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The Return of the Disaster Class Hero Chapter 20: What? You Don't Believe Me?

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Chapter 20: What You Dont Believe Me

Lee Gun seriously looked at his attributes.

[Rookie (Lv.1)!]

[Disposition/ Not Chosen]

– Penalty/ (990 hours)

– Saint EXP/ 39840 (Point 0)

《The Man Who Pounds on All Creations Advanced Skills》

[Extreme Observation ▶ Gaze of a god (F)]

[Piercing Eye: Can see the special characteristics, weaknesses, status, structure, etc. of an All Creation!]

– Current Level : See the basic data of items/people/skills in the vicinity!

[One Room Workshop ▶ Creation Workshop (F)]

– Summons Workshop where all things can be created

[Transcendent Sense ▶ 13th Sense (F)]

– Transforms the five senses to that of a Snake for 3 minutes!

[Bull Instinct ▶ Suicidal Instinct (F)]

– It consumes the remaining magical energy you have and releases the majesty of a god for 3 seconds!

[Super Regeneration (F Rank)]

– The body regenerates at an astonishing speed for ten seconds

– If an attack happens during regeneration, the rate of regeneration will decrease.

– Cooldown: 3 days

[Construct (F)]

– Designates eighty-eight units for the Serpent Bearer

– The army defends the Serpent Bearer

(Current Summons: 1/2)

– Piggy Bank: Lv.1 (Critical Condition)/Low-rank Rebellious Subject/ Not affiliated with the eighty-eight constellations!

Lee Gun laughed as he saw the information. He had yet to comprehend it, but he knew his attributes had changed in unexpected ways. For example, his skill that exposed a weakness in the enemy had transformed into a skill that displayed personal information about the enemy. A simple skill he had gotten after his awakening had turned into a supreme skill.

‘Anyway, Im glad I unlocked all the skills. Without skills, he was severely limited in what he could do in a fight. Soon, something odd caught his eyes.

[Magical Energy Status: 100% (Enough Nutrient)] 

[Divine Status: 40% (Recharge Needed)]

He knew what magical energy was, but he had no idea about Divine status. As if it had read his thoughts, a voice rang within his head.

 [Divine status allows one to activate and maintain Divine power. Its the dignity of a god. Divine status (Divine power) can be taken from other gods and their disciples. You can also earn it through the development of our constructs. When Divine status reaches 0%, you will lose the Divine power. If it remains low for a prolonged period, it will wither away.]

‘This is fun. Lee Gun still didnt know for sure, but it seemed Divine Status was an energy source for magical energy. He wondered if it was something similar to the class of a god and whether it was the energy he always felt from the gods.

Only a short time had passed since he had started thinking about the information, but he had to stop due to an interruption.

“M-my god. He really is Lee Gun… I meant you are Lee Gun-nim”

Lee Gun had never seen this couple before. They were trembling as they looked at Lee Gun. Lee Gun had to say something. “What the hell is wrong with them”

“Wow! This is nuts! Im conversing with Lee Gun-nim!”

“P-please speak one more word!”

In the end, Hugo let out a sigh. They were inside the office within the Archers temple, the Archers holy ground. Even though it was a holy ground, only one building could fit inside it. This holy ground was very small compared to the holy ground of the Sheep. However, they would lose their pursuers here.

‘Also, we have to deal with what happened to Yang Wei. Hugo had sent Lee Gun ahead. He hadnt minded catching up to him. However…

“My god. If I knew Lee Gun-nim were still alive, I wouldve joined his temple instead of the Archers!”

“You guys are fired.”

The ones trembling in excitement were none other than Hugos loyal subordinates. They were his disciples and direct subordinates, so they were high-rank disciples. Despite being powerful, they looked like rookies next to Lee Gun.

‘No. Anyone in this world would look like that if they stood beside him. Hugo clearly felt that Lee Gun was on a different level in both power and spirit. He soon realized that he was also staring at Lee Gun, so he shook his head.

“I think you guys are under a misunderstanding. This guy isnt Lee Gun.”

“What Really”

Disappointment appeared in the eyes of his disciples. Their Saint had immediately returned from England when the news about Lee Gun had broken out. Now, he had brought this young man after the incident at the Sheeps holy ground. Therefore, these disciples had deduced that this young man was Lee Gun.

“I guess so. There is no way Lee Gun-nim is this young and handsome.”

‘What did you say, punks An odd light flashed in Lee Guns eyes. The flustered Hugo quickly sent his disciples out of the room. He wondered if he would lose his subordinates to Lee Gun and glared at him, but that thought lasted a very short time.



Lee Gun looked at Hugo with a disappointed expression.

Hugo opened a box of fried chicken. He was in a very bad mood. His friend had run away from the Sheeps holy ground by himself, so why was he the traitor

“Hey, you dont want to eat the chicken”

Lee Gun pointed at the picture on top of Hugos desk. It was a family picture with a five-year-old boy and a nine-year-old girl. Both kids had good appearances, and the girl was especially pretty. “I shouldve known when I saw the ring, you bastard. You got married. Youre a traitor.”

Lee Guns remarks baffled Hugo.

‘What the hell is he saying Hugo knew Lee Gun didnt like people in his personal space; he wouldnt marry someone. “You had no plans on meeting a woman and settling down! Dont be so difficult! You get angry when someone intrudes on your personal space!”

Lee Gun replied, “I dont care about that. Now, I cant execute my plan to set your house on fire. You messed it up.”


“I cant set fire to a house where someones family lives.”

The words shocked Hugo even though he found Lee Gun despicable and shameless.

“Youre capable of thinking in such a sensible manner”

“It seems you want to get hit again”

Hugo found all of this unexpected. He then asked, “Why are you bothering to ask me for help You can ask the government, right”

Lee Gun was a hero to the world. Every country in the world coveted him, and there was no way Korea would stand back and do nothing if he requested them.

Hugo said, “I heard you tried to contact Cheongwadae.”

“Yes, I did. Im going to kill all those idiots at a later date.”

“…!” Hugos face froze. It was to be expected. The person on the other side of the phone had thought it was a prank call, so he had ended it. ‘Those idiots… Theres no way Lee Gun will let go of such a slight.

Lee Gun was like that. If he couldnt contact someone, he would make just one extra effort to contact them. It was Koreas loss that they didnt pick up the phone, not Lee Guns.

“Still, you can receive VIP treatment. Dont you want that” Hugo asked.

Lee Gun scoffed. “I was never treated like a VIP even when I was called to the Cheongwadae.”

He wasnt wrong. It had been a different time, but Lee Gun would fight at the frontline every day. Therefore, the governments treatment of him had only made him angrier.

“I wouldve overlooked it if they were good at their job. I always had to report to a superior when peoples lives were on the line. I had to receive permission before I could move. I had to wait for an answer from a superior. I should upset their table this time.”

‘You already upset the table before….

It seemed Lee Gun had forgotten the incidents where he had made the generals from the army, the navy, and the air force almost cry. Hugo decided to put that aside for now. “So, you wont go to the government” 

“Why would I Itll just make the media go into overdrive all over the world.” 

‘Hes right. Hugo was sure everyone around the world would cause all kinds of ruckus saying the hero had returned. Back then, Lee Gun had been cordial toward the government because he had lied to one senator.

“Anyway, Ill have to find a different place to stay since youre a traitor.”

“I dont mind. You can stay for a while.” Hugo offered.


“I live by my own,” Hugo told him.


His wife was no longer with him. His college-age daughter could provide for herself, so she had left his house. As for his son… Hugo frowned when he thought about his son, who was obsessed with Lee Gun. He looked at Lee Gun and came to a decision. ‘Ill never tell him that Lee Gun came back.

Lee Gun misread his friends expression. He patted his friends shoulder with sympathy. “Cheer up! Did you lose a lot of money in the divorce” 

“I didnt divorce her!” Hugo glared at Lee Gun. The more he thought about it, the more his anger grew. His wife was a Lee Gun fan. He was also one of the thirteen original awakened beings, yet his children and wife liked Lee Gun more than him. Of course, the inner dynamics of his family werent important right now. “Whatever! Lets stop talking about that. What happened to you What happened to your body What happened inside the tower”

The events of the past still baffled Hugo. Twelve people had entered the tower, and Lee Gun was the reason they could reach the 100th floor, Red Eyes residence.

“Why did Leo come out with the head of Red Eye Why didnt you come out with them Did you really fall behind in the fight… Kuhk!”

Hugo had once again received a blow from Lee Gun.

“You wanna die Im the one who killed Red Eye.” 

“I knew it…” Hugo had known something was off. Monsters had started converging into the tower when they had reached the ninetieth floor. Therefore, Hugo had gone out to defend against the horde of monsters trying to enter the tower. He was absent in the fight against Red Eye.

‘There was no way they couldve killed Red Eye. Since Hugo wasnt there, the others had told him to shut up. They had then taken the stage to receive the spotlight from the world. It had given a lot of consternation to Hugo. Now that he had heard the truth, he felt better.

“Ive been wronged, and Im going to fix it.”

In the near future, the twelve Zodiac Saints were going to gather for a big meeting. The whole world would be paying attention to the meeting, so it would be a great opportunity for him. A dangerous light flashed within Lee Guns eyes.

He then said, “Also, one of them stabbed me in the back.”


“Due to that, I fell into a trap on the 100th floor. Then, the monsters within the trap attacked me.”

“Did you somehow dodge the monsters to exit the tower” Hugo asked.



“I came out after killing them all.” 

Hugo became silent. “Youre joking, right”

“Im telling the truth.”

The soda bottle fell from Hugos hand. He stared at Lee Gun as if he had lost his mind. 

Lee Gun laughed in derision. “Be logical! If the tower still had monsters, they wouldve followed me out.”

“Im just saying… the gods placed a barrier around the tower, so the monsters wouldve had a hard time coming out.”

Lee Gun scoffed. “Barrier You mean that weird tasseled cord of straw I came out after I cut it.” 

“…” Hugo was stunned. The tower contained an enormous number of monsters! It had been full of mysterious creatures and an unknown army of monsters that he had never seen before! Moreover, these monsters were unkillable.

‘He killed them all This was amazing news. Recently, new monsters that the twelve Zodiacs Saints couldnt defeat had started to appear in the world. ‘All the high-rank holy items, which the gods made with great care, are breaking.

The barrier was holding up well, but all the disciples were on high alert.

‘If Gun hadnt cleared the tower, we would be in a much worse situation. Hugo had encountered several of those monsters, and he instinctively felt how dangerous they were. This was why the best he could do was chase them away. Yet, Lee Gun had casually spoken that he had killed all those monsters.

“Anyway, my body transformed into this when I killed everything.” Lee Gun stopped speaking as he glared at Hugo. Then, he hit Hugo out of nowhere. “You deserve a beating.”

“You already hit me!”

“Youre a fraud. You prophesied that I would die, yet you were wrong again. You should give up on being a fortune teller.”

Hugo felt aggrieved. He wasnt a fraud. For some odd reason, whenever it came to Lee Gun, his predictions would turn out to be false. “You really killed them all Youre nuts! I saw around a hundred thousand…”

“There were more than that.”


Lee Gun smirked. “At the very least, the number was ten times higher.” 


Lee Gun laughed. He still felt angry and annoyed when he thought about it. It was to be expected. The matter wasnt as simple as him being trapped in the tower.

‘You killed Red Eye You are amazing. Are you sure youre human

When Lee Gun had fallen into the trap, he had met the towers odd administrator. He didnt know its identity, but it hadnt been a normal monster. Whatever it was, the bastard had enjoyed torturing and playing with him.

Moreover, the tower had an infinite reset capability. It might have been an illusion, but Lee Gun had to defeat the monsters again and again. They were all unkillable. When it came to fighting Red Eye once more, even the mighty Lee Gun felt like he was about to lose his mind.

“I could break that **ty trap only after I killed the admin.”

“You… you repeated that how many times” Hugo asked.

“I stopped counting after a hundred thousand times.” 


Lee Gun made it sound like he were a thousand-year-old snake. “Im pretty sure the person who pushed me into the trap knew what would happen.”

As he listened to this, Hugo turned as pale as he could be. He couldnt tell if the person in front of him was a human or a monster.

“Lets put that aside for now.” Lee Gun furrowed his brows. “I confirmed it when I fought against the Sheep Saint and his disciples.”


“I dont know what method you used, but you guys leveled up your gods, right”


“The blessing around you guys has become stronger. My hands hurt when I beat up that pig. If I didnt have my Super Regeneration skill, my fists wouldve turned into broken bones.”

It didnt seem like a bad trade-off considering he had beaten his opponent to a bloody pulp.

Hugo soon admitted it. The twelve Zodiac Saints were using the EXP gathered by their disciples to grow the power of their gods. In turn, they received special blessings and holy items from the gods. Some of them had become demi-gods. Even Lee Gun wouldnt come out unharmed if he charged straight into them. 

Hugo was sure Lee Gun knew this. If he wanted to destroy all his enemies, he needed a power that would allow him to transcend them. ‘So he needs the power of a god….

Hugo flinched as he observed Lee Gun. It was very faint, but he could feel a new form of energy emanating from Lee Gun. Even though it was small, the power was oppressive and aloof. He felt a sense of awe toward that power and found it hard to breathe as he looked at Lee Gun.

‘God Hugo absentmindedly stared at Lee Gun, but then shook his head. There was no way it could be possible. 

Lee Gun looked at the holy items he had taken from the temple of the Sheep. “Anyway, Ill use these holy items to…” 

It happened at that moment.




Lee Gun shot up from his seat for some reason.


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