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The Return of the Disaster Class Hero Chapter 21: Got Something Interesting (1)

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Chapter 21: Got Something Interesting (1)

Hugo almost felt his heart drop.

“G… Gun”

Every time Lee Gun suddenly moved in that manner, Hugo would shudder. Was it because Hugo was more sensitive to the small details most people missed

“Whats wrong Is the office too small Do you not like that chair I dont know whats wrong, but you shouldnt destroy my property,” Hugo said.

Lee Gun looked at his friend in surprise. ‘What the hell is going through his mind to say something like that Throwing all that to the back of his mind, he rushed toward the window. “Im pretty sure its in here somewhere.” 

Ggahng! Ggahng!

Lee Gun started to throw the items he had stacked near the window to the side. They were the precious holy items he had stolen from the Sheeps holy ground. It was unknown as to what he was searching for, but in the end, he raised some unknown item. “I found it.”

Hugos eyes turned round. Lee Gun had found a crystal around the size of a fingernail. It was neither a holy item nor an ingredient. It was something Hugo had never seen before.

However, since Lee Gun had been desperate to find it, the item had to be important. That was why Hugo asked with a solemn expression, “What is it”

“Whats it to you” 

“” Hugo was baffled by the reply, but Lee Guns question was a valid one.

Lee Gun didnt know the identity of the item either. ‘The voice said its data, but…

Even if he didnt know, he was sure this thing was used for manufacturing an item. And it seemed he was right.


    [You can use this data to manufacture an item.]

Alongside those words, the voice gave a warning.

    [Currently, you are inside the Archers holy ground.] 

    [At your current level, you may suffer damage inside the holy ground.]

    [Qualified data can be used to make holy items that can protect the Serpent Bearer.]

Lee Gun was amused. He laughed when he heard those words. “Alright. Lets see if my hands are still steady.”

“What” Hugo was still baffled.

As soon as Lee Gun spoke those words, something amazing and frightening happened. A light appeared around him.


A space made out of a magic circle around 1.6 square meters in area appeared underneath Lee Guns feet.

[Creation Workshop]

– Lv.1 (Amateur hobbyist on top of the toilet)

– Current size: 1.6㎡ (The worlds smallest workshop)

Hugo, who had been watching Lee Gun, gulped. He saw a green magic formation appear in front of him, something he had never seen before in his life. ‘Thats not the pattern for the twelve gods.

The formation had numerous geometrical figures and unknown letters on it. At a glance, Hugo saw a figure that resembled three snakes coiling around each other.

When the magic formation completely appeared, all the crystals exited Lee Guns pocket.

[The ingredients will be dismantled to extract the data.]

[Gaze of a god (F) has been activated]

D rank Data, 1-5 second camouflage! Restriction: Bloodsucking or Suspended Animation or Pestilence!

A rank Data! Enthusiasts fastidious tenacity (20% increase in the level of completion)

A rank Data! Innate Poison!

B rank Data! Its all good if Im good (Absorbs magical energy of allies)

S rank Data! A voice that attracts wealth

As expected, the one to produce the strongest light was Yang Weis crystal. When Lee Gun touched Yang Weis crystal, the magic formation changed subtly. The snakes of the magic formation opened their mouths, and a large ringing noise resonated throughout the room.


[It changed into the Dismantling Workshop.]

[The extracted data can be used for manufacturing.]

[The data will get destroyed once it is used.]

Lee Gun laughed in amusement. ‘This is interesting.

“Isnt this your manufacturing skill” Hugo was shell-shocked when he saw Lee Guns old-but-transformed skill. The skill didnt give off this feeling twenty years ago.

If he had to make a comparison, it would be like stacking countless ingredients and sticking a dolls eyes on a finished product. In the past, the skill felt like Lee Gun had been putting together a plastic model.

‘It never gave off the energy of a god.

However, that wasnt important right now. Hugo asked, “Do you plan on making holy items again” 

“Of course.” Lee Gun had realized it when he faced Yang Wei. He needed a weapon that could destroy the annoying Divine skills of the twelve gods. He had used his bare fists to destroy Yang Weis skills; Yang Wei wasnt a fighter, yet the bones in Lee Guns fists had broken.

“I need a weapon that can be used against the battle-oriented Saints.” Immediately after saying that, Lee Gun activated his skill. His fingers moved toward the blue crystal.

[The data is being extracted from the crystal.]

D rank Data, 1-5 second camouflage! Restriction: Bloodsucking or Suspended Animation or Pestilence

[Please focus your mind.]

[The data loss will depend on your proficiency.]

When Lee Gun pulled his hand back from the crystal, letters made out of light trailed his fingers. He felt like he was dealing with a bouncy pudding. However, he kept his focus. When he extracted all the letters, he heard the voice again.

[A hundred percent of the D-rank data has been extracted.]

[The maximum amount of the ability has been extracted.]

– 5 second camouflage! Restriction: Bloodsucking the user

[It has been saved as a hieroglyph.]

Lee Gun laughed as he wagged his finger. “Hey, Taeksoo.”

Hugo, who had been absent-mindedly watching his friend, quickly tossed him a piece of wood. It was one of the ingredients Lee Gun had gathered. Lee Gun caught the block of wood, which was as thick as his forearm. When he used his magical energy, something amazing happened.


    [It has changed into the Manufacturing Workshop.]

The snakes closed their mouths. The middle snake twined itself around a pillar. Then the magic formation again changed in a subtle manner.


Lee Gun took out a blade.

[Special attribute of the manufacturing workshop has been activated.]

[Speed has increased by 10%]

[Personal Characteristics , , and have been activated]

Something surprising happened again. Lee Gun threw the block of wood into the air.


The block of wood was cut in half. Lee Gun used the magical energy-infused blade to take a big chunk off the blocks corners.

Bah-gahk! Pah-gahk!

He shaped the block of wood like a pentagon, then cut it into a dodecahedron. Finally, Lee Gun took out his small carving knife. As he held the block of wood, he injected his magical energy into the carving knife.


The light in his eyes changed. His gaze remained rooted at the center of the wooden block as if he were trying to draw something out of it with his gaze.

[Your concentration has increased.]

How long had he glared at it As if something had dropped on top of a taut string…


Lee Guns hands moved so fast that they became invisible to the naked eye. His hands moved like needles as he stabbed at the wooden block.

Kwah-gahk! Kwah-gahk!

The blade moved as if it were possessed. It carved the block into various locations. In a flash, an outline took form, and the overall shape of a new item appeared. The blade smoothed out the sides in a V motion, then stabbed the block into a particular location.


Finally, a bird appeared out of the block. The bird looked like it was about to stab a worm with its beak. Hugos mouth fell open when he saw the tyrant bird. However, the process wasnt done yet.

    [The extracted data will be transferred.]

The light started to spread. The normal block of wood started to turn blue, and the color became darker.

[An attribute has been successfully imbued into the basic ingredient.]

[You have created a holy item.] 

[The Freak Genius and Master Craftsman have allowed you to imbue the holy item with the attribute of a bird.]

B rank

– Camouflage skill (D rank)

– Mess with Me, I Kill Your Skill (B rank) (New attribute)

– If an appropriate price isnt given, itll peck you and extract a massive amount of blood. (New attribute)

– Attribute Slot (0/3)

[Saints EXP has risen] 

[Dexterity attribute has risen.]

Lee Gun found this development interesting. He had created weapons before, but they never had attributes. However, he didnt dwell on it too long. He used the same process to make another holy item. This time he had chosen Min Sunghoons data.

B rank Data! Its all good if Im good (Absorbs magical energy of allies)

[A holy time that will protect you from the Archers holy ground has been created.]

B rank

– Periodically absorbs 10% of the magical energy of anyone who makes contact with the item (B rank)

– The magical energy of the person who touches the item will flow into another. The name of the subject has to be written on the item. (New attribute)

– Attribute Slot (0/1)

When Lee Gun took back his magical energy, the magic formation disappeared.

Hugo still couldnt look away. It had been a long time since he had seen his friend at work, and the sight was amazing. ‘The magical energy contained with the items…

The magical energy inside the items was very strong. Lee Gun was much better than the famous master craftsmen of this era. No, those craftsmen couldnt hold a candle to Lee Gun. Hugo had no idea where Lee Gun had placed his slime as he had used normal tools to create the items within the Archers holy ground.

‘How…! No, that wasnt important right now. In truth, Hugo had never expected to see this ever again, so this sight had made his heart full.

Lee Gun laughed at Hugo. “Hey, close your mouth. Since Im at it, do you want me to make you a weapon”

“For real” Hugos voice was a bit loud; he became embarrassed for a moment. He cleared his throat, but he couldnt stop his heart from pounding.

Lee Gun had offered to make him a weapon! Even the pickiest gods would be satisfied with being offered a weapon made by Lee Gun. Those weapons were amazing.

‘His weird design sense can be overlooked. Of course, Hugo was looking forward to it. However, his excitement lasted only for a moment, and he said, “You cant make a lot of weapons, Gun.”


Hugo felt wistful. “You need an absurd amount of ingredients. When you make a weapon, you also need world-class national treasures.”

One needed an amazing weapon when facing a Construct or a being belonging to a Legendary species. To make such a weapon, a craftsman needed a treasure containing the internal energy of a Legend. However, they couldnt steal a national treasure because they needed it as an ingredient.

Normally, a country would receive the manufactured item as a price for loaning out their national treasure. That was why not many of these items were made.

“Also, the item will no longer belong to the country.”

The biggest problem was that the political landscape had changed in the past twenty years. Many countries were now ruled by the twelve Zodiac Saints. The Zodiac Saints were emperors.

“If you donate the items, youre basically handing your items over to them!”

Lee Gun cackled. He had no plans of handing over his weapons. “You dont have to worry about that.”

Hugos face turned pale when he heard Lee Guns laughter. “Are you going to openly steal the ingredients”

Did he mean he was going to brute force it by stealing national treasures from other countries

Lee Gun cackled at Hugos words. It wasnt a bad plan. “I dont have to do that.” He hadnt tried it, but he probably could extract the data. ‘It should be arriving there right now.

Hugo became worried when he saw Lee Guns smile. It was to be expected. Lee Gun smiled like that only when he did something outrageous. The Archer Saint had a sneaking suspicion that his friend had committed several outrageous acts.

Sure enough…

“This should be enough to create what you want.”


Lee Gun took out something from the holy items.

Hugo yelled out loud when he saw it, “Hey! Thats—”

Lee Gun had taken out the golden crate.

* * *

Right now, all the media outlets were making a lot of noise. It was all about the Sheep Saint.

└He should continue to shut the hell up.

└ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋWhat the hell is wrong with the Sheep Saint Why did he say he killed it in Manchuriaㅋㅋㅋ

└Korea got embarrassed thanks to him.

This bombshell of a story was enough to set all the media outlets into an uproar. However, they never expected something more surprising to happen. It all started when a suspicious item was delivered to one of the media outlets.

“What the hell Did a quick delivery service deliver this” The PD who had received the package tilted his head in puzzlement. He held an unknown item.

“What is this” The PD became surprised when he took a closer look at the box.

‘This signature…! He was sure of it. It was Lee Guns signature. Of course, the PD knew what his signature looked like; Lee Gun was currently the most talked about awakened being on this planet. Moreover, he was already a legendary figure around the world.

The flustered PD read the shipping label and found something very surprising.

[Sender: Lee Gun]

[Address: Devils Tower]


That was right. Lee Gun had sent this item.

The PD quickly opened the box. As soon as he saw its contents, he started to scream.


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