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Xue Fanxin had predicted their reaction, but she still found it quite fun.

She chuckled and said, “This is the result of my hard work yesterday.

I havent counted the exact number of spirit pills, so Im not very sure.

Your next task is to sell all these spirit pills for me, but you have to remember one thing—I dont want spirit coins.”

“What do you want then” Gu Jinyuan asked in confusion.

When he saw the pots of spirit pills, although he was shocked, he was more excited because he could see the decline of the Blue Sea Villa.

Once these pills were put on the market, for three to five years, the Blue Sea Villa would have tough competition.

Furthermore, the quality of these pills was much better.

Once everyone had a taste of them, there would be a comparison.

At that time, the reputation of the Blue Sea Villa would decrease greatly, and it might even be questioned.

After three to five years, they would release another batch of pills, and the Blue Sea Villa would have no way to turn things around.

Only Xiner could do this.

If it were anyone else, they would not even dare to think about such a method.

“I only want treasures or strange things.

Go out and publicize.

If anyone has things I like, they can trade them for pills.

Delicacies can also be exchanged.

My requirements are not high.

If theres something valuable, I can trade it for one or two spirit pills.

This is only the first batch as well.

When the spirit herbs are delivered, Ill refine the second and third batches.

Therefore, there will be a lot of pills.

You dont have to sell them too expensive.

If anyone is in urgent need of medicinal pills, it doesnt matter if they are given to them for free.”

“Xiner, youll suffer a lot if you use this method to deal with the Blue Sea Villa.

Im afraid you wont even be able to offset the cost of spirit herbs.” Gu Jinyuan was a businessman.

He could estimate the losses.

She was killing a thousand enemies by sacrificing eight hundred of her own.

It was not worth it at all.

“That wasnt my original plan.

I wanted to sell these pills at the cost of the materials, but something happened suddenly, so I can only do this.”

“Xiner, are you hiding something from everyone Quickly tell me.” Xue Batian had been recuperating for the past two days.

Nevertheless, he could sense the change in the atmosphere and that something was wrong with his granddaughter.

Xue Fanxin smiled and said, “Grandpa, dont be anxious.

I called everyone here today to tell you this.

Over the past two days, Ah Jiu and I have already dealt with most of the matters here.

Ignoring the small stuff, weve decided to leave this place soon.”

“What did you say”

Xue Batian was not the only one shocked.

Gu Jinyuan and the others were the same.

Apart from Ye Jiushang and Little Lei, everyone seemed to be looking at Xue Fanxin in shock.

“Xiner, you said you are leaving Where are you going”

“Why are you leaving Are you going to do something You can come back after youre done.

Theres no need to block all your roads.”

Zhuri and Fuyun did not speak.

Ye Yi, Ye Er, Ye San, Ye Si, Ye Wu, and Fuyun were also present.

Hearing that Xue Fanxin wanted to leave, they panicked.

If the consort was leaving, the lord must be leaving too.

From the looks of it, they did not intend to return.

If so, what would happen to them

When ordinary people encountered such a thing, they would first dismiss everyone in the residence.

Coincidentally, they had heard some rumors yesterday that the estate would dismiss a group of people.

They considered it nonsense.

But today, they realized that this matter was true.

They did not want to leave these two masters.

They really did not.

Xue Fanxin saw that Zhuri, Fuyun, and the others were all nervous.

Not wanting to scare them anymore, she said, “Dont panic.

The reason I called you all over is that I plan to take you with me.”

“Really” Ye Yi couldnt help but ask, but then he lowered his head weakly.

Actually, Ye Yis question was what everyone wanted to ask.

All of them were waiting for Xue Fanxins answer.

Of course, they were waiting for her because the other master would not say a word.

“Of course its true.

Were going to the Mystic Realm.

We might not return in the future, so we have to tie all the loose ends here.

The currency in the Mystic World is not spirit coins.

The money here is just a piece of waste paper there.

So you know why I dont want spirit coins, right There are still billions of spirit coins in the Lords Estate.

We have to think of a way to spend them all in the next few days.”

Everyone heaved a sigh of relief.

At the same time, they were excited.

It was great that they could follow their master to the Mystic Realm.

Although they did not know what that place was, it must be good.

Among everyone, Gu Jinyuan was the most excited.

However, he hid it very well and looked quite calm.

“Xiner, do you plan to take me with you”

“If you dont want to, Ill respect your choice.

After all, your roots are here.

No matter what, the Heavenly Treasure Trading Company is your home.

You cant bear to leave—”

Gu Jinyuan interrupted her.

“Xiner, its not what you think.

Im more than willing to leave with you.

Although the Heavenly Treasure Trading Company was the place that gave birth to me and raised me, it has already abandoned me.

I dont want to return.

To tell you the truth, my family is no longer around.

Those people in the Heavenly Treasure Trading Company are from the other factions.

Its precisely because of this that my position as the Young Master was removed so easily.

Im just happy that youre willing to take me with you.”

He could discern that those present here were all people Xiner cared about.

She wanted to leave with everyone.

He was really happy to be able to become someone she cared about.

Furthermore, he had sworn to acknowledge Xue Fanxin as his master.

He had even promised her that he would earn money for her, so he naturally had to join her.

“Believe me, that place is more exciting than here, but its much more challenging too.

Well get to it later.

Lets talk about spending money now.

After the severance pay, theres still a lot left, so we have to reduce our losses.

From tomorrow onwards, everyone will bring money to buy things on the streets.

Get whatever you want and spend as much as you can.

If you want to use the money to help anyone, you can.”

This was the first time she felt that spending money was not easy.


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