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Extraordinary Temperament

The grocery store owner looked at Su Binglans appearance and felt a little emotional. It was evident that this girl had an extraordinary temperament.

Although Su Binglan wore a coarse cloth shirt, it could not conceal her bearing and temperament. She was young, yet she acquired such knowledge and disposition. She was truly extraordinary.

The grocery store owner traveled from place to place, doing business when he was just a kid. He had seen many people and developed a certain level of insight and judgment.

The grocery store owner said, “You dont seem like an ordinary person, little girl. Ive kept these potatoes and sweet potatoes here for a long time now, but no one knows what they are. Its not common knowledge around here. These two vegetables are very cheap. Why dont you take some”

The grocery store owner said this because he intended to form a good relationship with Su Binglan.

Su Binglan glanced at the grocery store owners friendly expression and understood everything. She asked, “How much do these potatoes and sweet potatoes cost”

“They are only two copper coins per pound,” the grocery store owner replied.

Su Binglan raised her eyebrows and thought that they were indeed relatively cheap. “Please weigh the potatoes and sweet potatoes for me. Ill take them all.”

The potato and sweet potato yields were high, and Su Binglan could use them to make various dishes. She planned to use some for eating while the others would grow in her pocket dimension.

They wouldnt have to go hungry for a long time with these vegetables.

“Okay, sure!” The grocery store owner said.

Since there were two whole bags of potatoes and sweet potatoes, Su Binglan had to ask the grocery store owner to send them to her home. Even though Su Binglan could access her pocket dimension, she couldnt get caught using it, or else people would think she was a witch.

After that, Su Binglan and Shen Qiuhua went to buy some noodles and meat. However, they didnt buy much meat since they had little money.

While purchasing the meat, Su Binglan caught sight of some pigs blood. She asked, “How much for some pigs blood”

The meat seller was surprised and said, “What is the use of pigs blood, miss We wanted to get rid of it, but we didnt have any time.”

Su Binglan was stunned when she heard this.Dont the people in this era use pigs blood

Pigs blood could be used for cooking since it had nutritional value. Su Binglan then searched through her predecessors memories in her mind. She discovered that the people of this era did not know how to use pigs blood, and such a thing was taboo. The people were terrified of pigs blood.

Nonetheless, Su Binglan didnt care for superstitions and knew how to use pigs blood.

Everyone used to believe that animal blood could ward off evil, so they drank and cooked with it. But Su Binglan would use it for her and her family. She didnt need to concern herself with what others thought.

“Okay, then Ill buy two more pounds of meat. Will you give us some pigs blood while youre at it” Su Binglan asked.

The meat seller replied straightforwardly, “Sure, no problem.”

The meat seller had planned to get rid of the pigs blood anyway, so it wasnt a big deal for him to give it to Su Binglan. It also saved him the trouble of looking for a place to dump it.

However, to make it convenient for them to carry their newly purchased items, Su Binglan spent two copper coins for a bucket.

Even though Shen Qiuhua was puzzled, she felt that everything her daughter did was right.

After that, Su Binglan bought some condiments. She held onto Shen Qiuhuas hand and said, “Ill cook us some dishes when we get home, Mom. Lets have a good meal for once.”

Although Su Binglan had spent almost two hundred copper coins to buy those items, she wanted to make sure she spent her money wisely. Buying these things would ensure they had a good meal when they went home. Su Binglan also bought a lot of noodles.

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Su Binglan planned to make some desserts, start a small business, and earn money. Then with her earnings, she would build a start-up fund.



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