious” Jiang Xinran also put down her pen and stared at Yu Zhenling in surprise. She said worriedly, “Grandfather told Uncle to help and Uncle went through a lot of pain to find Tianle Media for her. Its also considered one of the leading entertainment companies in T City. If Sister was terminated, what other entertainment companies will sign with her”



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