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636 Thunder

“Brother, I heard that theres a restaurant in An ding County called Ni Lai Wo Wang.

The bed there is very soft and warm.

The food there is very fragrant and delicious.

Whats even more surprising is that the restaurant has recruited many female waiters.

These female waiters are even more beautiful than the girls in Yicui garden.

They serve wine and tea to the guests.”

However, when Ji Changjin heard this, he frowned slightly and said, “Third brother, were going to An Ding County with a mission father gave us.

Im not going to let you eat, drink, and play with women.”

Ji Changxuan waved his hand nonchalantly and said, “Tsk.

I say, big brother, we have to look for a place to stay in An Ding County.

Since thats the case, why dont we stay there” Since he was going to stay there, it was only natural for him to understand the restaurant.

Speaking of which, Ji Changxuan asked with a smile, ” big brother, arent you really curious about this restaurant Ive heard that the restaurant provides fresh vegetables throughout the winter.”

Ji Changjin glanced at Ji Changxuan, then strode away without a word.

At Anding Countys Zhou mansion, two arrogant young men came.

Zhou Changsheng cupped his fists at the two of them and asked politely, ” Im sorry, young masters.

Recently, my hearing has been a little bad.

Can you please repeat it Who are you ”

Ji changxuans nose was up in the air, and he said arrogantly, ” Hmph, since Lord Zhous ears are bad, then Ill say it again.

Im Ji Changxuan, and this is my big brother Ji Changjin.

Were the two young masters of Ji Zhongcai, the prefect of Zhushan mountain.

This time, did Lord Zhou hear it clearly”

When Zhou Changsheng heard Ji changxuans introduction, his heart thumped.

He felt that something was wrong.

However, he suppressed his uneasiness and cupped his fists at the two of them again.

He smiled apologetically and said, “Haha, its actually Lord Jis two young masters.

The two young masters have come from far away, and this official has not welcomed you.

I have been disrespectful!”

Zhou Changsheng was an official.

Although Ji Changjin and Ji Changxuan were the sons of the magistrate, they were neither scholars nor officials.

They were just commoners.

Ji Changxuan listened to Zhou Changshengs words.

He was like a proud rooster.

He snorted at Zhou Changsheng and said, ” Hmph, its good that Lord Zhou knows.”

Zhou Changsheng immediately made aplease gesture and said, “Young masters, please sit.

Then, he said to the servant, “Tea!”

boxn ovel.


After that, he sat on the main seat.

Zhou Changsheng already had a guess about the purpose of their visit.

However, he still said calmly, “The two young masters visit has really made this simple house of mine shine! Since the two of you have come from afar, I will make proper arrangements for you.

May I know if the two of you have a place to stay If not, Ill immediately arrange for servants to give you two rooms.”

Upon hearing this, Ji Changxuan immediately said unhappily, “Do you think we want to stay here We want to stay in the room at Ni Lai Wo Wang!”

Speaking of accommodation, Ji Changxuan was angry.

The moment they arrived at An Ding County, they inquired about the location of the restaurant.

The brothers then brought their servants to the restaurant.

When they saw the restaurants tall and magnificent appearance, everyones eyes lit up.

Then, they walked in arrogantly, saying that they wanted to stay and that they had to arrange the best rooms for them.

It was a pity that the rooms in the Ni Lai Wo Wang restaurant had always been booked in advance.

If one didnt have a reservation, then sorry, there would be no rooms.

Therefore, when they heard that there were no rooms available, they were so angry that they directly reported their names.

They thought that they would respectfully arrange everything for them.

In the end, the shopkeeper directly told them, ” there are no more rooms.

If you really want to stay in a room, please go to the front desk to make a reservation and line up.”

When they asked when they could stay in the room, it was three days later.

They were furious on the spot and started making a fuss.

In the end, they were dragged out by the guards.

The two young masters had lost all their faces.

Later on, some people secretly told them that this restaurant was related to the county Magistrate.

Therefore, they rushed to the Zhou mansion to show off their might.

“Lord Zhou, we want to stay in Ni Lai Wo Wang restaurant.

Quickly arrange it for us! Hmph!” Ji Changxuan arrogantly emphasized once again.


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