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The Return of the Disaster Class Hero Chapter 25: He has Returned? (1)

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Chapter 25: He has Returned (1)

One person was currently grabbing the back of his neck at this development.

“Archer Saint! Please come out and talk to us!”

“Do you know the whereabouts of Lee Gun-nim”

“Is he really alive”

“Is the hero whom the world has been yearning for really back”

Hugo almost threw the convenience store bento on the ground. It was to be expected. After all, a group of reporters was crowded outside his building. This group included foreign press reporters and government officials as every channel was reporting about this situation.


Hugo, who had been plugging one ear with his finger, threw his chopsticks. “Why did you have to cause trouble”

The chopsticks flew toward the sofa for guests, like arrows. Lee Gun was sitting there.

“What were you thinking Sending that picture and message to a tv station I cant go out today because of you!”

Lee Gun whistled and easily snatched the chopsticks out of the air. “What do you think Im doing Its obviously a declaration of war. I know those bastards will watch the news. Im just telling them to wait and wash their necks since Im coming for them.”

‘What an attention whore!

In the end, it didnt matter. Even if Lee Gun hadnt caused trouble, his presence wouldve been exposed soon. This was inevitable after he had killed the Spider Queen.

‘Hes capable of killing SS rank Users, so theres no way he could stay under the radar.


“You shouldve revealed your face if you planned on going this far!”

Lee Gun picked at his ear. “If I had done that, everyone wouldve started searching for me again. I dont want to hunt in difficult mode. I would have to be crazy to do that.” 

“…” Hugo couldnt say anything.What the hell So why did you stab Yang Wei as soon as you encountered him

“Whatever! If you have time to spout that nonsense, you should stop watching TV. You should be diligent like me, Mr. Oh Taeksoo.”

‘What Diligent The words surprised Hugo. “Youre doing nothing right now! Youre playing games and watching dramas on your phone!”

Lee Gun scratched his rear. “Ah! Im out of hearts. I need to recharge them.” Without any hesitation, he selected the option to recharge his hearts in the mobile game via a credit card. 

This made Hugo sigh. Whenever Lee Gun acted as if it were his right to do so, Hugo would get angry. It was understandable. Lee Gun was using Hugos phone; the payment would come out of Hugos card.

“Hey, stop using my money for games!”

Lee Gun looked at his friend with contempt. “Even I wont steal from the Poverty Saint.”

Hugo glared at Lee Gun. Lee Gun then picked up a credit card on the table with his toes. It was a gold card. He had no problem entering the card number; as for who the card belonged to, there wasnt even a need to question it.

[Credit card approved for Yang Wei-nim! 8/27 17:47 Temporary Charge of $1,000 to Kakao Games]

[Accrued charge of 50,000 dollars]

When Hugo read the alert on Yang Weis phone, which was at the table, he was at a loss for words.Hes sucking him dry down to the bone marrow.

As if trapping Yang Wei werent enough, Lee Gun was using him as a game wallet.

‘Im shocked that he wasnt blocked from using the card. Aside from his appearance, it feels like Ive gained an unruly and immature son.

Despite all the annoyance he felt, this didnt bother Hugo much. He was happy and thankful that his friend had returned. He also understood why Lee Gun was keeping his appearance hidden from the public.

‘He did suffer a lot. 

If Hugo were in the same position as Lee Gun, he might have done the same thing. Lee Gun had told him that he wanted to stay low because there was a penalty placed on him.

“Hell yeah! I got two five-star characters! Sweet!” Lee Gun suddenly shouted.


‘Or did he say that because he wanted to play games Hugo couldnt tell if Lee Gun had lost an edge. However, Lee Gun always had a high standard for himself.

‘He said he lost muscle mass. Lee Guns new body had been reconstructed. His speed had increased, but it seemed he needed to increase his strength.

‘I guess that makes sense. He used to be bigger. Hugo wondered. He then said, “Anyway, a swarm of reporters is here. What are you going to do”

It happened at that moment.

[You have acquired the Saints EXP.]

[You have acquired the Saints EXP.] 

[You have acquired the Saints EXP.] 

[You have acquired the Saints EXP.]


Lee Gun was skillfully killing mosquitoes while playing the game. He suddenly threw something toward Hugo. It was a blade. “Why dont you give that to the reporters as bait” he said.

Hugo felt underwhelmed. The blade was small enough to be a knife. It was a normal blade that contained no power of the gods; neither did it contain any skills. Therefore, Hugo asked, “What is this”

“Its the main culprit that made me fall into the trap.”

“!” Hugo almost dropped the knife in surprise. It wasnt a holy item, yet it had almost killed Lee Gun. That made no sense.

‘It isnt a normal blade. Hugo saw a crest he had never seen before.Who would do this

Lee Gun let out a savage laugh. “I plan on beating up everyone who took credit for my achievements. As for the one who used this on me, beating them wouldnt be enough.” It couldnt be an eye for an eye. He had to do more. Lee Gun let out a sharp laugh.

“Even if you give it to the reporters, I doubt theyll come back with anything useful.” Hugo sighed. “If you were hit by this, it was definitely not Yang Wei.”

“Hmmph! It would be embarrassing if I fell from a knife he threw.”

“So what do you plan to do You said you killed Yang Wei because you planned on asking me about the others.” Hugo somberly looked at Lee Gun. “Ill say this again, but I ended my relationship with them after you died. I have no information thatll be helpful to you.”

“You have no money either.”


Lee Gun once again used Yang Weis credit card to pay for game items. “Its fine. Ill just kidnap someone else.”

“Hmmph! What can you do They are holed up in their impregnable fortresses.”

“Leave that to me. You just have to investigate the knife. Im busy today.”

Hugo laughed at the absurdity. Of course, it wouldnt be hard for him to investigate this lead, but…

‘What Busy Hugos angry eyes headed toward the phone in his friends hand. “Youre making me work hard for which game!”

He was about to take the phone away when something caught his eyes and surprised him. “This game…!”

Seeing Hugos surprised expression, Lee Gun laughed in a pleased manner. He looked proud. “Thats right. This is the number one RPG fighting game. It seems they modeled the characters according to real awakened beings. I havent drawn my character, but I bet it is a seven-star character.”

“….” If Hugo told the truth, the developer in Korea would be razed to the ground.

Lee Gun was growing Chun Sungjaes character and some odd SS rank male character. However, they were separate from his main character.

He said, “Look. Shes the main character Im leveling up. Shes the most popular character. Shes very pretty in real life. She might be my type…”

“Hey! Erase it,” Hugo suddenly said.


He rushed toward Lee Gun. “Erase that female character right now!”

“Why! Do you realize how much I had to spend to get her! Shes pretty! She has good abilities too!”

“Dont even show interest in her!” 

Lee Gun asked, “What Who is she Is she someone bad”

“She is….” Hugo was about to say it was his daughter, but he stopped. He thought about what might happen if he did. His daughter was a fanatic when it came to Lee Gun. This was why Hugo had no plans of introducing her to Lee Gun. If she saw Lee Guns current face… “No! No matter what!”


Hugo was a desperate father who was a fool when it came to his daughter.

* * *

┕ It must be the Gemini temple. They are ranked number one in Korea.

┕ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ They are merely merchants that rent out elemental magic. Rumors regarding Lee Guns return are everywhere.

┕ㅇ Stop bull**ting me.

┕This is a link showing Lee Gun.Shocking! Man wearing Lee Gun mask uses frozen meat to beat monsters.jpg

┕Interesting! Which temple are they from 


┕Lee Gun killed something the Gemini Saint failed to

‘(58,994 New Comments) Chun Sungjae broke out in cold sweat when he read the screen. To be precise, his reaction was caused by the person showing him the comments.

“This cant really be Lee Gun, right”

The one holding the phone was the number two ranked User in Korea. His name was Choi Sunghyuk, and he was the general of the Gemini temple. Choi Sunghyuk was on a short global list of general rank(Cardinal) awakened beings. He was also known for hating Lee Gun.

Chun Sungjae could only move his eyes when he saw his superiors displeased expression.

“Your friend, who is in the hospital, seemed excited. He said that the one who killed the Spider Queen was Lee Gun-nim.”

Chun Sungjae clicked his tongue when he heard this. His roommate wasnt being helpful. “Please dont listen to him. At the time, my friend had been poisoned, so he wasnt in his right mind.” 

“Are you saying it wasnt Lee Gun”

Chun Sungjae was in a pickle. Of course, that man had moved uncannily like Lee Gun, and he also possessed Lee Guns mask. Chun Sungjae had become suspicious when his father, who was one of the 12 Saints, had arrived there. However… “It isnt Lee Gun-nim,” he said.

This matter had bothered Chun Sungjae, so he had called his father. A while had passed since the two of them had spoken to each other, yet the Archer Saint had just coldly scolded his son. Hugo had then told Chun Sungjae to return home if he wanted to continue speaking such nonsense.

Chun Sungjae had then consulted his older sister just in case, but she had also laughed it off. She was an S-rank User who worshipped a different god. She had told him that no Saint couldve returned alive from the Devils Tower.

Choi Sunghyuk laughed when he heard the answer he wanted from one of the witnesses. “Yes. I knew it couldnt be true.”

In the first place, a Saint rank awakened being had failed to kill the Spider Queen. There was no way Lee Gun could do it. By putting together several pieces of information, Lee Gun was estimated to be a B rank awakened being.

“It was an assessment given by the Aquarius Saintess.”

Those words left Chun Sungjae crestfallen. He had heard stories about Lee Gun from his father and watched many videos of his fights. It was why he had come to admire Lee Gun, but he had to face reality. The tales of heroes were always exaggerated.

This was why most awakened beings looked down on Lee Gun. The general ranked ones looked down on him even more.

The Gemini general laughed at Chun Sungjaes reaction.If Lee Gun were really alive… The chances were fifty-fifty, but if Lee Gun were alive, the situation would be fun for the General.I can show that I am superior to him.

This was the reason Choi Sunghyuk was interested in the young man who had killed the Spider Queen.


Basically, the recruitment of a talented individual helped a lot in increasing the power of ones god.

“The Spider Queen… Theres no way a mere User killed it when even a Saint was unable to. Im sure the monster was suffering under the aftereffects of being sealed…”

In any case, that young man had killed a monster that had eaten an S rank User just before.

“We have to recruit that man. At the very least, hes either an A rank or S rank User.”


Choi Sunghyuk was sure this young man was talented enough to erase the shadow cast by Lee Gun. He would recruit this young man and support him from the back. It would be splendid. The general started making calculations in his head.

He then said to Chun Sungjae, “Youre the only point of contact we have. I want you to find him before the other temples do. Do it while the world is focused on Lee Gun.”


“You wont do something unfortunate like introducing him to your fathers temple, right”

Chun Sungjae sighed when he saw the wary look in Choi Sunghyuks eyes.

Chun Sungjaes reaction meant he understood. So Choi Sunghyuk laughed. “The Gemini Saint will love it if we can bring in this young man.” The general hoped the young man wouldnt faint in the presence of the Gemini Saint.

* * *

At that moment in time…

“Saintess, we cant feel the presence of the Sheep Saint. We cant sense the presence of his construct either.” 

A woman talked on the phone near the Sheep Saints holy ground. On the other end of the call was the owner of the chalice called the .

The Aquarius Saintess was praised as the worlds greatest saintess. She was under the healing god, who possessed the most disciples in the world. Many countries and men of power hung around her. The holy water she supplied was worth it.

Her subordinate, who had come out to investigate, burned with killing intent. “Should I force myself into the Sheep Saints holy ground and search inside”

– No. Dont do that. Killing isnt good. Those disciples can be used in various locations.


– Anyway, this puts me in a jam.

The Saintess was anxious. Yang Weis disappearance was a big loss, but that was of secondary consideration.Did he perhaps ally himself to a different Saint

The biggest problem was that Yang Wei possessed valuable treasures. The first was a golden crate called , and the other one was .

‘The rest of the twelve Saints stored their most important items in there.

If anyone other than Yang Wei opened Infinite Storage, it would be troublesome. Moreover…

‘Yang Wei has a hidden ability that even hes unaware of.

If the person who took in Yang Wei was quick on the uptake like Lee Gun, it would cause difficulty.

Suddenly, her subordinate, who was observing the surroundings, said, “Excuse me, Saintess.”

– Yes.

“Didnt the Devils Tower collapse just a while ago There are reports that Lee Gun sent a message to a broadcast station.”

– Yes. What about it

“What if Lee Gun is really back There is a possibility he kidnapped Yang Wei.”

A clear ringing laugh came from the other end.

– You like to tell bad jokes, sister.

The laughter abruptly stopped. The Saintesss voice trembled. An odd mixture of fear and anger appeared in it. Just the thought of that man made her feel terrible.

– In the first place, Lee Gun doesnt have the ability to pull that off.

“Youre right. He was an incompetent man. He could fight on the level of the twelve Saints only thanks to your power.”

For some reason, the Saintess cringed at the slander. However, she soon started laughing.

– Youre right. How could a dead man kidnap the Sheep Saint The message might be a fake sent by Lee Gun fanatics. Lets not pay too much attention to it.

“Im sorry! I said something unnecessary.”

– Please dont worry too much about it. The Sheep Saint is probably trying to dodge media scrutiny regarding the Spider Queen. Moreover, Korea is the Gemini Saints territory. Theres no way Gemini would stand by and do nothing if Lee Gun had appeared.

– I want you to make preparations. I have something to deal with today.

“What You want to go out, Saintess”

Since she had to make holy water, the Saintess never left her holy ground. However, things were different right now. She had received information that one of Lee Guns items had appeared at the holy item market. It was one of the legendary items she had to acquire.

“What Are you sure My god! The legendary item that has been missing…”

It was a rumor that some hidden whale had put out the item for sale. That was why…

Something happened at that moment. An underling ran up toward the Saintess, who was talking on the phone.

“Its bad, Saintess!”

“Whats wrong”

“Other Saints are headed toward the marketplace. They are aiming for Lee Guns holy item.” 

The Saintess immediately got up.


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