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The Return of the Disaster Class Hero Chapter 13: You Wanna Die? (2)

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Chapter 13: You Wanna Die (2)

Min Sunghoon had used a Divine skill so that his opponent couldnt move. That was why he became flustered when Lee Gun broke the ice walls.

‘I did use a low-level support skill, but… he broke through the Divine skill using frozen meat It threw him off. However, Min Sunghoon laughed at the next moment as if he had remembered something. ‘Ah. I think I know whats going on.

He couldnt feel the presence of a god from Lee Gun. Basically, Lee Gun wasnt an awakened person; he hadnt received the blessing of a god.

‘He must be the lowest rank disciple if he couldnt receive the blessing of the gods. These types of people are predictable. Since they dont have the ability, they study films of raids and rent skills to imitate the Saints.

A lot of the rentable skills were strong.

‘He should know his place. He dares to act in such a way against an S-rank disciple 

Min Sunghoon felt no need to use his S-rank skill. In this situation, it was best to demoralize his opponent through overwhelming strength and skill. Moreover, it was one of the ways a disciple could raise their temples EXP. If he saved the child in front of the crowd, his temples reputation would go up. That was why he had drawn the attention of the people to himself while activating his skill.

He said, “Dont worry. Ill save the child right now. This needs a pro instead of an amateur.”

“Oh! As expected of an S rank!”

“disciples belonging to the Zodiacs are more trustworthy than amateurs!”

Lee Gun, who was monitoring the spider and the child, laughed in derision. “You are better off not doing it.”

Min Sunghoon scoffed at the words. ‘What the hell is he saying Soon, he charged forward. However, something unbelievable happened.



“!” Min Sunghoon, who was charging toward the spider in high spirits, had been sent flying by a single blow. This development frightened everyone. At the next instant, Min Sunghoon crashed into the ground.


Everything had happened so suddenly that Min Sunghoon couldnt even break his fall. He immediately got up, but he looked flustered. Such an attack was out of his expectations.

Unrest rose amongst the people. The other awakened disciples, who were Min Sunghoons retinue, couldnt close their mouths. It was the same with the two young men who were here with Lee Gun.

“What happened Why did he get knocked back like that”

“Why did that ice bastard!”

A sour expression appeared on Chun Sungjaes face when he heard them. “What do you mean what happened That bastard is just lousy.”


‘Thats what he gets for looking down on Lee Gun-nim! Die! Go to hell! Chun Sungjae, who was a Lee Gun fanatic, had a harsh look in his eyes. The other young man, who was more rational than his friend, couldnt comprehend what had just happened.

‘The spider didnt move, yet… 

Unsurprisingly, Lee Gun was laughing. ‘Thats what you get for attacking it when it has a prey in its mouth. In simple terms, the spider had used a counter that reflected attacks. A half-baked skill couldnt break through that.

‘Well, thats good for me. Lee Gun looked at the spider. He had been waiting for this moment. The spider had become aware that other enemies were near it when it activated its counter. It started to create threads. This proved that the spider planned to store the prey and eat it at a later time.

Since the child could be hurt, the best possible course of action was not breaking the counter. The best way to do it was to have the spider activate it once, then dispel it. However…

‘I dont want to get hit. The pain sucks.

Since Min Sunghoon looked like he could take a punch, Lee Gun hadnt stopped him from charging forward. ‘It seems my juniors are quite durable. Lee Gun looked at Min Sunghoon with a cheeky smile.

[Min Sunghoon!]

[Awakened name (Christened name): Someone Who Freezes Even the Mood]

[Someone that Freezes the World]

[Effect: Ice specialization. Can freeze even fire.]

Personal Attributes

[Baseless Confidence: 30% Buff on Attack skills]

[Ankle Hold: Specialization of Immobilization Skill]

[Attribute user wants to hide]

[If Im Good, Its All Good: Steals magical energy from allies]

[Negative Words: Attracts calamity]

The information Lee Gun got was interesting, but he had work to do. He cracked his knuckles. 

On the other hand, the S-rank Min Sunghoon furrowed his brows as he gripped his dislocated shoulder. ‘Shit! Normal attack skills wont work against it.

As if he were drawing a sign of his religion, he then made unique hand gestures in the air. The magical energy that he had received from his god moved in a powerful manner. It was the magical energy of the Gemini. The cold air settled on the ground and attacked the spider.

[Two-faced Restraint]


As soon as the spider froze in place, Min Sunghoon yelled to his subordinates, “Good! I froze its legs. Everyone, attack at the same!”

Despite the situation it was in, the spider acted as though it felt nothing. It bashed through the ice.


People screamed when ice fragments flew in all directions.

“Shit! Again!” The flustered Min Sunghoon once again gestured with his hand. He put more power into the skill. However…


Crash! Crunch!

The attack failed once again.

“Shit! This shouldnt be happening! Again!” He increased his connection to his god. He increased the accuracy and damage of the skill. However, he failed again and again! When he used the skill for the tenth time, the spider became enraged. It wanted Min Sunghoon to stop, but he didnt plan on giving up.

“Shit! Again!”

“Get out of the way, you, you antifreeze asshole.” At that moment, Lee Gun appeared in the scene.


“Kuh-huhk!” Min Sunghoon screamed as he fell over. Lee Gun had ruthlessly bashed his head with his fist. Min Sunghoon felt his skull ring and became dizzy. “Huh, huh-uhk…!”

Lee Gun furrowed his brows with a frustrated expression. This man had arrogantly claimed that he was a pro, so Lee Gun had wanted to see how good he was. However, Min Sunghoon couldnt even kill a mere spider. “Fuck. The frost created by the gods is annoying as hell. My hands are cold.”

Lee Gun had been using the frozen meat from the freezer since he knew what would happen if he had used his skill. That was why he blew at his hand in annoyance as he walked forward. 

Min Sunghoon looked at Lee Gun in shock.Did he just hit me right now He

Chun Sungjae was aware of Min Sunghoons abilities, so he was also surprised. ‘Hes an S rank disciple, so his link to his god is strong. It means his defensive skills are powerful.

However, there was another reason Chun Sungjaes mouth remained open.

“Im borrowing this for a moment, kid.”

“” Chun Sungjae yelled when he saw Lee Gun shake something. ‘When the hell did he take that 

Lee Gun was waving the dagger that was sheathed on Sungjaes waist a moment ago. However, it wasnt the reason Chun Sungjae had yelled. “Hey! Wait! You cant use a blade against it!”

He had seen instances where spider-type monsters had suffered significant damages. Whenever they were stabbed or cut, poison would erupt from the wounds. This poison was like hydrochloric acid.

“If you disturb the poison pouch, it can melt your body!”

Lee Gun swung the blade.

Chun Sungjaes expression changed as Lee Gun sliced and diced the spiders legs. “Uh Why are you fine Im pretty sure you disturbed the poison pouch!”

Lee Gun chuckled when he saw the shock in Chun Sungjaes eyes. ‘They dont have the know-how. Thats why they are tripping up all its defensive skills. Cutting up a spider without disturbing its poison pouch was childs play, and that wasnt all. ‘I dont use weapons shaped like this, but its better than using frozen meat as a weapon.

When he had been trapped inside the tower, Lee Gun had to fight without his arms. He used to rip apart and split open monsters like a beast.

‘Humans should use tools. Lee Guns eyes flashed.

[Caution! Geminis holy item is losing its light!] 

[The poison has reduced its durability!]

[Feature: Summon two-faced soldier (Rank A)]

Lee Gun clicked his tongue when he realized the short sword was unusable now. ‘Well, it was like this even in the past. Those idiots dont know how to make good items.

There was a reason he had to provide them the items. Anyway, the item had been damaged so quickly that it would be impossible to use a hundred percent of ones Divine power. One wouldnt be able to use a skill either.

Lee Gun had thought about delaying looking for them, but… ‘As expected, I have to recover my items. It became his priority now. With a flash, he charged closer to the spider.

* * *

Chun Sungjae couldnt believe his eyes as he looked at how this man used his blade.


It was to be expected. This mans movements were oddly similar to Lee Guns movements. Whenever Sungjaes father was drunk, he would cry and show him a legendary clip of Lee Gun. With a glance, Chun Sungjae could tell that this mans bizarre movements matched Lee Guns. It was a movement that many Users had tried and failed to copy.

At that moment…

“Ggeeeeeeeeek!” the spider finally screamed, and the crowd cheered.

“Its the child!”

Lee Gun had stabbed the spiders chin and ruthlessly cut into its face to reveal the child.

[You killed the calamity]

[You gained EXP!] 

[You gained EXP!] 

[You acquired the creatures data!]

After picking up the crystal, Lee Gun pulled out the child from the open wound.

“Hes alive!”

“This man is better than the S-rank disciple, who is all talk!” 

Lee Gun patted the back of the frozen little girl, and she started crying. The girls mother, who was looking on with anxiousness, expressed her joy. “Thank you! Thank you! Let me repay you! May I have your name!”

“Lee Gun Gonzales.”

“… What”

Lee Gun nonchalantly tossed the child toward the mother. He laughed since he had completed an assessment of his body. ‘Good! This is good enough.

He was still under the fifty percent penalty, but this penalty acted on his regenerated boy. Even then, his current power was on par with his past self. This made him wonder how strong he would be once the penalty disappeared.

Chun Sungjae quickly grabbed Lee Guns arm. Lee Gun wondered what it was this time. It seemed Chun Sungjae wanted to ask him something. “E-excuse me.”


Chun Sungjaes face trembled as he was about to ask a question, but someone else cut in.

“Youre the Lee Gun imposter, right”


“I knew I saw your face somewhere.” Min Sunghoon smirked as he showed something on his phone. It was a composite sketch. “Youre the Lee Gun wannabe that beat up one of our disciples and stole an S rank holy item, right Also, you just executed a sword technique that was used in the great raid in Russia. I bet you copied it by watching the footage of the fight.”

Chun Sungjae looked at his superior in surprise. 

Min Sunghoon just laughed. Anyone who had watched the great raid of the thirteen original awakened beings knew about Lee Guns way of using his hands. “It was erased, but that legendary footage had record views. I acknowledge it. Most of the top-rank disciples study that footage in secret. It was a legendary raid, and Lee Guns battle technique was peerless.”

Lee Gun picked at his ear. In truth, it wasnt a battle technique. It was his grass-cutting technique. However, Min Sunghoon was unaware of this. He looked at Lee Gun as if he found his antics cute.

“I knew you were a wannabe, but it seems you put in a lot of effort into this. Your stance is pretty good. For a moment, I thought you really were Lee Gun.” Min Sunghoon immediately snorted after saying that. “Well, Lee Gun moves with more sharpness. He doesnt look clumsy like you.”

Lee Gun was baffled by these words, and he laughed out loud. ‘Sharpness Does he think I should put all my strength into killing a bug “Whatever!”

Min Sunghoon complimented the man in front of him, but at the next moment, his expression turned harsh. “Did you raise your physical attributes using the S rank holy item you stole from us”

Chun Sungjae became surprised. It seemed the stolen S rank holy item of the Gemini Temple was a buff-type holy item.

“Since the holy item doesnt have any requirements for its user, you can use it quite easily.”

The supernatural strength Lee Gun had shown here was only possible through the holy items power. The item was the reason he could send Min Sunghoon flying and kill the spider.

Chun Sungjae, who had been about to ask Lee Gun a question, became visibly sullen. He was smart, so he immediately realized the implication of Min Sunghoons words. There was no way his hero was still alive. He became crestfallen. 

Min Sunghoon unsheathed his knife and threatened Lee Gun with a frightening amount of magical energy. “Give it to me. I know youre hiding it.”

Lee Gun laughed as he took out something. “Are you talking about this”

The object looked like a hand mirror. The light in Min Sunghoons eyes changed when he saw it. There was no mistaking it. It was the stolen S rank holy item. Min Sunghoon pointed his sword toward Lee Gun. “Give it to me now!”

“Alright. Take it.” Lee Gun acted as though he held no lingering attachments to the hand mirror. He tossed it. The surprised Min Sunghoon tried to grab the hand mirror.


However, Lee Guns fist slammed the hand mirror, which was in the air, into Min Sunghoon and crushed his face.


It happened in an instant.

[Youve extracted your opponents data!]

“Huhk!” Min Sunghoon had received a knockout blow. His world spun as he looked at Lee Gun. He was unable to comprehend the situation. ‘He wasnt using the holy item of the Gemini, so how did he do it

On the other hand, Lee Gun tossed around the blue crystal as he laughed at Min Sunghoons foolishness. “S-rank holy item, my ass. That Gemini liar lied again.”


If this item were that great, the rich kid who had smoked in the streets wouldnt have lost so easily. That was why Lee Gun had said those words. “The Gemini Saint should train you guys better. Hes going to get reported if he deceives people too much.”

“What How dare you insult the Zodiac Saint!” Min Sunghoon was about to get up in anger.

Lee Gun skillfully pointed the sword at Min Sunghoons neck. Min Sunghoon was a dead man if he moved. “I have two questions for you, junior.”

“… What do you want to know”

“Heres my first question. Do you have any connection to the Sheep Saint”

Min Sunghoon was taken aback. His temple worshipped Gemini, so why was this man talking about Aries 

Lee Gun laughed. There was a simple reason he had asked that question. For some reason, Users with the energy of the Sheep were putting up an odd seal around the building right now. That wasnt all.

‘A familiar energy is getting closer. Lee Guns eyes dangerously flashed when he felt Yang Weis energy. It was good news. Of course, he had to take care of the business here first. The reason was simple. “This is my last question.” 


“This has been bothering me for some time.” Lee Guns snake eyes headed toward Min Sunghoon. “You! You have my item, right”


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