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Chapter 8: Some strange bastard appeared (1)

The expressions of Mr. Hwahng and the young man were a sight to behold. ‘This bastard offered to take us home so that he could spring this on us


“You dont have to thank me! I already know.” Lee Gun spoke.

Mr. Hwahng massaged his forehead when he saw Lee Guns mischievous grin. He had found it out of character when the bastard had kindly offered to escort them home.

‘That was his goal from the start! Mr. Hwahng quickly whispered into the ears of the young man, “Hey, are you sure about this He looks a bit dangerous.”

The two of them had seen Lee Gun kill the wolves, then they saw how he dealt with the couple earlier. When he had read some random article, they had to stop him from rushing toward the Cheongwadae, which they barely accomplished. 

“Then theres that incident at the karaoke. Do you remember what he said his name was” Mr. Hwahng said to the young man.

“Ah!” The young man recalled the news.

“Do you remember that troublesome Lee Gun cult the news reported They are famous, and everyone says to avoid them.” 

“But…” The young man looked toward Lee Gun. While they were talking, Lee Gun stood in front of the villas entrance, looking at a machine.

It was a vending machine.

The young man, who had been monitoring Lee Gun, was in a bind. “Honestly, I dont mind! My roommate—”

“Ah! Thats right!” Mr. Hwahng felt relieved. “Your roommate is a famous high-rank User, right”

“Ah, yes!” the young man replied.

“Your roommate might kick him out immediately. He wont put up with him if that man isnt Lee Gun.” Mr. Hwahng pounded the young mans back. “Anyway, it seems the streets are in a lot of unrest because of the news about Lee Gun. Be careful! If something happens, contact me. Ill call the police.”

“What He doesnt seem like a bad person…” the young man said.



The two of them yelled out in fright when the sound of destruction rang out once again. Chips were pouring out to the ground. After kicking the vending machine, Lee Gun mischievously laughed. This time, he had damaged a snack vending machine the Archer owned. “Hell yeah! I acquired some late-night snacks.”

Mr. Hwahng and the young man didnt respond to him.

“You said hes not a bad guy Him” Mr. Hwahng asked the young man.


It seemed they might have to call in the police.

* * *

“Who did this” An angry shout rang out from within a room in one of the university-affiliated hospitals in Seoul. The loud shout made the nurses squeeze their eyes shut.

A patient lay on top of the hospital bed, wrapped up like a mummy. It was none other than the rich kid, who Lee Gun had beaten to a pulp for smoking in the street. An old man stood beside this injured kid with furrowed brows.

“Who put my grandkid in this state”

A Korean man sighed in response to the loud voice. “Chairman, please do not worry about your grandson. Our temple will take responsibility. Well look after him.”

This man was an officer for Koreas first-rank Gemini temple. When he had gotten the call, as an S rank disciple, Min Sunghoon had wondered if he heard wrong. Someone had beaten a person affiliated with a temple directly managed by the Gemini Saint, Koreas first-rank Gemini temple, in full daylight. However, that wasnt important right now.

“Chairman, as youve probably heard, the culprit stole a very important item. It was stolen alongside the other items,” Min Sunghoon spoke.

“So what”

“It looks like a Rank A Divine item, but in truth, its an S rank item. Its an important item that the Saint of Japan treasures.”

“Who cares” the old man yelled.

Min Sunghoon kept the emotion off his face, but his face twitched. ‘Who cares This old mans grandson had lost an item more valuable than a national treasure!

It seemed the old man could read his eyes. The stout old man let out a sneer. “We gave you a composite sketch, yet you havent been able to find the culprit. You want me to recompense before he is caught”

Min Sunghoon almost let out a burst of sarcastic laughter. He was willing to find the culprit; he had to find the criminal anyways. However… “Do you really want me to believe that a regular civilian beat up your grandson”

The place where the rich kid had suffered the attack was under the jurisdiction of Chinas Aries. There were no reliable witnesses, and the CCTV hadnt captured the incident.

‘He probably got beaten up by people from a rival temple. This is a story he concocted to save face. Min Sunghoon thought. Even if the testimony of the chairmans grandson was true, why did he have to say a Lee Gun imposter beat him up

‘The news about our temple already got buried today because of Lee Gun! Min Sunghoon wanted to ask the grandson why he had to get beaten up by a Lee Gun imposter of all people. The words almost came out of his mouth, but at that moment, the mummy scoffed. “How dare you claim that youre a first rank temple. Hey, cant you see my face and legs right now All the holy artifacts you gave me for protection were useless!”

Min Sunghoon was baffled. “Are you sure you really used the holy artifacts You were given those items just a while ago, so you might not be used to using them.”

“What are you implying I used it correctly! Charlatans!”

Min Sunghoon burst out laughing. He didnt know the identity of the suspect, but how could he break the holy artifacts the gods gifted to them “Even the twelve Saints wouldnt dare to break those protection devices. Moreover, youre insinuating that the Lee Gun imposter pretty much ignored the power of the holy items. Youre saying he broke your bone by flicking you with his finger. That means he would have to be on par with the gods who made those holy items!”


“Moreover, you said you didnt feel any energy of the gods from him. That means he follows no god, so hes a normal person. How does it make sense that a normal person could break through the powers of the holy artifacts Even if youre going to write a story, you should make it believable.” Min Sunghoon didnt hold back.

“Maybe, youre the ones who gave that imposter the means to break through the items!”

“You little!”

“Stop it you two!” When the chairman angrily yelled, the two became silent. “You guys are fighting at an important time where we have to determine whether Lee Gun is really dead or alive!”


The chairman was frustrated. Every temple and country around the world was tense. Even the heads of the large corporations were waiting for news about Lee Gun. The current era was a dangerous one where because of monsters and natural disasters, everyone would be in peril, if not for the protection from the Twelve Zodiacs. Lee Gun had been comrades with the twelve Zodiacs. No one knew what role he might have in this era. He might be the key to solving their current problem.

Lee Guns existence was that important. All the countries around the world thought the same way. ‘If hes alive, we have to be the first one to take him in using every trick in the book. If thats not possible…

“Whatever! I want you to give this message to your temple. I want you to unleash the generals of your temple to take care of the bastard who made my grandson this way!” the chairman demanded.

“What You want the generals Are you out of your mind” Min Sunghoon was surprised. 

Aside from the twelve Zodiacs, the generals were the strongest Users. If one had to make a comparison, the twelve Saints were the pope, and the generals were the cardinals, who were below the pope. Of course, they were all S rank, but the generals were beloved by the disciples and the believers.

This old man wanted the generals to do what

Min Sunghoon asked, “Do you know what kind of people they are”

“Do you want me to take back all the donations your temple took over the years” the chairman rebuked.

“…” Min Sunghoons face grumbled in an odd manner. ‘Business tycoons like you are nothing in this era.

The rich could only act strong because they bought protection from the gods. Still, Ming Sunghoon had to keep in mind that the family in front of him was the second biggest donor to his temple. That was why he had come here even though he was an S rank User. He had come in place of a general.

‘I want to ignore them, but they are guests of the twelve Zodiacs. He could see no downside in doing this. “Alright! Well take care of the culprit.” ‘We have to recover the stolen S-rank holy item anyway.

The fact that his opponent was a Lee Gun imposter was a good reason in itself to beat up the criminal. In the first place, his temple held no love toward Lee Gun. ‘Lee Guns only an outdated relic that became deified.

Min Sunghoon had to take care of this problem before the Saint of Japan found out about it. He could contact the general, but the general didnt need to lift a finger for this. Ming Sunghoon could take care of the problem since he was also S-rank like the general.

Min Sunghoon exited the hospital as he thought about it. ‘Its only a Lee Gun imposter. It wont take us long to take care of it.

Of course, he was under a great delusion.

* * *

“Ah! My hair was so itchy that it was killing me.”

Only half a day had passed since the Devils Tower was destroyed, yet the world had been turned on its head. The subject of the worlds interest right now was cutting his hair in the bathroom. The villa was small, but its bathroom was clean and also had a bathtub. It was the type of place that Lee Gun liked. Of course, any place was paradise compared to the hellish tower.

‘This is pretty great for a bit of research. Lee Gun laughed as he gathered data. The reason was simple.

– Are you aware of this After Lee Gun went missing, you have lost for three years straight!

– As if to make matters worse, the Leo retreated before he could swing his sword in a recent battle!

– Are you sure you are the heroes who killed the Red Eye Some people want refunds for the donations they gave you guys. Please speak to this matter!

The youtube video playing on the phone had probably been recorded around twenty years ago. It was a press conference that had taken place after he had been imprisoned in the tower.

– Please tell us why you lost to a monster that Lee Gun could kill on his own!

– I said we arent taking any questions!

‘Replay. Replay. The expression on the Leos face was so funny that Lee Gun pressed the replay button around fifty times. He felt especially great since the twelve Zodiacs had run away from the monsters he had killed before. He only thought of one word. ‘Idiots. Did they think Red Eye was the only enemy they would have to face

The mirror reflected Lee Guns jovial eyes. It was to be expected. The twelve Zodiacs had sold him out to reach the top, so the fall would be very delicious. He wondered if they could withstand the storm that was coming toward them.

A large pile of hair formed on the floor, and Lee Gun muttered, “Good. I dont have a Jesus hairstyle anymore.” He pulled at his short hair with a satisfied expression. ‘Ive never had this much hair before.

Lee Gun had to sacrifice a lot of things regarding his body. One such thing had been his hair. The world didnt know about this, but every time a clump of his hair fell off after he used his abilities, blood and tears were shed. However, things were different now.

[The hair loss and the M-shaped hairline have been fixed under the influence of Super Regeneration!]

[Healthy hair is growing now!]

“The Super Regeneration skill is the best.” While he was at it, Lee Gun was about to shave too. However…


“Hyung! These clothes should fit—” the young man entered the bathroom and yelled, “Holy crap! Did you cut your hair, Hyung Wow! Thats crazy! You are really handsome!”

Lee Gun no longer looked shabby. In fact, his looks were on par with celebrities looks.

“Anyway, I ordered some chicken for dinner,” the young man said. Suddenly, his face turned pale. “H-hyung! Hurry up and run!” 

“” Lee Gun wondered what was going on, but he soon realized that black smoke was moving through the bathroom. A loud sound akin to a fire alarm also rang out.

Beep beep!

The smoke looked like a living being as it expanded enough to become a threat. The young man quickly picked up something as he shouted, “Dont just stand there and look at it! Run! The person who lived upstairs died yesterday because of—” 

Lee Gun suddenly snatched something in front of the young mans nose.



The noise sounded like pressurized air exploding. Lee Gun unfurled his clenched fist, and the young man became frightened.

A crushed insect monster fell from Lee Guns hand. At a glance, it looked like a mosquito. Lee Gun said, “You dont have to run away now.”

“…!” The young man turned his head in surprise and found the black smoke dissipating. This surprised him.

‘He… he killed it with one blow The man hadnt used a Divine skill. He had just moved on reflex. ‘Even the professional exterminators went away because they couldnt kill it. Moreover, Lee Gun had caught something invisible!

“How did you—” the young man wanted to ask, but…

“I dont care about that. However….” Lee Gun extended his hand toward the young man with an annoyed expression.

The expression on Lee Guns face frightened the young man. It looked as if Lee Gun was about to hit him.

“Ahk! Im sorry! I dont know what I did wrong, but dont hit…!” the young man mumbled.

Lee Gun snatched something out of the young mans hands. “This!”

“Ahh!” The young man became very uncomfortable when Lee Gun shook the angel sculpture.

“Didnt I tell you to get rid of everything like this” Honestly, Lee Gun had broken various items around the house earlier.

‘Hey, whats this

‘That Ah! As expected, you have a good eye! Thats a limited-edition holy item of the twelve Zodiacs. I bought it on sale for thirty-nine thousand and nine hundred Won on a home shopping network.

‘Throw it away! 



Lee Gun had ruthlessly destroyed the holy items from the twelve Zodiacs. Those items were junk items that used mixed shamanism and superstition. This item was the same. However, as if he were sorry for his actions earlier. Lee Gun didnt break the item. “Hurry up and throw it away. In fact, these items make it more likely for a monster to emerge.”

“What These are high-rank holy items developed by the Saints. Moreover, the famous and beautiful Saint even kissed it!” the young man explained.

“Jeez! Thats foul.” 


“Ahhhhk!” The young man cried out in despair when Lee Gun ruthlessly threw the sculpture.

Lee Gun looked for detergent as he clicked his tongue. “Trust me! Throw it all out. They are all fraudulent goods.”

There were other ways to exterminate trespassing monsters. However, the twelve Zodiacs were selling shaman-rank items as a ward against evil.

“Listen to me carefully. This mask is a holy item that monitors the person who purchased it.” Lee Gun spoke.


“This music box has a skill that collects personal data of the purchaser.”


“Also, this clock actually calls forth monsters!”

“Really Why are you throwing away the model figures of the twelve Zodiacs” the young man pleaded Lee Gun.

“Who cares! They are modeled after trash, so just throw them away as well!”



When Lee Gun destroyed all the evil items, something appeared in front of his eyes.

[The attribute of theMan Who Pounds on All Creations has been activated.]

[Will you like to confirm the attribute]


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