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Chapter 16: Theyre Both Rich Sons, But Theres A Big Gap Between Them

Seeing that his surprise attack didnt work and was even subdued by the girls boyfriend, Huang Shaofeng immediately flew into a rage out of humiliation and started cursing, “You bastard... Let me go! If you have the guts, let me go! Fight me with actual skills!”

Lin Ye ignored him. Instead, he glanced at Zhao Qihang, who was still gaping at the scene that just transpired before him and said, “Hey, your friend seems to have lost his mind. I suggest you quickly settle him.”

“If this continues, one of us is going to end up at the hospital while the other is going to the police station, and trust me, neither of us will have a good time.”

Upon hearing this, Zhao Qihang came back to his senses.


To be able to subdue Huang Shaofeng, who was at level 2 and mainly focused on his strength attribute, to the point that he couldnt move... This level of power was something that only a level 5 or above Professional could have.

And today was just the first day of awakening. Its impossible for students to reach level 5 by relying on the low-level monsters in the beginners and low-level dungeons!

Which means...

This guy...

He was a tough one!

A genius student who could solo a dungeon Boss!

Zhao Qihang wasnt like Huang Shaofeng. He wasnt a proud and arrogant rich kid. He knew that to widen his horizons, he had to be humble and not cause unnecessary trouble.

In addition to being a little wild, he was also a very righteous and reasonable man in the eyes of the people around him. He could easily integrate into any circle.

And from his perspective… this whole problem started because of Huang Shaofeng anyway.

He knew the girl was already taken and had no interest in his money, yet he still harassed her.

So, Zhao Qihang lowered his head and apologized to Lin Ye, “Im... Im sorry, my friend was too impulsive. I apologize on his behalf. I hope you can show mercy and not hurt him.”

“F*ck you, Zhao Qihang!” Huang Shaofeng cursed as he struggled. “Why the hell are you apologizing Cant you help me beat him up”

Zhao Qihang was speechless.

Huang Shaofeng, you idiot! Are you blind The fact that this person could solo kill the dungeons Boss in such a short period meant that he had awakened a mighty talent and was also an expert with off-the-charts combat ability!

Even if we attack him together, were no match for him!

Moreover, even I could tell that his future achievements were limitless with the talent he had displayed now. Who knew what kind of Big Shot he would become!

Although the Huang Corp is powerful in Rivertown, youre the young master of the Huang family, and your status is higher than his... But in a Martial Arts world, one more friend is one less enemy. Even if we cant be friends, at least we dont have to be enemies, right

You know what Forget it! Why should I tell you!

Zhao Qihang sighed in his heart. He knew very well what Huang Shaofengs habits were. This kid had never been easy to deal with since he was young.

If it werent for the fact that their parents were old comrades and business partners, that they had known each other since they were young, and that they had been together every day, Zhao Qihang didnt think that he could stand Huang Shaofengs terrible temper and become good friends with him.

Based on his understanding of Huang Shaofeng.

This brat had suffered such a huge loss today. He would not let it go. He would definitely find a bunch of scoundrels to surround and intercept his target.

He might even cause an accident ...


It seemed like he would have to waste another precious rare item.

Thinking of this, Zhao Qihang took out the “sleeping charm” from his pocket, strode forward, and stuck it to Huang Shaofengs head.

“F*ck... You...”

Before he could finish, Huang Shaofeng fell into a deep sleep. His entire body went limp, and he fell straight to the ground, no longer trying to resist Lin Yes grip.

Lin Ye was also confused and asked, “What was that”

Zhao Qihang sighed helplessly, “Im truly sorry. My friends identity is a bit special. Hes the young master of the Huang Corp, Huang Shaofeng, as you know. Hes been pampered since he was young and used to being arrogant... If you dont let him fall asleep, hell keep looking for trouble with you, and todays matter wont be easy to solve.”

As he said this, Zhao Qihang reached into his pocket and took out a bank card.”

“Theres 50,000 Yuan on this card. I took it... *cough, cough* Well, thats not important. The password is eight eights. You and your girlfriend can spend it however you want. Just take it as compensation for the trouble we caused you today,”

Lin Ye remained silent.

Zhao Qihang continued, “Also, my friend is a little petty. He definitely wont let todays matter go. Youd better find a place to hide for a month and dont come to school.”

“Otherwise, he would bring a bunch of people to cause you trouble.”

“If you need to level up in a dungeon, you can contact me. I will arrange enough secret dungeons for you to ensure you wont fall behind before the college entrance examination.”

“This is my contact number.”

“Im Zhao Qihang, by the way. ”

Lin Ye took Zhao Qihangs number and bank card. Then he glanced at the two rich kids with a relaxed posture. He then asked, “You two... Are obviously not the same, so why are you friends with him”

Zhao Qihang sighed, “God knows! Maybe its because Ive been in contact with him since I was young, so Im used to his bad habits and dont take him seriously Anyway... Im really sorry!”

Lin Ye waved his hand. “Its fine.But theres one thing I want to make clear. Ill still come to school. If he comes to find trouble with me again, I wont give him any face, nor will I show mercy like today.”

“He should know that he is not my match.”

Zhao Qihang was a little hesitant. “But can you deal with ten or twenty people simultaneously”

Lin Ye calmly replied, “As long as theyre not above level 10, Im not afraid, no matter how many of them come. He cant possibly find high-level people in society to come to the school and beat up a student, right”

Zhao Qihang said in a low voice, “I dont think so ...”


As expected of a Big Shot!

As long as its below level 10, Im not afraid, no matter how many come at me. This clearly shows that hes a prodigy in the making!

It seemed that Huang Shaofeng had kicked an iron plate.

He hoped he could use this opportunity to understand that there would always be someone better. It was better not to be too arrogant, or you might be beaten up by society at any time...

“Well, since you think its fine, I wont say anything more. I hope that you can go easy on them. Just teach them a lesson and dont cause any trouble.”

Zhao Qihang said helplessly,”

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“As for Huang Shaofeng ...”

“I hope you can give me some face and not touch him when the time comes. Try to think of a way to scare him away.”

“After all, this kid is the young master of the Huang Corp. His identity and background are too special. If you hurt him, it will be very troublesome later.”

“And this kid will definitely not let it go after being beaten up.”

Lin Ye shook his head,”

“Im sorry. ”

“I cant guarantee that.”

“If he goes too far, I wont give in to him, but I can guarantee that he wont be hurt at all ...”


This rich kid, Zhao Qihang...

Is one interesting guy!

When faced with such a situation, he did not mindlessly protect his friends shortcomings, nor did he take the opportunity to hit him when he was down. Instead, he discussed the matter as it was and tried his best to find a way to solve the problem so that both sides would suffer fewer losses.

Unfortunately… This friend of his was too spoiled.

It would lower peoples respect towards him just by association alone.

Otherwise, Lin Ye didnt mind spending some effort to connect with Zhao Qihang, a wealthy second-generation heir, and find more secret dungeons that could give him free attribute points...



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