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3024 Twin Tyrant Titans

These two Titans were equally shocking.

They rapidly approached from the west of the city, and the places they stepped on continued to sink.

Even the roads on the outskirts of the city had sunk!

Suddenly, the Twin Tyrant Titan threw the Silver Peak Spear.

The blue sky was densely covered with black clouds after the Silver Peak Spear passed by.

There were countless lightning bolts which entangled on the flying Silver Peak Spear.

The Silver Peak Spear turned into a thunderous spear and fell onto Athens!


The Silver Peak Spear pierced obliquely into the densely packed buildings, and the large buildings instantly turned to dust.

The white lightning circles swept across the ground, and the packed crowd instantly turned into white mist.

People could not even scream, and there were no corpses.

This Silver Peak Spear pierced through the barrier, and its destructive power was astonishing.

Ordinary citizens could not withstand such power.

Even the group of Mages was easily defeated!

“Adjudicators, follow me to the west!” Izishas eyes were bloodshot when she saw this.

The barrier did not work on the Silver Peak Spear, which meant that the Twin Tyrant Titans could slaughter people in the city at will.

Izisha was aware of the threat of this monster.

Adjudicators of the Hall of Judgment wore uniform armor and moved toward the west.

Izisha was flying over the city.

She rushed toward the Silver Peak Spear that continued to release white lightning circles at the city.

Izisha was radiant.

When she approached the white lightning circles, pieces of war scales appeared from the void, fully arming her.

Izisha suppressed the white lightning circles after she arrived, but the Silver Peak Spear suddenly trembled, as if it had heard its masters call.

The Silver Peak Spear, which was like an iron tower, left the ground and quickly flew to the Twin Tyrant Titans.

Izisha was fearless.

She stepped on the Silver Peak Spear that pierced through the air and attacked the mountain-like Twin Tyrant Titans with her tiny body.

The adjudicators behind her could not even catch up with her speed.

The red light was shining.

It was impossible to see Izisha from a distance.

They could only see the gigantic Silver Moon Titan standing at the far end of the city.

The Silver Moon Titan let out a roar, which pushed the Silver Peak Spear hundreds of meters away.

The spear fell and crushed a mountainous area outside the city.

“Use dimensional hopping.

We cannot let those two giant Titans get close to the densely populated areas of the city!” shouted the Lord of the Hall of Judgment.

“Be careful! The black-striped flames are falling!”

“Move away! That is not the black-striped flames.

It is the palm of Apollo!”


A group of knights and Adjudicators screamed in mid-air.

When people looked up, they saw a hand of the Titan covered in black flames holding a group of Mages!

They were squeezed like earthworms while suffering from the attack of the black-striped flames.

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