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Luo Lingsheng got up in an instant and grabbed the phone from the butler, “Hello, Im Luo Jinyus uncle, what do you mean hes disappeared”

Shi Yunnan got up and approached Yuan Meng with the same serious tone, “You want to tell us about this too Didnt you secretly send two people to protect Little Goldfish”


Shi, I just got the news! At 3:30 this afternoon, little young master followed the summer camp group back to the hotel…”

The hotel has a total of nine floors.

In order to ensure the safety of the children, there was a caretaker and a security guard assigned to the stairs and elevator.

The corridor was also equipped with 24-hour surveillance.

Its reasonable to assume that the children are safe once they arrive inside the hotel.

Luo Lingsheng didnt want Little Goldfish to stand out among children of the same age, so the two bodyguards he arranged have been responsible for the secret protection outside.

Simply put, when Little Goldfish went out, they would hide among the crowd for protection; when the group returned to the hotel, they were only responsible for squatting outside the hotel and taking turns.

Therefore, there was an information error between the two.

The person in charge on the other end of the phone stated the situation, “Jinyus uncle, listen to me.

Todays summer camp schedule and activities ended early, but the children refused to rest when they returned to the hotel, clamoring to continue playing.”

“Our four homeroom teachers had a discussion and decided to take the children to the play area attached to the hotel on the first floor…”

Before entering the childrens play area, the teacher also did a special roll call to make sure Little Goldfish was there.

But no one expected that after playing at the site for an hour, Little Goldfish would be gone when they gathered again to line up for roll call.

The teachers immediately searched and checked, and they later learned from the crying of a child in the same class.

He took Little Goldfish and sneaked to the bathroom without telling the teacher.

Later, he was too eager to play, so he left Little Goldfish behind and ran back first.

Unexpectedly, he didnt see his friend at the end of the playtime, which made him cry and tell the truth.

All the teachers of the summer camp searched for more than half an hour and almost searched the entire hotel.

After applying for investigation and surveillance, they found that Little Goldfish had been forcibly taken away by a man, and they panicked.

Luo Lingshengs breath became stagnant.

He didnt have the time to listen to the teachers apologetic and crying statement, “Enough, Ill rush over now; your summer camp best hope that Jinyu is okay!”

Yuan Meng ran to the garage immediately.

“Patriarch, Mr.

Shi, what should we do about this What kind of person with a bad conscience kidnaps the young master!” The elderly butler couldnt follow this turn of events, “Could it be… Luo Yanchuan”

Shi Yunnans face sank, “Who else but him”

Luo Lingsheng said decisively, “Yunnan will go with me.

Uncle Qin, your body is not suitable for running around, so stay at home and wait for news from us.”

Uncle Qin trembled, “Patriarch, I…”

“Uncle Qin, trust me.”

Shi Yunnan tried to suppress his panic and remain calm, saying, “If its really Luo Yanchuan, then hes here to extort money and shouldnt hurt Little Goldfish for now.”

“Uncle Qin, Ill ask Qin Jian to keep in touch with you at all times.

You should stay at home and not go anywhere.

Perhaps there will be places in the capital where you need to run errands.” Luo Lingsheng ordered, and just as he finished speaking, a car horn sounded at the door.

Uncle Qin reluctantly nodded and watched Luo Lingsheng and Shi Yunnan leave home and get into the car.

Yuan Mang drove the car, speeding through the night.

“Patriarch, Mr.

Shi, this is the surveillance video from the summer camp teacher.” Qin Jian, who was sitting in the front row, turned around and handed the tablet to Luo Lingsheng.

The first segment was the surveillance between the play area and the bathroom aisle, and the second segment was the surveillance next to the back door of the hotel.

The two videos were very short.

Together, it took five or six seconds.

Luo Lingsheng and Shi Yunnan recognized the figure in the surveillance video at a glance.

Even though he was wearing a mask, a cap, and a big coat, he was 100% Luo Yanchuan, and it seemed that he was very familiar with the layout of the hotel and the activity space of the summer camp.

Their worry at the dinner table wasnt in vain.

The other party had no money to run away, so he had to start from Little Goldfish by kidnapping and extorting money.

When the car got on the highway, Yuan Meng immediately mentioned the maximum speed that could be driven.

Qin Jian asked nervously, “Patriarch, do you want to call the police”

“Not for now!”

Shi Yunnan immediately stopped him, saying, “Luo Yanchuan is at the end of his rope.

All he wants is money and to leave the country.

If we call the police now and make him aware of the danger, maybe he will do something to Little Goldfish.”

Luo Lingsheng agreed with his lover, “Calling the police is definitely necessary, but right now we cant act rashly.

Luo Yanchuan will definitely contact us.

As long as Jinyu is fine, let him take the money if he wants it…”

“But how do we confirm the young masters location Can we only wait for Luo Yanchuan to contact us first”

“Xiao Lin and the others just sent the news that Little Goldfishs school bag and the smart watch used for positioning were left at the back door of the hotel.” Yuan Meng, who was driving, still couldnt hold back and asked worriedly.

“Before Little Goldfish left for the camp this time, I also had him carry a micro-locator with him.”

Luo Lingshengs eyes were still cold, but his reason was still there, “Qin Jian, you log in to the official website of TG Locator now, then enter my identity and locator number.”

That micro-locator was the “little black card” that Little Goldfish mentioned before.

Qin Jian recalled the micro-locator that he had purchased himself and immediately became energetic, “Okay, I will check it right now.”

“Yuan Meng, how long will it take to reach Shuilan Ancient Town”


Shi, I will try to keep it within an hour and a half.”

“As long as its safe, hurry up as much as possible.” Shi Yunnan demanded in a rough voice for the first time because of tension and nervousness.

His cold palm was suddenly held by someone, and the strength tightened.

Shi Yunnan immediately looked at Luo Lingsheng, who was holding his hand, his voice trembling slightly, “…Im afraid Little Goldfish will be scared.”

Luo Lingsheng replied, “You have to trust Jinyu.

Since he was a child, he has never been a coward.

Even though hes still young and immature, he has always had the ability to respond to danger.”

“Also, you have to trust me.”

Shi Yunnan felt the tightness in his palm, and he couldnt help gripping back, “I know.”

Because Little Goldfish was the only flesh and blood left in the world by his own sister, Luo Lingsheng has never relaxed his protection.

This time, Little Goldfish wished to go to summer camp, and as his uncle, he did everything he could to make that happen.

Now that Little Goldfish had an accident, no one would be more remorseful and tormented than Luo Lingsheng.

But in this unexpected situation right now, he had to suppress all the excess emotions to maintain his composure.

“Patriarch, I found it!” Qin Jian in the front row replied immediately, “Young Masters location is outside of Shuilan Ancient Town, but hes still within the range of Fang City.”

“Keep watching, as for the police…”

Before he could finish his words, an encrypted phone call came in.

Luo Lingsheng and Shi Yunnan, who had expected it for a long time, looked at each other, and the former picked up the phone and said, “Hello, Luo Yanchuan.”


There was a moment of silence on the other end of the phone, followed by a sneer.

Even though his identity was exposed, the person on the other end of the call still used a voice changer, saying, “Ill kill the hostage as soon as you call the police.

You know I wont hesitate.”

Luo Lingsheng kept his tone steady, “I didnt call the police; just tell me what you want before you let him go.”

“I want 300 million.

At ten oclock tomorrow morning, I will send the account number to your mobile phone.

After I confirm that Ive received the money, Ill naturally release the person.”

Luo Lingshengs eyes were covered with gloom, “Three hundred million”

“Yes! Just three hundred million! Luo Lingsheng, I know you can afford this money!” There was a hint of sorrowful madness on the other side of the phone.

“Dont you want to hand over the Luo family to this brat in the future”

“Use 300 million to exchange for the safety of your heir; are you going to make a deal”

This action was deliberate, and the target has always been Little Goldfish.

Dont underestimate the cruelty of a “desperate man.”

Even if he didnt launch the plan at the summer camp, he would launch a corresponding kidnapping plan elsewhere.

He was going to fight for the money with his life!


Luo Lingsheng had to agree, but there were three rules, “But you must ensure that Jinhu is not hurt at all; otherwise, you should be clear about my means back then.”

“Dont worry; in business, the better the stuff, the higher the price.”

He sneered and repeated his warnings again.

“But like I said, if you dare to call the police and I find that there are police, I will not make it easy for you either.”

“Luo Lingsheng, its not easy to be in a wheelchair, right I guess you dont want your little nephew to become a cripple too, do you”


The veins on the back of Luo Lingshengs hand almost popped out, and the force almost crushed the phone.

Shi Yunnan stroked the back of his lovers hand twice and took the opportunity to grab the phone that was in the middle of a call.

“Luo Yanchuan, let me talk to Jinyu for three minutes.

I want to hear his voice to confirm his safety! Otherwise, how do we know if you are lying or not”

There was a contemptuous laugh on the other end of the phone, and after a pause of about ten seconds, a cautious voice came.


The voice changer wasnt used this time.

Shi Yunnans tense heartstrings relaxed for a moment, “Little goldfish, its me.”

Little Goldfish on the other end of the phone let out a little cry, “Little Uncle.”

“Yes, Little Uncle is here.”

Shi Yunnan communicated with him in a gentle tone as always, “Tell little uncle first, is there anything wrong with you”

“No injury, no discomfort.” Little Goldfish was calmer than the average child when things went wrong and can now answer clearly, “Im very well-behaved and didnt make him angry.”

“Okay, I know youre the most well-behaved child.”

Shi Yunnan heard Little Goldfishs clear thinking as he spoke, and temporarily confirmed his safety.

“Little goldfish, listen to me.

Your uncle and I are looking for you now.”

“Dont be afraid, and dont worry about it; just close your eyes and sleep obediently.”

“Well pick you up tomorrow morning, okay”

Shi Yunnan spoke in a gentle tone, giving advice and making promises word for word.


Little Goldfish took a deep breath and replied aggrievedly, “But my little quilt is in the hotel; what should I do if I cant sleep at night”

There was a gleam in Shi Yunnans eyes, and he told him, “Then you just think about those stories that I told you before; think about how brave and adventurous those protagonists are.”

Little Goldfish on the other end of the phone seemed to be a little more energetic, “I have to be as brave as them now, right”

“Right, thats it.”

An impatient voice sounded, “Is that enough”

Shi Yunnan frowned and seized the last opportunity to comfort him, saying, “Good night, Little Goldfish; your uncle and I love you very much; see you tomorrow.”

Little Goldfish finally responded with a little liveliness, “Yeah! See you tomorrow!”



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