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30 Dont Mess with Him if You Dont Want to Die!

This was the Quinn familys attitude!

Laura Quinn sat in the wheelchair, her eyes slightly red. She had completely given up on the Quinn family.

Thirteen years ago, she should have given up and never come to the Quinn family.

Seeing these relatives today, Laura still wanted to forgive them. After all, he was her own brother.

However, she was overthinking it.

Some people were not worthy of being forgiven in their entire lives!

“Youre in such a hurry to chase us away. Are you feeling guilty”

Braydon Neal looked over indifferently.

“Young man, the Quinn family is one of the seven great families. We are very influential in Preston city. We dont have to feel guilty in front of anyone!” Geoffrey Quinn sneered.

“Is that so”

Louis Neal took out a briefcase from the car.

Under everyones watchful eyes, he threw out as many as eighteen contracts.

“What is all this Ill give you ten minutes to get out of here. Otherwise, dont blame me for being impolite!” Theodore Quinn said impatiently.

“Take a look at these documents first. Dont be hasty now.”

Louis pushed the wheelchair through the Quinn familys crowd and directly entered the villas living room.

Theodore glanced at the documents indifferently. In the next moment, his expression had changed, and he broke out in a cold sweat.

The Quinn family members were stunned by his appearance.

As everyone knew, Louis had been expelled from the Neal family and secretly suppressed for more than ten years. He worked as a cleaner at Preston University with a monthly salary of 1800 dollars, which was a terrible sight.

This kind of trash was not worth wasting time on.

But now, why would Theodore have such a reaction

A noble-looking lady at the side also frowned.

“Theodore, whats wrong”

“Sister-in-Law, these are... contracts!”

Theodore lowered his head and continued to read. His face was covered in cold sweat.

“What kind of contract can that trash give us” The lady was displeased. “Its even too much trouble to burn it.”

“These are our contracts with the Neal Corporation!” Theodore growled.

“What” Geoffrey Quinn was shocked and furious.

“How is that possible” The lady snatched it over, her face turning pale.

The Quinn family and the Neal familys cooperation projects were all in Prestons new district. Led by the Neal family, they had invested a large amount of money.

There were eighteen projects of various sizes, with small investments of thirty to fifty million and a big investment of over one billion!

The Quinn family had invested all of their wealth into the business over the years.

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That was the Neal familys personal promise. The new district was a big feat to achieve. Once the project had been launched and completed, they would get a return of at least three times with and an estimated return of seven times!

With a minimum of three times and an estimated rate of return of seven times, how could the Quinn family not be tempted

Therefore, the Quinn family had been gathering a large amount of funds and injecting them into the project.

But now, these contracts were actually in the hands of Louis Neal.

How could the Neal family give him these documents!

“Could the contracts be fake” The lady could not help but ask.

Geoffreys expression was extremely ugly. On the familiar-looking contracts, there were his personal signatures, and not a single word was missing!

“They arent!” Geoffrey gritted his teeth so hard that they almost broke.

After a short silence.

Theodore roared hoarsely, “What should we do” Dont tell me you want me to lower my head to that trash!”

“Go!” Geoffrey answered with his eyes closed.

“This is impossible!” Theodore was shocked and furious.

He would rather die than bow down to that trash!

But now the Quinn family had to figure out where Louis had gotten these contracts from.

In the living room, Louis said in a clear voice, “After youve finished looking at the documents, come in and sign the contract termination!”

“What did you just say”

In his anger, Geoffrey pushed everyone aside and went into the villa. His eyes were bloodshot, and he looked like he was going to eat someone.

“Do you know how much the Quinn family has invested in these projects”

The eighteen projects had exhausted all the capital flow of the Quinn family, and they had sold off irrelevant industries!

“We paid a total of 6 billion and took a mortgage loan of 1.5 billion from the bank!”

“What right do you, Louis Neal, have to terminate the contracts What right does your Neal family have to terminate the contracts”

Geoffrey panted heavily and slammed the table in a fit of rage.

The lady pulled at him. “Calm down. Hes just a good-for-nothing who was expelled from the Neal family. He has no right to terminate the contracts with you!”


Louis laughed, “What right do I have to terminate the contracts Im the chairman of the Neal Corporation now. Is this reason enough”

Geoffrey was dumbfounded.

“This is impossible! The chairman of Neal Corporation is Larry Neal. How could they let you return to the Neal family, and how could they give you the chairman position”

Geoffreys face turned ashen.

The death of the Neal familys second eldest son was thanks to the Quinn family.

That was Louis Neals younger brother!

If what Louis said was true, the Quinn family could not bear the consequences!

Theodore took out his phone and dialed Larry Neals number.

Beep. Beep.

The beeping made Theodore lose his patience, and he made a second call.

Geoffreys bad feeling grew stronger as the call did not go through.


In the next moment, the call was connected.

“Hes gone to look for you” A hoarse male voice was heard.

“Who” Theodore was stunned.

The hoarse male voice was silent for a while, then he spat out two words.

“Braydon Neal!”

Theodore held the phone and looked at the calm young man instinctively. He finally guessed who he was.

This was the little boy from thirteen years ago on that rainy night.

“If you dont want to die, dont mess with him!” The mans breathing was heavy.

The words of advice were Leonard Neals last act of benevolence.

The call was then cut off.

Theodores hands and feet turned cold.

What on earth happened to make Leonard Neal, one of the top ten martial artists in Preston, so afraid

How could a young man be so terrifying

Geoffreys face turned pale. He could already guess the result without asking Theodore.

The Neal family had changed again. Louis Neal had returned to the Neal family and taken back everything that belonged to him.

“Chairman Theodore, please sign it!” Louis said calmly.

“I wont sign it!” Theodore shook his head and refused to sign.

Once they had signed it, they would be kicked out of the Neal family, and the Quinn family would be finished!

They had invested all their cash, and they still owed the bank a loan of 1.5 billion dollars. At that time, the Quinn family would go bankrupt in an instant.

All the projects they were working on would be in shambles and not be worth a single cent.

The ladys expression changed. She held Lauras hand and forced a fake smile.

“Laura, were family. You have to persuade Louis not to force our family to death!”

Laura turned her head and ignored her.


Where was the Quinn family when she and Braydon were being hunted down

“Laura, this is your home! You should know that the Quinn family would be finished once the contract is terminated!” Geoffrey said hurriedly.

“Dont you think its too late to regret it now”

Louis said indifferently, “After I married Laura, I used all the Neal familys resources to raise your Quinn family from a third-rate company to one of the seven great families. What I could give you back then, I can still take it back now!”

The strong Louis had endured for thirteen years. Now that he had returned, even if Braydon did not interfere, he could still crush the entire Quinn family and take back everything that this ingrate had!

“You have to sign the contract termination contract today even if you dont want to!”



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