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“Alright,” He Xun answered as he held his wife tightly in his arms.

It had taken her a long time to accept him, so he would never be willing to let her go this time.

At this moment, Nie Suijing also received several pictures on his phone.

He had asked someone to take them.

The other party was adept at finding angles, and it looked like Nie Suijing and Chen Weier were kissing passionately.

Seeing the photo, Nie Suijing smiled smugly.

He didnt get punched in vain.

The staff also dispersed the onlookers.

The security guards took Nie Suijing to the side and waited for the police to arrive.

Nie Suijing didnt panic or resist.

He typed out a message and attached a picture to it, then pressed thesend button.

When the police arrived, Chen Weier, accompanied by He Xun, made a statement, and then provided the surveillance video of the venue.

Nie Suijing was taken to the police station on the spot and detained for a few days.

Chen Weier heaved a sigh of relief.

However, she didnt know that there was an even biggerbomb waiting for her.

He Xun watched as her pale face slowly regained its color and patted her gently.

“Lets go home.”

“Alright,” Chen Weier answered as she obediently took He Xuns hand and followed him home.

Simultaneously, Chen Weiers name once again swept through the internet.

Of course, this time, Nie Suijing had spent a lot of money on it.

He had to let everyone see it first.

After he got the photo, he immediately posted a long article on social media.

[Chen Weier, when I met you, you were like a princess in the crowd.

I could no longer see anything else.

Later on, we were like countless couples in school, naive but in love…] [However, I know that your family background prevents you from having the freedom to marry the person you like.

In order for your familys company to develop better, we were forced to break up, and you married someone you didnt love.]

[I thought that if I have enough money, we can finally be together.

I even pretended to be a couple with someone and even insulted our years of relationship.

But today, I realized that I was wrong.

Seeing you dance, my heart hurts.]

[That tear of yours was shed for me, and this dance of yours was performed for me! But in order to please your current husband, you could only confess to him in front of everyone.]

[I really hate myself for being a good-for-nothing when I see you compromise so much.

You told me not to contact you anymore.

I thought I could do it, but it was too difficult.

Your every move touches my heart.]

[Weier, I love you!]

[It had never changed since we first met! I know that I cant compete with him in terms of wealth, but I truly love you.

You wont suffer like this if youre with me.

I love you, just like how you love me.]

There were nine accompanying pictures beneath the long article.

The first one was a photo taken when she was still studying.

At that time, Chen Weier had a tender expression—a pair of big, lively, watery eyes with a pure expression.

The second was a photo of Chen Weier and Nie Suijing.

At that time, Chen Weier had agreed to Nie Suijings pursuit and snuggled in his arms with a sweet smile.

The third photo was of the two of them holding hands, with each others names written on their hands.

The fourth was a letter that Chen Weier had written to Nie Suijing when they were in love.

The sweetness of first love could be felt through the screen.

All that was left was todays photo.

In the photo, the two of them seemed to be unable to suppress their longing for each other as they hid in a corner and kissed.

When this news came out, the entire internet blew up!

[I knew it! When Chen Weier was performing that dance, she was deeply emotional.

It turned out that it was really based on her own experience.]

[I cant help but cry because of this.

She is forced to separate from her lover! Too tragic…]

[Poor her! She even had to declare she loved her husband in her final acceptance speech.

What kind of life is she living]

[Its obvious that shes been forced into a corner.

I really feel bad for her…]

[But isnt Nie Suijing so strange When he first became an artist, he posted photos of his relationship with Cao Yaoyao and announced their relationship.

He even confessed that his first love was Cao Yaoyao!]

[Yes! If he really loved Chen Weier, what was he doing at that time What did he mean by this]

[Perhaps, he is doing this to earn money Ah, hes trying to earn money for his sweetheart!]

Chen Weier wasnt aware of the commotion on the internet because she was eating a table full of dishes Auntie Song had prepared for her.

They were all her favorite dishes.

He Xun also accompanied her and kept putting food in her bowl.

At this moment, He Xuns phone rang.

He took it out and saw that it was Yang Zui.

“Whats the matter” He Xun picked up.

“President He, bad news! Nie suijing sent a long confession to your wife and even spent money to make it trending!”

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