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Chapter 2634: Giving no faceTranslator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

Peng! A figure shot out of the ground, standing proudly in midair.

A blood-red aura was bubbling from all over his body, as if he was a great demonic god that was about to begin a massacre, and kill every single being in this world.

It was Pei Shenghai.

Ling Han seemed slightly surprised.

With a blow from him, a peak-stage Seventh Heaven King Tier—even if he was a monarch tier—actually hadnt been killed

“I have really underestimated you!” Pei Shenghais voice rumbled out like thunder.

Cold light shot from his eyes.

Seals of great dao were visibly flickering.

His killing intent blazed as his fury reached extreme levels.

“Thats what I thought.

How could Pei Shenghai possibly be insta-killed!” When the people in the area saw this, they all nodded.

This was the kind of supreme monarch tier that they had imagined.


“Pei Shenghai must have been underestimating his opponent too much.”

“His strength is definitely not as low as this.”

Meanwhile, Ling Han stared at Pei Shenghai for a while, and gave an “oh.” He said, “The body defense technique you cultivate is indeed extraordinary, allowing you to escape this calamity.”

When one had reached a height that Ling Han had, he naturally knew very well how much force he needed to use in his attacks.

He would definitely not waste the slightest excess bit, but he had not expected that Pei Shenghai would have cultivated a very strong body defense technique, and that was why he had not succeeded fully.

Pu! As if in response, Pei Shenghai immediately spat out a mouthful of blood.

He had luckily escaped death, but it did not mean that he did not need to sacrifice anything for it.

Seeing this scene, the people in the area were instantly extremely shocked.


Ling Han had not killed Pei Shenghai with a single blow, but a single blow was enough to make the other party throw up blood.

Was this not enough to express how strong he was

“Heavens, his battle prowess would have to be at the Eighth Heaven at least, right”

“Even if it is the early stage of the Eighth Heaven, he has breached the gap of three cultivation levels!”

“A Fifth Heaven… yet he possesses the battle prowess of the Eighth Heaven, Im about to go crazy!”

Everyone was grabbing their head as they exclaimed in shock.

They could not believe this.

They knew that there were indeed freaks in this world, but this was really too freakish, freakish to a point that they could not accept.

Pei Shenghai threw up blood like mad, but his vitality was actually soaring.

His eyes shone with divine light, his fighting spirit blazing as he pointed a finger at Ling Han.

“You have successfully angered me, and death is the only path for you now.”

Ling Han laughed.

“Have you come to amuse me”

“Die!” Pei Shenghai charged out.

This time, he was no longer careless, a silver spear appearing in his hands. Shua! His speed was astonishing, and in a flash of silvery light, he instantly rushed right in front of Ling Han in the next moment.

In this blow, Pei Shenghai had brought with him the great power of the heaven and earth.

It was as if the heaven and earth were working together to suppress Ling Han.

Monarch tiers were monarch tiers after all, so how could his strength be underestimated

And just when the silver spear was about to pierce its target, a spiritual attack was sent out towards Ling Han as well.


Ling Han suddenly felt pain in his mind, as if his head was about to explode.

“Death Spear!” Pei Shenghai roared out, pouring all his power into the spear, and stabbing out at Ling Han.

Under the spiritual attack, even if Ling Hans mind did not explode, he would definitely still be affected, which would cause his reaction speed to slow down.

And in a battle of this level, a slight delay of ones reaction would become fatal.


Pei Shenghai smirked coldly.

His eyes were weeping tears of blood, and his expression was extremely twisted.

But in the next instant, the smile on his face suddenly turned into shock.

That was because Ling Han moved calmly, and easily grabbed this spear.

It really was just a short distance away, and the tip of the spear halted at Ling Hans throat.

Pei Shenghai pushed forwards with all his might, but the spear seemed like it was rooted, and was completely motionless.

“How could this be You clearly have not released any spiritual attack, so how could you not be affected!” Pei Shenghai exclaimed in shock.

Indeed, he could not believe this.

Spiritual attacks could cancel each other out, but Ling Han had clearly not sent out any spiritual attack, so how could he be completely unaffected

Ling Han smiled slightly.

“Who said I was not affected” He had still been pained, but now that his tolerance had greatly increased, and with his incredibly strong willpower, he only experienced pain for a short while.

His battle prowess would not be reduced because of this.

This was called being affected

Pei Shenghai was speechless, but when he saw that Ling Hans other hand had already balled into a fist that was about to fly towards him, his heart turned cold.

He hurriedly loosened his grip, and xiu, he did his best to retreat as much as possible while exerting force through his feet.

This opponent was too frightening, absolutely not someone Pei Shenghai could stand against.

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