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The Return of the Disaster Class Hero Chapter 7: What a crazy bastard (3)

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Chapter 7: What a crazy bastard (3)

“What the hell”

The mood was serious. Unlike his usual self, Lee Gun glared at his opponent with a menacing expression on his face. It seemed as if he were confronting his parents worst enemy. Furrowing his brows, he said, “Say it again. What did you say”

His opponent replied in a calm manner.

– Your level is too low. You arent qualified to use this vending machine.

– Please use it next time. Thank you very much.

In the end, Lee Gun exploded in anger. “Hey! Do you want to die You just ate my money! Hurry up and give me the drink I chose!”

“H…hyung! Please calm down!”

“Thats right! You cant destroy other peoples property!” 

Yes, Lee Gun was in a standoff over drinks with a vending machine. 

It had started around fifteen minutes after the cigarette smoke incident. Lee Gun had been investigating his enemies. He was near the bus station when the young man panted and fanned his face.

“What Are you overheating” Lee Gun asked.

“What Its just…”

“I guess the weather is hot enough to wear short sleeve shirts,” Lee Gun mumbled.


Mr. Hwahng and the young man were dumbfounded once again. The temperature was 40 degrees Celsius, yet this man was treating it like some ordinary summer day. Of course, it was understandable. High-rank disciples didnt feel the heat. They had resistance against heat and fire thanks to the fire resistance stat.

However, were there any other high-rank disciples in this world that would not shed a single sweat like him

‘Whats his deal

‘How much innate fire resistance does he have 

They were looking at Lee Gun as if he were a monster when he interrupted them. 

“Alright. Ill buy you guys something to drink.” He said. For some reason, Lee Gun acted cool and headed toward the vending machine.

However, when they saw Lee Gun pulling out his own money, they became frightened.

“Hey! Whats he doing Is he trying to poison us through the drinks”

“I-is he after our wallets too”

They thought about what Lee Gun had done to the couple, who had lost consciousness. This man was someone capable of poisoning them. 

Lee Gun didnt wait for their answer. He put a ten thousand Won bill into the vending machine and pressed the button. However…

– The Users level is too low.

– Please use the vending machine when youve increased your social credit. 

The vending machine said something nonsensical. Moreover, it didnt give his money back. This was why he got angry.

That was how the current situation came to be.

“Hey, hurry up and give me my money back.” Lee Gun yelled.

– You arent authorized to use this currency. Please use a different bill.

“Lets talk after you give me my money.”

– Please do not hit me. You are committing a wrong.

“Shut up and give me my money!” Lee Gun insisted.

– Please come back after increasing your level.

When Lee Gun moved closer to the machine, Mr. Hwahng freaked out. “Hey! Dont destroy it! Well buy it! Ill contact the temple in charge of this machine and try to get a refund!”

Lee Gun glared at the vending machine. It seemed a lot of change had occurred in the past twenty years. In simple terms, awakened beings had to pay a lot of money or work for their respective gods. This was the case for this machine.

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